Monday, July 2, 2012

Want 31 steps to healthier you?

Bonin Family Adventures: Day 1- Why Bother

My friend Terri is doing 31 posts in July on how she stays healthy. She is TOTALLY qualified to do this and I can't wait to hear and follow her tips. Let me describe Terri. She is very petite, always looks perfect and has impeccable manners, and is always back to her perfect size 2 minutes after she has a baby.....oh yeah, and great teeth! But, before you hate her and write her off as a barbie doll no one could aspire to....let me fill you in on the rest of her. She is a Godly, Christian woman whose light shines brighter on the inside than the out. She has given birth to 10 amazing children that are also beautiful inside and out. She is one of the healthiest people that I know, AND one of the most balanced and non legalistic as well. Oh, and she is married to a great dentist.

So, I am super excited to go on the journey with her this month. Want to come too? Check out her blog and sign up for daily emails of encouragement. You'll be glad you did!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sleep doesn't exist in hotels...

I'm convinced that something is put in hotels to keep babies from sleeping. I haven't discovered the full conspiracy yet, but I know when I do that it will be deep and dirty. The entire hotel industry is in cahoots to torture mothers of babies. I'm certain of it!! In our previous adventures with babies, I had the slightest glancing glimmer of the plot, but then I tried to rationalize it away. My first three babies didn't sleep at home, so it was plausible that maybe that was why they didn't sleep well when we traveled either. BUT, I now have definitive and verified proof. My baby that has slept through the night since she was 5 weeks old, minus three nights in March when she was cutting a bunch of teeth, won't sleep in hotels.

It hit me like a ton of bricks this weekend. We traveled in early May and she didn't sleep and then again this weekend, and again, no sleep! My investigative portion of my brain leapt into over drive. SOMETHING IS AMISS!!!!! I'm sure it must be in the air vents. Maybe they are pumping the entire hotel with an odorless, tasteless never before heard of by the public phermone that keeps babies constantly aggitated. Or maybe it is that exceptionally ugly "carpet" they use in hotel rooms. I mean, even the nicest resorts have that same consistently awful carpet. I'm sure they have that stuff lined with a backing that emits special waves only heard/felt by dogs and babies....this would also explain why the few hotels I've been in with with dogs were also unpleasantly filled with barking. Or it could be those cute little soaps they have out in the bathrooms. Actually, this one makes more sense than them all. I mean, who really uses them? No one wants to mess up the pretty soap, you always just get the packaged shower soap out instead. The "pretty soaps" must be made by a special forging process that radiates constant light flashes somewhere only on the spetrum for babies to see!

Yes, YES! I have them figured out!

I'm certain that it couldn't be that these poor babies are totally off of their normal routine. Or all of the rustling from 5 other bodies rolling around on noisy over laundered sheets could be the culprit. It certainly couldn't be her sleeping in a rattly, small pack N play instead a luxuriously large and padded crib. It definitly couldn't have anything to do with me drinking caffeiene to ward off unfortunate dozing episodes in the pool or nasty exhaustion migraines. In fact, none of these explanations would make any logical sense at all!!

I'll continue to do my due diligence to break the silence of this hidden industry secret and report back when I have more data!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I've been meaning to get back to bloggy land, but life... I think of posts as I sit and nurse and rock Priscilla. I want to update on all of the kids, since this is where I store their "baby" books, at least the info of our daily lives part. And, of course, I have random things I want to pontificate on. Things that no one is around to chat through during the long, busy, fun, exhilerating and exhausting days of Mommyhood to Several Littles. I text with friends, and that really is my lifeline to sanity at times.....I think God gave us that little bit of technology just for homeschooling Moms of many (although I don't feel like we have many, even with all the comments we get when we are out). To be able to shoot a quick plea, question, prayer or request and not have to sign in or look up addresses or wait for a reply or worse get caught in an extended conversation that you really don't have time to finish, and just go on with the warp speed pace of the day is so wonderful! It is uncanny how often a friend will shoot me a text of just the encouragement I need to keep going, right when I'm about to poop out. Of course, all the Moms reading this know that I wouldn't get to poop out alone....heaven, forbid...I would have a curious audience surrounding me saying, "Hey, Moe...."

Priscilla is getting so big. She's 8 1/2 months old now and just the most prescious, sweet baby ever! I know that everyone says that about their baby's, but I don't. Babyhood is not my favorite phase of this Mommy gig, but there is just something special about Priscilla. Lots of people notice it. Even my fellow non-baby-fan friends agree that she is just something amazing. She's calm and peaceful and adorable and sweet and you just can't get enough of her. I hope she keeps that sweet spirit all her life and uses it to please and serve our Lord.

She is getting all around and into EVERYTHING! She army crawls, QUICK and is pushing up to all 4's and attempts to crawl that way but quickly decides to get the show moving more effeciently army style. She can pull up to standing and climb up on anything and will at every given chance! She says Bubba, of course since he is the love of her life, and bye bye and she'll wave....when SHE wants to. Like our other kids, she is quick to show that she is NOT a performance monkey. She's been sleeping thru the night since 5 weeks old, see something special about this one since she beat her next sibling by about 13 months on that one! She has 6 teeth and she's not afraid to use them either. She's just so awesome!

Hannah is three and she will quickly correct you that she's almost 4! I'm not sure what is going to happen at 4 but she is pretty excited about it. She is S M A R T! We've been so impressed with Joshua all these years, but she might show him up if he's not careful. She colors better than any three year old I've ever seen. And she is FUNNY, but you aren't allowed to laugh at her. It really is a fun personality growing in that little thing. She follows Leah around and will copy every move she makes. They are best friends and I love to see that! They play and work together so wonderfully. A guranteed lifetime friend, you can't ask for more than that.

Leah is so BIG. I wonder how she got that way. She loves all things pretty and sparkly and shiny. She has waist length hair that she brushes and "fixes" all the time. Her mainstay do though is a pony tail at her neck. Keeps it out of her face and her neck cool and always has a bow or three. As girly as she is though, she LOVES playing in the dirt and will keep up with Joshua on the playground and field any day of the week. She is reading now, but not totally independently. I am very proud of her progress, she's never gotten frustrated or pouted about school. Math is not her thing, at least not right now. The curriculum that is perfect for Joshua did nothing for her, so we are taking a math break and will launch off another path again soon for her. She can add in her head all day long, but put it on paper and she's stumped. I hear that my grandfather was that way all the way through school. Good thing she's homeschooled is all I have to say!

And finally, my baby boy.....who is 7 and 1/2, don't ya know can't forget that 1/2! He's brilliant. Really, he is so fun to teach....ok, I don't do alot of teaching. He already schools pretty independently and just runs things by me when a new concept pops up. It really amazes me. He DEVOURS books.....he could easily read 2-3 a day on the 4-5 grade level. I thought I'd be able to stay ahead of him longer but it is hopeless. I'm so grateful for so many christian classical book lists out on the web that I can pull titles from for him. So far, I have 52 books from 4-7 grade levels lined up for him for history and literature next year. Who knows how many he'll get through this summer, once we actually get to summer. Since we started school in October after Priscilla, we still have a ways to go to wrap up this year. I'll try to post a video of his history song finalle when he gets there in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pox Log: Day 4?????

I hadn't been outside since Saturday night. Time is passing quickly, and not. Joshua had a harder day...but who wouldn't looking like this?

Leah is not dealing well at all. She's very dramatic and it is tiring for us all. Poor thing. Tomorrow will be a harder day for her, hope we all survive. Priscilla isn't bothered at all, THANK YOU JESUS. She has a light case and they are only on her head and bottom. Hannah just barely has a few showing up now. We'll see how hers goes.

Since no one really wants to hear my every moment of feeling about chicken pox, I'll post some long over due pics instead. For anyone with an iPhone. I post a picture a day on Instagram for Priscilla.

I do have to give photo credit to my amazing friend Shannon at Her work is AMAZING and I am lucky enough to call her sister in Christ and FRIEND!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Down with the Pox

Long time I know, I've thought of posting, but haven't found time to sit and do least not when my eyes will stay open long enough to do it. But now I have the perfect opportunity. Joshua has chicken pox, finally! We went to our fourth chicken pox party two weeks ago and this time, finally, one of my kids picked it up. He's had spots for three days now and is doing great! He hasn't really been bothered too much at all. We are just hanging out, watching a ton of tv and relaxing. Kind of enjoying the mandatory rest period. I'm really hoping the girls get it as well.

Priscilla is great too. She's almost 5 months and is the most joyful, easiest baby ever. She started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks and has ever since. I don't know how I got a baby this easy this time, but I am loving it! She rolls around everywhere but isn't trying to crawl yet. Nurses like a champ. Loves people. But the most special thing in her life is her big brother. They have the sweetest, most special bond I've ever seen. It just makes my Momma heart so happy. He would rather hold her than do anything in the world and when she falls asleep on him, he just beams!

Hannah is growing so big as well. She is pretty sure that she should be doing anything her siblings do. She can be a bit of a challenge at times but that is mainly because I don't always give her the attention she wants. Schooling two and a baby makes her a back seat sometimes. She amazes me though because she will just go off and play by herself for hours sometimes. I think she is a less social temperament than her older two siblings.

Leah is reading. It is a slower process than with her brother, but everything about her is different from her brother. She's fun, spunky and a servant hearted beauty. And I do mean beauty. We get stopped regularly by people to comment on how pretty she is. Thankfully, it isn't something she notices yet. She's my second Mama around here and just loves helping, especially cleaning. I'm ok with that. ;-)

I'm doing good. Trying to figure out how to balance everything required of me. Don't know if that is even a possibility. Something always gets left undone....I usually choose that to be housework,lol. Thankfully, my hubby doesn't mind at all. Every month that Stinks gets older, gets a bit easier. Such a short time, I'm enjoying it. :-)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Priscilla Anne, Sept 18, 8 pounds 4 ounces, 21 inches
Born at home surrounded by Godly women praying and worshipping!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grandpa Kelly

Still no baby. Seriously. Stubborn Stiles family member, obviously. Puffin asked me if I was going to name this one Katheryn too.

Monday, September 12, 2011

40 weeks today. Since it is my due date, I'm not expecting labor to strike anytime soon. Tonight is a full moon, so maybe that will get things moving. I have way too many friends and family in the medical industry to poo poo the idea of the full moon affecting pregnant women and crazy people. Since I fit both of those profiles, I have hope, lol.

Tomorrow is Joshua's birthday. If Baby Broc does arrive tomorrow. My cousin Les will be Broc's Senior Grandpa and Joshua will be Broc's Jr Grandpa. I think it will be our first three person grandday in the fam, but I could be wrong about that. My little brother and sister were born on my Aunt Mary's birthday, but they don't count as multiple grands since they are twins.

Yesterday was 9/11. Ten years have flown by for me. I was four days away from my wedding to the man of my dreams. It was my last day of work before taking off. My child hood best friend was flying in from Mississippi. Mom was at my apartment. I got to work and my broker, Art said that the squawk box reported a plane had hit the World Trade Center. We chatted about what kind of idiot crop duster would fly smack into one of the tallest buildings in the world. Then we wondered why a crop duster was flying around NY City at all. We never fathomed it would be anything but a little plane. Later, we got a tv up and going and my friend Danielle and I were the only ones watching when we saw the second plane it. Our whole offices freaked out. It was just surreal.

Since they didn't know if these attacks were targeting the financial industry or what, and because we worked in a massive Exxon Mobil building that also might be a target, our office was shut down and we were sent home. I remember having to call the apartment office to have someone go beat on my door to tell my Mom what was going on since she can't hear phones ring. I was worried sick that my friend, Sharon, might already be in the air. I later found out that they were grounded before she took off.

It was such a weird week for us. We sat in front of the tv watching people fall from buildings while we put together guest goody bags for the hotels. Mom worked on finishing my veil while we watched the death toll increase. So surreal.

Four days later, I did, in fact, marry the man God created to fulfill me. No one was able to fly in  for the wedding and we didn't know if we would get to go on our honeymoon or not as the airports were all still shut down. A friend had a crop duster fly over the wedding and you can see everyone duck in the wedding video. The next morning, Robert and I got up and headed to Houston Intercontinental Airport. When we pulled into the parking garage three hours early, as instructed when we called, there were four cars in the parking garage (all vehicles had been towed since they didn't know if there were car bombs targeting airports) and all four had Just Married on them. We made it through the hand searches of everything we had  and were sitting at our gate in about 12 minutes. Our flight out to Belize was the first international flight out of Houston since flights were grounded 4 days earlier.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For Daddy and Grandpa Kelly. No baby. No news.

That is all.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

38 weeks and counting. No signs of any impending action.

Although, after a conversation I just had with our old pediatricians office here, I'm worked up enough to start something. I hate the political, money hungry culture of the medical world in America. The pediatrician we used to use here is a wonderful Christian woman that just wants to help children. She is a JEWEL. Sadly, she is caught in the pool of greed that is our medical system. It makes me sick and mad. Basically, we were told that because we don't bow down to the establishment, money making pharmaceutical industry, their office no longer wants people like us as patients. I know this is not a personal conviction of Dr Ps.  She supports parents, and their right to choose what is best for their children. Anyway, it was a saddening conversation. Thankfully, their is a wonderful pediatrician in our area that is FULLY supportive of not vaccinating and other parenting choices that we make. We will switch to her. But I really loved Dr P.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

36 weeks into this adventure of a pregnancy. Baby Broc is still busy juking and jiving on the inside, oblivious to the hot, bright world waiting to surprise him soon enough. Last week I over did it and spent all week trying to keep the contractions at bay. In Texas, it is illegal to homebirth before 37 weeks, so I have the rest of this week to play it safe, and then next Monday, it is game on.

People keep asking me what to expect, and I have no idea. I've had two babies go to 41+ weeks and I've had one at 38 weeks. I've had 2 labors from 48-72 hours and one that was about 12. I've had 2 c sections and 1 VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean, for you none birthy world people lol). I've had 2 girls and one boy. I've had 2 7 pounders and one 9 plus. Seriously, I have NO IDEA what to expect. Keeps us on our toes, I suppose. I will say that none of my three live births were near as painful as my miscarriage at 14 weeks, and yes, I've had one non medicated birth, so I do have comparison.

What I do know:
1. God knows. He has this and all of my births perfectly laid out for his glory and my good.
2. Spud, Sprout and Pod are ecstatic to soon meet Baby Broc. They tell me all the time.
3.We didn't move this pregnancy and that made it a much easier pregnancy.
4. Pregnancy is harder at 36 than it was at 29.
5. Both of my friends that I've been pregnant with for the last 5 pregnancies have now delivered their babies and now it is my turn.
6. It's going to be fun!

In non pregnant news....
Robert and I hit our homeschool conference a few weeks ago. I'll enjoy doing that not pregnant next year, lol. It was encouraging, as always. We got our Math U See ordered for Joshua and Leah. They are both DIEING to get started. I've held them off so far. I've decided to go with Veritas Press for most of Joshua's other subjects this year. Second grade history, grammar and bible and third grade literature. We will be studying creation to Egyptians. Going to be so fun. Leah is going to do Math U See and Explode the Code, maybe My Father's World, if I have the energy, Hannah will join in for those lessons as well. Going to keep me on my toes with a new baby. I'm not planning on starting school until late October at the earliest though. I had to bump Joshua's literature up because he's already read all of the literature in the second grade curriculum. This boy is still a reading machine. I love watching him fall in love with literature that I loved growing up too. He LOVED Old Yeller, but did not like Where The Red Fern Grows...said it was too sad.

Hannah is coming into her own. She has no baby left. She is potty trained, and quite happy to tell everyone she sees that she is wearing big girl panties, lol. I love when the non kid people just look at her in disbelief with no clue how to answer.....I don't help them out. lol. Hannah is ready for Baby Broc, or so she says. We'll see how that goes once he/she has encroached on her territory. We've never had jealousy issues with a new baby before, but there is always a first. Hannah has a different personality than her brother and sister, so we'll see what this brings forth.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm 31 weeks into the voyage of this pregnancy. Baby Broc (short for Broccoli, remember, we all have vegetable nicknames) seems to be doing well. His/her (remember, we don't find out what we are having, other than a healthy baby) kicks are getting much stronger and when he's rolling around it is quite uncomfortable. I feel like I'm having to slow down earlier this time than I have before, which is kind of frustrating. I'm not a do it all at a frantic pace kind of girl, but I also don't like kicking back and watching the world go by. I do have some major responsibilities that do kind of need attention ie three other small children and an awesome Godly husband.

Several Moms have reassured me saying that things just get a little harder with each pregnancy, but I don't know. I really think I just need to get my big girl panties on and get this shipped better organised so I don't feel behind when I am relaxing. I don't know exactly when I've slowed this dribble down, I don't feel like I've completely dropped the ball. Things have just slowly gotten more lax around here. Meal planning, schooling, housekeeping. I think some of it is because most of my friends are off school for summer breaks right now. We really have to keep going because we will have a big break in the fall once Broc gets here.

On a brighter note though, we are eatin sooooo well right now. I just LOVE when I am feeding my family healthy meals day after day. Seriously, I sit down at dinner and just feel a warm, gushy feeling because I know what we are putting in our bodies, God's temples, is pleasing and nourishing. Makes me soooo happy. We are getting a modest crop out of our garden and our veggie CSA are keeping me on my toes with creative and yummy ways to prepare a bountiful load of veggies. I just love summer for this reason.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kid Update

Joshua- I am so proud of what he has accomplished this year. We are wrapping up our school year, sort of. We don't have an official off and on period, just take time off when needed. He's finishing up the second year of Math U See, we really are happy we switched to this program. He's adding and subtracting four digit numbers with carrying and borrowing. It's fun. The book also did time, but he's been telling time for a while. His reading has just taken off this year. He read constantly and he's fast. I wonder sometime how much he retains, but he can always tell me minute little details months later about books he's read. He read a ton of classics this year, along with the Hank the Cowdog book, Boxcar Children and lots of other misc books we came across through the year. His all time favorite book though is Dangerous Journey, the children's Pilgrim's Progress. He loves that book!

He's also growing! He's a tall lanky boy. He LOVED playing soccer and was pretty good, even playing with both feet, which his Dad tells me is a very important skill for soccer players. He's still just as social as ever! He's never met someone that he didn't consider an instant friend. Sadly, he's getting to the age where other kids, especially those schooled out of their homes are becoming rude and mean towards overly friendly kids. It is sad to watch, but he seems to take it in stride.

Leah- Leah has the biggest servants heart ever! Multiple times a day, she comes and asks me what she can do to help me, and she's serious. She will diligently and effectively do any chore that I ask of her. Big or small, fun or not. She is just such a blessing. She is also becoming more and more of a Mommy. She helps alot with Hannah and always with a good attitude. She's our little worker and the busier she is, the happier she is. It is fun!

She's backed up on asking to learn to read as much. I think she is enjoying the quiet play time she has with Hannah while Joshua does school in the mornings. She is, however, quite adamant that next year, she is going to play soccer, do ballet and tap. Not sure how she'll take it when we break the news to her that she isn't doing all of that, lol. She's as beautiful as ever, and people still tell us that she'll be a problem when she's older. I pray that isn't the case. I pray that God keeps her heart pure.

Hannah- Hannah is almost potty trained. She can be a little toot sometimes and is learning how to have her own will without running into Moe's. She loves to run around the house with any random object between her legs as a horsie. It cracks me up. She can sing her ABC's almost entirely correctly and can almost count to 20 correctly. These skills amaze me since I haven't worked with her on ANYTHING. Joshua and Leah also taught her her colors. Pretty fun watching her learn without adult instruction.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The only remotely decent pic of the group. Hannah was having a "day".

My kids are goofy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kid Update

I've been waiting to get some current pictures updated before I did a kid update, but..... SO, I'll do one without pictures.

Joshua- Is one smart cookie. He's reading like a crazy man. He read a level 8 reader today in about 3 hours. He amazes me. I love it! Robert came in the other night at bedtime and said he thinks Joshua has a reading problem, LOL! I told him it isn't a problem, it's an addiction. One I'm supportive of. My only problem is keeping enough stuff around for him to read. He's read the full Robin Hood and Three Musketeers twice in the last week. That's my sign I need to get some more books in the house. I love when he walks up and gives me random bits of trivia he's picked up in his reading. It's fun.

He's also started his soccer career. His Daddy has played for about 35 years, and judging by how well Joshua is doing, he might be a similar addict. He's played two games so far and scored 4 and 5 goals in each game. It helps that his team is a power house, stacked with big 6 year old boys. We'll see how that holds up when he's on a weaker team. Robert and he are enjoying the boy time together since R is coaching him. Go Blue Sharks!

Leah- is a joy. She really is at a great spot. She loves helping. Me, Hannah, Robert, whoever. She loves loves loves to work!! I see it all the time, but Robert was really impressed with her work ethic as we put in our garden, 15 trees, 4 rose bushes, a blackberry bush and mulched the flower beds. She just works and works and works her little heart out. I love to see that dedication from her at such an early age. There are many times she comes to me and asks "Moe, what can I do for you?" Does a Mom's heart good!

I think she is also teaching herself to read. Apparently, she's given up on waiting for me, lol. I kept telling her that she had to learn all of her letters and sounds before I could teach her to read, so task given, off she went. The next thing I know, she's asking me to help her spell out words in the car. She's doing really great. Hopefully, this summer I can sit down and get her launched before the baby gets here. She loves having Joshua to read to her and I think that is really helping her progress. I honestly didn't expect her to be such an early reader like her brother, but looks like she just might. I know if she decides she's going to do it, she will.

Hannah-is our adorably little Toots! Although, she isn't real fond of us calling her Toots anymore. When I do, there are times she tells me "I your Panny Poe! You call me PANNY POE!!!" It is the funniest thing ever. She'll also randomly tell anyone, "I'm Moe's Panny Poe!" Of course, they have NO IDEA what Moe is or what Panny Poe means. It fun. She is definitly a third child and has not had the early training that the other two children had, and so is a bit more of a hanful than they were. Thankfully, there are four of us to watch out for her, so it isnt too much trouble....yet.

She's a pretty smart cookie herself. She can count to 12 with no problems and sometimes can count higher. She also knows all of her colors really well. We worked on potty training, and she did great. She figured the system out and didn't have any accidents, when she wanted to, but after about a week, she said she wanted to wear diapers. I'm ok with that. She won't wear them forever. She's our little comedian and keeps all of us laughing all the time. People constantly tell us how cute she is.....and we agree. :-)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring is Springing

I saw the very first bluebonnets of the season today!!! Made me sooo happy and thankful to be back in Texas. March was very hard on me in Ohio. We were still trudging through snow and that was pretty lame, but worse than that was that Ohio never has bluebonnets. I would change my windows wallpaper to a field full of bluebonnets with a little indian paint brush scattered throughout but it just wasn't the same. I missed two years of adorable kiddie pics in the bluebonnets on the side of the road.....and all of the memories that go along with that. Like massive fire ant beds to avoid in the gorgeous flowers and the deadly traffic flying by on the highway while my sweet gifts from God toddle around. Ah, memories. LOL! But man those are some good pictures! I might even order special little dresses for the girls this year just because it will be Hannah's first bluebonnet pics!

Spring also reminds me of one of the funniest newlywed memories for us. We bought our first house about a year after we married, (yes remember, we were older when we married) and I had only been living in Houston for two years. Spring came around and I was thrilled to throw open the windows and air out the winter gunky air in the house. It was marvelous. Our subdivision was new and so there was very little traffic....a HUGE difference from the same subdivision today, so we left the windows open at night too. It was glorious! (the Houstonians reading this are now giggling, as you see what's coming)

Remember, I grew up in W Texas. We had some trees. Ok, we call them trees, but most people know them as mesquite bushes. The only time we had to worry about closing the windows was when a dust storm was blowing in, and you could clearly see that coming as the sky turned bright RED! Easy to spot.

Well, Houston is different! Not only do you boil in the summer, literally, but Houston has these things called PINE TREES. Lovely, evergreen things that cover the land. I like them. Except for two weeks of the year. Right at the beginning of spring, these lovely evergreen creations of God dump MASSIVE amounts of YELLOW pollen. It covers EVERYTHING!!!! And I mean E V E R Y T H I N G!!!!

Seasoned veterans know that you DO NOT open your windows during the pollen dump. Silly, newlywed wives not from Houston do not know this. And our beautiful new home, that I meticulously kept clean was COVERED in yellow. EVERYWHERE!!! I vacuumed yellow out of my carpets for years. There was nothing I could do to rid it from every area of our home. It wouldn't surprise me if the current owners still find weird spots of yellow in places no one would imagine!

So, yesterday morning I noticed a tiny little hazy dusting of yellow outside and will be dutifully keeping our windows closed for two weeks. No matter how beautiful the day is!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Picture Post

Believe or not, there are still three adorable children living here. I know, you were probably wondering about that since you never see them or hear much about them. Here's where they've been.

We took a family vacation to Port Aransas in November. We spent the day at the Texas State Aquarium.

Joshua got chosen as a helper. He fed an ant eater!

We stopped and had some yummy sea food. Note to self, need to feed my kids seafood more.

Robert got too rowdy in the restaurant, so stocks for him! That's what happens when you have a beer at lunch on a week day. LOL!

We spent the rest of the week at the hotel with other families from our church. We laid by the pool, chilled on the beach and shared cooking duties! It was FABULOUS! Oh, Robert and I kicked some tail in some bones games as well. Oh yeah. And it is now a tradition.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

So I might be coming out of the fog, shhhh don't tell my husband yet ;-), just kidding he can totally tell. I had a crazy busy weekend, and thought I would be cramping and miserably tired by the time we made it home from church today, but that isn't the case. Miracle! We'll see how tomorrow feels.
Robert and I celebrated Valentine's day last night with other couples from our church. I just have to say, our church is a hoot. I just love those people. We all laughed until we cried, and I almost peed my pants. I haven't laughed like that in who knows how long, I certainly can't remember, but it was wonderful. It was at a BBQ place this year, which kind of turned some people off, but for Robert and I, it is all about the fellowship with our friends, and man was it a good time. I just love our church. The families are all real people, living real lives out loud and together, serving the Lord every way we can. Life doesn't get much better than that!

We also had some of the Tres Dias ladies in our home Saturday morning and afternoon working for the upcoming weekends. They are busy times for us, since Robert and I are both serving, but such a welcome time with the Lord as well. It will be my last weekend to serve for a few years since the baby will be here before the next weekends (YIPPEE!!!) So, this one will be lots of fun for me.

This week the temps are supposed to be in the 70's and sunny all week. Wish I felt up to a zoo trip, but I"m not there yet. But we are going to enjoy it as much as is humanly or would that be Mommyly possible!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Usually, I wouldn't post this but this is what is up in our life right now, and Daddy, I know you are waiting to hear.

More puke. Yup. Unfortunately, not just me this time. The fam got a lovely stomach bug. Thankfully, although it didn't feel like it at the time, the kids all got it at the same time. Saturday night, they all puked from 8pm to 4 am. A grand total of 28 puking events. Thankfully, after the first round, Joshua and Leah...officially the BIGS after this feat....hit their puke buckets every time. For Hannah, we just threw a paint tarp under her pack n play and changed out towels as bedding. Of course, by we, I mean Robert. I tried to help as much as possible but getting very involved would've added to his work load, so I really just helped bathe kids once he had them stripped and ready. He did all of the dirty work.

Why yes, I did marry the man of the century! We are very happily married, so back off!!!

In other news.....Monday Robert and I got the bug too. The End.

Friday, January 28, 2011

We are here. My morning sickness is kicking my tail. I'm not fully puking yet, but can't wait to get there. These weeks of 24 hour nausea is my worst part. I just can't stand no breaks to ever feel good. Once I start puking, things get better. I at least get a little relief for a short while after I puke. I'll be 8 weeks next week, and that is usually when I start actually puking, although I got really really close this morning. Through the years, I've read about every stratetgy known to man to help with morning sickness. All of it helps, kind of, sort of, on certain hours and days of the week. In the end, it is a normal and healthy response to pregnancy. Maybe God gives us morning sickness so we don't notice that we bloat up like a wart hog in the space of a few weeks....that all of that self control we showed over the holidays to stay looking and feeling good are all for naught because we've already bloated up a size and are quickly passing thru it.

Honestly, I don't do pregnancy well, at any stage, really. The third trimester is easiest for me. I finally get the energy boost that most women get from the second trimester, I'm usually still puking in the second trimester. Up until about 36ish weeks, I'm good. That is until I hit the final frontier. You know, the part where you can't do dishes anymore because you have to stand sideways at the sink and your arms can't reach the bottom of the sink any more. Up until that point, I'm good.

So, I'm due in September. I have a 4th and 13th baby already. My anniversary is the 15th. Just by looking at the calendar, it seems I should carry this baby late so I can space things out. But, that would be insanity, or a male OB that would suggest such a thing. Every female, even those who have never had babies but have only been tramautized by their pregnant friends, knows that you never Ever EVER wish for someone to go late with a pregnancy. So, I'll shoot for the end of August instead. My Dad still isn't really a Grandpa anyway!

back to your regularly scheduled lives, this pregnant womens random stream of conscience is over for the moment

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our September Streak Continues

So, we found out New Year's Eve that we will again be expecting another little blessing from the Lord in mid September 2011. For those of you that don't have my children's birthdays memorized (Daddy ;-)), this will be our third September baby. Leah is a July baby, but really, Leah needs her own birthday month. The kids are thrilled and I"m sure my cousin Les will be pulling for Sept 13th, so he AND Joshua can be a Grandpa.

What do you mean that doesn't make any sense?

Every family has "unusual" family traditions. This is one of ours....and I started it! You see, my due date just happened to be on my paternal Grandpa's birthday. He was quite proud of this fact and told everyone in the famliy, over and over that he was FINALLY going to be a Grandpa. Apparently, this was a sentiment he expressed often. SOOO, you see what's coming here, don't you? When I was born on May 9th instead, my cousin, Kelly, was thrilled that SHE was now a Grandpa. She has, in fact, been my Grandpa Kelly my whole life. We have lots of Granpda's in the family, and my cousin Les is Joshua's Grandpa, born on Sept 13th. So, if this little kicker is born on the 13th, they will in fact have ALOT of Grandpa's, including their adoring older brother, Joshua.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Another new year. I love it. A time for fresh starts and looking ahead for the possibilities. I have lots of thoughts and plans for 2011, but I'll share some of those later.

We had a good holiday season. We visited Robert's family in Louisiana, and most of them got to meet our children for the first time. It was really fun. I hope our children get to spend more time learning about that part of their heritage. It got me thinking about really getting Joshua going on French, in addition to our Latin studies, now rather than later, so he can have the opportunity to speak french with the Lachney side of the family, before that generation is gone. I just need to research language programs for his learning age and hopefully find something computer based since I know he'll excel at anything on the computer.

Robert had strep throat for Christmas, but he was kind enough not to gift it to any of the rest of us. THANK YOU JESUS! It was hard enough watching him suffer through it, I couldn't imagine watching the babies go through that. We all survived and even had some fun to boot. I'll post holiday pics later, but here is a parting shot of the girls participating in our church's live nativity. You can't say that this isn't the cutest sheep you've ever seen!

thank you to my friend Marty Callan for getting this shot for me

Monday, December 20, 2010

Some people just aren't happy no matter what. I've posted twice in one week and the news I get back from the farm......well, why aren't there any pictures? Pfsh!

Really, why would anyone want to see a picture of this...
Really. My siblings and I getting together at the farm for the first time in five years can't be that interesting. Right?

Or this? Grandpa not only buys raisins in bulk, he buys popsicles in bulk too.

This ragamuffin clan can't be blog post worthy. Really, three days all out at the farm is not a great moment to take family photos....unless you are looking for life time memory kind of stuff.

It isn't every year that your Pannie Poe turns two, but why does that matter?

Grandpa with his 7 youngest grand biggie, right?

Big boy turns 6 too, but why would that be news worthy.

Her highness Princess Leah also turned 4 and we even pulled off a party for that, one week after moving across the country. Now this, this is blog post worthy!!!!

Is that better Daddy?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Art- My Way

It seems alot of my life, I've been surrounded by artists. Growing up in small town, rural Texas, we weren't exactly buried in culturally enhancing opportunities. I'd never been to a museum until well into my adulthood and not to an art museum until 2 years ago. Oh the beauty! If you are ever in Toledo OH, you really must check out their art museum, it is reportedly one of the best in the country. I was in awe, but I digress.

My Mother is very artistic. I didn't always know this about her since she was busy being Mother and breadwinner, but when I was in high school, I was on the drill team. One of our jobs was to decorate a football players locker each Friday morning before a game. Most girls had some store bought signs and streamers, but not me. My Mom blew my socks off the first week by hand drawing these awesome gorgeous signs of our mascot, the bluecat. I never knew she had any interest in art, much less talent. Boy does she have talent! She's done some pretty awesome paintings since then as well. Now that she is retired, she is always busy with some artsy thing. Right now, she's buried herself in quilting but still periodically gets the "sewing bug", as she calls it. She hasn't painted in a while, but I'm sure she'll swing back to it someday too.

My childhood best friend,  Sharon, is also an amazing artist. I remember from about third grade on, watching her sketch. She produced some pretty amazing charcoals of dogs! They were always perfect. I would watch her in amazement, wondering how that was even possible. I can't and couldn't draw stick people. Sharon went on to be an accomplished musician and finish an art degree, along with a science degree. She now teaches homeschool art classes and I'm sure is wowing third graders still, lol.

Both of my grandmothers and all of my aunts, also very artistic. I always wondered what happened to me. I did get my share of the brains in the family, but that little or big section of the brain controlling creativity never seemed to be accessible for me. Then, I started cooking. Yes, cooking. I don't konw that many people consider cooking an art form. I probably wouldn't either except that I now, in our church am surrounded by some remarkably talented artists, many who create professionally. I try to find ways to spend time with these ladies, as they are gifted in an area that I really have to work at. As I've spent more time with them, and learned more about their crafts, as well as their processes, I've come to realize that cooking for me is an art. The way they think and consider their ideas and paths is the same way I do cooking. It is a love for me that I desire to contiunously stretch and improve and share. It is a gift that I hope to pass on to all of my children.

So, I want to share some of my art from this season so far.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I was chatting with my little sister this morning about a surprise I am trying to plan for my husband's 40th birthday next month. While we were chatting, it is a long process....we have alot to say, you see we've only had 31 years to chat together so far.... my Dad pulled up in her driveway. My sister is blessed to live really close to my Mom and Dad. Daddy doesn't even have to get off of the dirt roads to make it to her house. So, about once a week, he shows up, always with something in his shirt pocket for my nephew, Corbin. He learned not to bring round objects, like apples or oranges because,  you see, Corbin is a BOY and all round objects are balls. So, he usually has raisins. Actually, all of our kids under the age of 10, my older brother has 6 children over the age of 10, know that Grandpa has a really cool farm to play at and buys boxes of raisins in BULK!

Anyway, Daddy shows up and Amie tells him that she is on the phone with me. He is then very quick to point out that he will soon have to cancel his internet access. You never can tell why something like this would need to happen at the farm. It could be because of the latest lightening strike on the house, or because the wind blew out the lines or someone dug up some lines somewhere miles down the road. It could be because so much dust built up in the computer that it needs to be disassembled and blown out with a shop vac. It could be a million reasons on a farm. BUT, none of those was the reason, no four legged animals to blame in any way, shape or form. He said he was going to cancel because I never post on my blog and so he doesn't have anything to look at! LOL!

Really, my Dad learned from some of the best on how to play his cards to get what he wants. Don't you think?

Friday, November 12, 2010

What an odd year we've had. Blessed beyond measure, but certainly nothing we could have ever predicted. My friends in Ohio have seen the first flakes of the season, although nothing sticking yet. At this time last year, we were preparing to go into hibernation and figuring out how to fly home for Thanksgiving.

This year, we've moved across the country, again. Bought, what could be our last house, at least while we have children at home. I can't imagine wanting to keep up a big house on a big lot for just Robert and I. Of course, I can't imagine alot of things that have happened in my life, before they've happened. We are in a pretty awesome season, one that I am weary from alot, but really, things don't get much better than where we are right now. Or do they? See, can't imagine thing again. We are blessed.

I need to start writing again. I love it. Must find the time. I've started running. I get up at 5:30 so I can get my exercise in before Robert goes to work. It is kind of funny because I then take a shower and nap until the kids get up. I should probably use that time more wisely but I don't do well without sleep. My body is just starting to come around since our miscarriage. It has taken ALOT longer than I thought. And, I'm not just talking about the baby weight I have to lose. My hormones went nuts. It was like I had carried a baby full term, only I didn't have the birth or nursing hormones to balance me out. I really felt crazy for the whole month of October. Thankfully, a wonderful friend from church recommended some herbal teas that have helped tremendously. Now, I'm just back to a normal crazy. ;-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I got on the computer to figure out our tshirt designs for our Reformation Festival this year, but decided instead to do some kind of update on this dieing blog. Reminding myself that this is my record of our lives since I don't scrap book....although I am considering looking into digital scrapping, since I"m more likely to do something online than on table.

Joshua is now 6. He's lost 5 teeth. He's reading like a mad man, which I personally love to see, since I am a hopeless bookworm myself. Some friends got him a BoxCar Children book for his birthday. He read it in one afternoon. I was shocked....probably shouldn't have been, but I was. So, I hit up Half Priced Books and got him 10 more. He's read one a day for the last two weeks. Must figure out a good system with our library. The small little branch in our town is miserable, although modern. Need to schedule in trips to the bigger one in the town down the road. He's doing great in math also. We started the Math U See curriculum this year and he asked Robert if he could stay up all night and do the whole Beta book. So, like me, Robert got a little pride in the pot as well. Joshua is so big too. The boy just keeps growing and growing and it really makes me wonder where my baby went. I think 6 is my favorite age so far. I just love to watch him growing and developing and love that he can finally have some pretty deep conversations with us. He and Robert snuggle up every night in his bed and "chat". Joshua loves his Daddy chat time, and of course, that just melts me!

Leah is as spunky as ever. She's my little right hand woman, whether I'm in need of one or not. I'm sure that she is certain she could run this house if something were to happen to me. She LOVES twirly skirts and purple and having her hair braided. Every morning now, she takes she and Hannah to their bathroom and "fixes" their hair. Leah's comes out lovely everytime.....she needs a little more practice on Hannah's blonde/curly hair! She wants to read, but really isn't ready to jump on in. I am working with her a little on her letters and sounds and she's picking them up great. Maybe in January I"ll pull out the Bob books. Seems weird that I could have two readers by next summer. Leah is now 4 and well onto 18. Did I mention she loves to play with my hair? She does and I do too, soo relaxing. Maybe someday she'll teach me how to do something with this mop on my head. She's way girlier than I ever was even in my dreams.

Hannah is our little Toots. She is pretty comfortable being the baby star of the show around here. I've realized in the last month that we really do have to start training her. Its been easy just to let the older kids lead her around like their show pony, but her will is starting to show itself. She's pretty independent for being the baby. I think it is because she doesn't realize that she isn't as big as Leah. She just assumes she should be able to do everything they do, and so she does. It is quite helpful for me most of the time actually. She's sleeping in a pack n play now. I think she was too immature to move to a toddler bed when we moved, but I just didn't want to set up the whole crib again for a short while. So, after weeks of battling to keep her in her bed at nap time, which she desperately need, I put her in the pack n play. She loves it and always sleeps in it now. Crisis solved! She turned 2 in Sept and is my smallest baby by far. She is barely into 2t clothes. My other two were in 3t at this point. Makes the clothes budget go farther for sure. She talks up a storm and loves to color with the big kids. And she LOVES her babies. She got a baby bed for her birthday and she carries it with at least one, but usually more, babies around the house ALL THE TIME. She's so sweet and nurturing. It's fun.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Sorry for being MIA. Life has been more than hectic. Frantic at times, but we are blessed beyond measure and serve and awesome God!

  • Robert got a call from a company in Texas in the spring and started the interview process.
  • In May, we flew down and bought a house.
  • In June, I started packing us up in Ohio.
  • Two days before we loaded the truck in July, we found out we were expecting Lachney baby #4.
  • July 4th we pulled back into our former world that we love so much in the Houston Tx area.
  • July 5th, Robert flies back for three weeks of work in Cleveland.
  • I move us into our beautiful new home with the help of church friends....lots of help. The a/c, hot water, fridge, washer amongst other things all go out.
  • The kids and I survive and don't run away screaming, and my sister has a brand new baby boy, Titus that is adorable. We head to W Tx to help with new baby.
  • Find out there that our baby died at 8 weeks. We head home for our loss.
  • Thursday I ended up in the hospital for a pretty hair raising miscarriage adventure.
  • We are all home and getting healthy now. Hoping to soon get a family life going here. Our sweet Rachel Elisabeth is hanging with Jesus until we get to meet her.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Friday Kid Update

Hannah aka Toots has really blossomed the past few months. She is really aware of and understands everything going on around her. She's very playful and always wants to be included with whatever the big kids are doing. But, unlike Leah, she is fine if they will just let her closely watch the proceedings, she doesn't have to be involved, just included. She's a pretty easy one still, but she is starting to flex her "mine" muscles, so I've actually had to start training her. Both of the other kids were already well into a discipline phase by this point, but she just hasn't needed it.
She's still a peanut physically. She is in 18 month clothes that Leah wore at 10 months. She's chubbed up alot lately, so I keep waiting for her to shoot up, but she hasn't really. Maybe she's just going to be our cute little petite one. She certainly has the cute part down. She's even learned this little coquetish look for people when she wants something. Cracks us up, but we all just eat her up.
She speaks really well, like her older brother did. And she's pretty physically steady too, like her older sister. She's her own little mix. But, watch out, she'll steal your heart real quick. Those big blue eyes and little blond curls are just too much!
Leah is still our spunky chick, but she is growing up. She loves to be my helper and left to her own devices, probably could run this house by herself for at least a day....or at least she thinks she could. She really wants to be in the kitchen with me more lately. I need to work more on figuring out how to work in the kitchen with all of the kids. Most of the time, the thought of juggling three in there with me at once is more than I want to consider and so I just always say no when they ask. Leah really loves helping though. She has taken it upon herself for her and Hannah to unload the dishwasher when they finish breakfast and I'm helping Joshua with school. The first morning I thought I'd walk in to a kitchen in total disarray, but it was all done neatly and in the correct spots. I was stunned!
She isn't rediculously advanced academically like Joshua, but I think she might be sharper than he is. She gets things really well, and I often forget that she is two years younger than him. We do bible, music, latin and lots of read alouds all together and she responds as well or better than Joshua. I don't know how well she'll retain it, but she does great for the short term. I think once she decides she's ready, she'll breeze thru reading and basic math skills. First, she will have to learn her letters and numbers though. She has plenty of time, whenever she's ready.
Leah loves being a big sister. She and Hannah continue to awe me with their growing bond. It is just so fun to watch. I really am sooo grateful that God has given us children to watch grow. I know that their bonds will last for a lifetime of love of one another. All three of them just adore one another.....mostly. ;-)

Joshua is really at a transition age. You can see it in almost all phases of his life. His mental/cognitive development astounds me. He's reading so well and every time he grabs a book and sits down to read it to me, I am amazed. He can and will read anything close at hand, and that just tickles me pink. It's nice having another book worm in the family! He also will sit and read to Leah and Hannah regularly. This morning I came downstairs and Joshua had started Leah on her prereading curriculum. Cracked me up. I think she took instruction from him better than me, lol.
Physically, he is pretty clumsy right now. I don't know if he's in a big growth spurt or if he's just at an awkward stage. He has been riding his bike alot and I'm hoping that will help him get back some steadiness....if he doesn't break his neck from falling off first, of course.
You can really see it in his self discipline too. We are going thru the transition that all of the Christian parentings books said would come, even though we seriously doubted it when we were constantly spanking in the early years. Discipline is now changing with him as he is "getting it". It is really fun to be able to talk about deeper things with him and him really get it.
It's a pretty cool stage we are in with him.

Our neighbor cleaned out her dress up clothes that her boys had outgrown.

And in case you were wondering. The ant hill is again vacant and packed up for the next round of visitors. We've since moved on to butterflies. We received our caterpillars yesterday and should hatch butterflies in about two weeks! Hopefully we'll capture some amazing pics to share with you.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Tomorrow is June 1st and I will have officially made it 6 months without breaking my new years resolution to go to bed with no dirty dishes in the house! I'm pretty proud of myself and Robert. He's pinch hit for me here and there when I'm not feeling well and even done the dishes for me some just because he loves me. Yup, I married a winner, best husband ever.

We have big things going on right now, and I'm not ready to write about them in blogoworld yet, so I've kind of just been at a loss as to what to write about, so consequently, I haven't. My dinosaur computer also went on strike. It will boot up just fine and dandy and do anything I ask of it, except get on the internet. So, I facebook and email on my phone, but blogging from my phone is not appealing at all, especially when I'm trying to avoid a massive issue in our life on my blog for now.

But I will try this week to get a Friday kid update up. It is well overdue. Maybe I'll get crazy and even post some updated pictures with it!

Also, Green and Crunchy has another giveaway up. This time its CHOCOLATE!!!!! I won  last time, along with two of my friends. Go check it out here.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Organic Giveaway

Green and Crunchy has another awesone giveaway this week. This time 50 winners. Check it out here.

Even if you don't want to enter the contest, it is a great article on Race for the Cure and other cancer info.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A loyal reader contacted me to ask why I wasn't posting, so I cranked up the dinosaur in my office and decided to hop on here. I could say I've been super busy, feeding the hungry, caring for the homeless, visiting those in the hospital or nursing homes or prison, but that wouldn't be true.

Or I could say that I was super busy and my house is now spotless, and my life hyper organised, and Hannah's potty trained, and Leah is reading, and Joshua is half way thru Calculus, but that wouldn't be true either.

So, I'll just fess up. This is what we have been doing.

If you've never had your own ant hill.You really really should. We are all enthralled with it and have learned sooo much about ants. Did you know there is a mortician ant that moves the dead bodies around so they don't get buried??

Ok, we did also have to get ready for small group in our house. So the kids helped fold up the blankets in the living room.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Awesome Organic Give Away!

Go check out this really awesome giveaway over at Green and Crunch from my blog list! She is giving away some free MiEssence totally organic make up and skin care stuff. I've always wanted to try this brand as many of my UBER crunchy friends will only use it.....but it is super pricey and I just haven't given it a blow money priority yet. I'd just be soooooo thrilled to get to try it for free!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The weather has been really beautiful here lately but today and yesterday there was a chill in the breeze and I grumbled. So, to remind myself, I pulled up some picks from last April. I really gotta work on this contentment thing!

First, my babies last Easter. Leah and Hannah are soooo different!

Then this. Grumbling no more!

Movie Idea

Robert is out of town this week. Last night, as I put the kids to bed, I was thinking how much better at it he is, than me. See by the time bedtime gets here, I'm done....D O N E DONE! He's had time to recoup from his day and so has a whole cute little routine with the big kids. He brushes their teeth and brushes out Leah's hair, then they all crawl into Joshua's bed together and snuggle up and read the bible and another short story. Then they have prayer time with its own little traditions together. Then Leah goes to her room and Robert and Joshua snuggle up and get some manly time in. Then Robert goes and snuggles with Leah and ta da, everyone is happy. I read the bible, pray and turn out the light.

So, last night I was thinking about how alot of people talk about the fact that no one can understand the 24/7 stress on a Mom, stay at home Mom in particular. I had an idea for a funny comedy movie. It could start with your average american family....or even better, one with more than two kids. Dad goes off to work, Mom stays home and does everything and Dad comes home and wonders why she's tired and dinner isn't get the idea. He grumbles about what does she do all day and somehow, either a dream or weird alternate reality, the next day, his job becomes a 24/7 ordeal like hers. He wakes up with a jr staff member or two crawling into bed asking what they are having for breakfast at the board meeting that morning and if he can reach a file folder for them on the top shelf. Someone interrupts his shower with a mundane question that could have easily have waited. He heads down stairs to get coffee but the coworker before him is drinking that last cup and no one bought any more to make, oh and the donuts are all done too and three others are asking him what else they can have for the visiting high school kids for bring your kids to work day. He breaks away for a necessary bathroom trip only to be interrupted as he drops his pants by someone needing an emergency signature..... His day continues in a similar fashion. As he heads to his car, he realizes that his boss is in it with him and making the drive home talking about high level, A game stuff....oh and he's staying for dinner too. Finally dinner is over and bedtime approaches and a call comes in from a foreign customer with urgent, but unimportant assistance needs. He's woken up several times in the night by same customer whining over minute details that don't really matter and just when he finally settles into a good sleep, those same two jr associates wake him up wondering again about a breakfast option.

You get the idea. Anyway, I think it could be made into a hysterical movie if done by the right people.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Kid Update

Joshua- My sweet boy is a big kid now. He can be the best helper ever, like last week when he woke up early on laundry day, and so gathered up everyone's laundry and took it down to the basement before I was even awake. ***He also LOVES to help with Toots. He likes getting to her after nap before me because he's figured out how to push the rocking chair over to the crib and then get her out. He only bonks her about half the time....which are odds that he finds completly acceptable. I think she must too because she never fusses when he comes to get her. ***He does wonderful school work, when he feels like finally doing it. He must have a fabulous imagination because he can sit in front of his work book for hours doing nothing....then when he decides to finish he just whips out great school work. I flipped thru some school eval books the other day at the library while the kids played and I think he's about 2nd or 3rd grade reading level and probably 2nd grade math. So, I'm counting this year of school a success! He's fallen in LOVE with the Billy and Blaze books. I got two from the library for him and he's read both of them every day since...must find some more in the series! He loves to read and is thrilled that he nows get quiet reading time instead of naps most days. He quite happily stays on his bed and reads for 2 hours.....I can say that he gets that from me!

Leah- She's my little princess....that just happens to also play in the mud and dirt. She will quickly let you know that she only likes to play with the little worms, not the big long ones like Joshua. ***She also is a little helper. This morning after breakfast, she cleaned all of the downstairs rooms so they would be ready for me to vacuum. I went upstairs to work on some laundry and heard her messing around in the kids bathroom. I walked down to find her cleaning it too. Now if I can just get her cooking, then I can almost retire, lol! ***She has a big scratch across her neck right now. She fell off of a friends slide last weekend. Poor baby. It is healing really well though, thank you Lord for Super Salve.

Hannah- Is a bouncing, busy, blond haired, blue eyed little charmer. She's growing quickly too. ***She has begun idolizing her Lala and follows her around all over the house playing. This morning while Leah cleaned in the bathroom, Hannah happily sat at her feet playing with the pony tail holders. I asked Hannah if she wanted to come back down with me and she said NO***which, btw, is her new favorite word, sigh. She sits and just says NO NO....NO NO LALA, NO NO BUBBA.....NO NO. We are working this week on her learning that that sentiment doesn't work for Mommy. ***She eats like a horse. Seriously, girl out eats me every meal and most of the rest of the family too. She wakes up saying, oatmeal?, breakfast?, Lunch??, EAT??***She calls Robert, Doe. It is pretty funny. The other kids have started calling us Doe and Moe and so she calls him Doe. It is so cute. If he is the one that puts her down for nap or if she knows he's home in the morning, she calls "DOOOOEEE" "DOOOOEEEE" and if he doesn't answer she's say, in a sassy little voice, "DOE, TOOTS!" He and I die laughing, every time.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We again attended the Medina Tax Day Tea Party today. It was really really wonderful. You want to know why? Every speaker, every single one of them that we got to hear, stood, literally, in the town square and talked about turning our country over to God again. I was BLOWN AWAY! Praise God for His name being proclaimed in the town square!! May He be praised and worshiped thru the actions of this current administration.

In other news, I feel really fat. I'm heavier now than I've been non pregnant ever. For some reason, I am putting weight on. I'm not eating great, but not horrible either. I've actually reduced my overall calories a good bit since weaning Hannah. I'm working out, though sporadically. It just doesn't make alot of sense. I could understand if I wasn't losing right now, but putting weight on is making no sense at all. Guess I'm going to have to buckle down and cut out all of the bad stuff. This is pushing my limits here.

I am doing some intense cleansing right now. I did the Young Living 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse. Then, I immediately started a YL Liver cleanse support, Juvatone and two digestive enzymes to help with the lack of digestion that was creating my gout problem, Essentialzyme and Polyzyme. I've been doing that for a few weeks now and now I've added in a kidney and bladder support, K&B. It should take me another month to finish all of these ups and get back to just a maintenance level of the enzymes. Hopefully then, my liver and gall bladder will be healed enough not to cause me problems if the Lord blesses us with another arrow for our quiver.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I feel like I should post something here, but don't feel like there is much to post right now. Things are clicking along well, funny how that coincides with the BEAUTIFUL weather we've had the last week. We've had 5 record breaking temps already this month. We are LOVIN it!!!! The kids are getting an awesome base tan for the summer, although I am learning about the different skin of a blond haired blue eyed girl, than my two darker children. Gonna have to put sun block on Hannah often. She has ended up slightly burned every night....oops. The rest of us don't burn unless we are in full sun for a full day.

Robert has decided to join me in the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred program. He is's that good! Seriously, it is the best workout I've ever done. If you are a workout kind of Mama, or need to be, this thing will kick your tail into shape real fast. And hey, it is in your own home, so moan and whine away. You'll be glad you did it!

Trying to get our diets back in line with a healthy lifestyle. So much easier to do in the summer months with abundance of fresh produce and warm salad weather. I'm going to try soaking our oatmeal tonight instead of quick cooking it like normal. Also looking into more probiotic foods, on the list to try next is Miso soup.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today we celebrate Resurrection Day, aka Easter. It is the celebration of the Messiah's resurrection from the tomb, conquering death and sin! For us, he made himself sin, who knew no sin to be sin. He was cursed, mocked, beaten, broken and hung on a cross. Three days later he rose again and showed himself to hundreds of people walking, talking and eating. He ascended to heaven and TODAY he sits at the right hand of God the father and intercedes for our sins. Our sins are forgiven, if we will confess them and accept his sacrifice for us on the cross. We are then a new creature and walk with him daily until he calls us home to be with him for eternity. If you don't know these truths in your heart, ponder them, read a bible, ask a friend. I'd love to talk to you about it. He changes life. He is life.

I am blessed.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Kid Update

A little comparison picture from our recent visit to the Creation Museum. Amazing how fast the littles are growing up.

I'd love to post about all of the kids doings for the week, but we are too busy outside soaking up sun and 70 degree weather. So enjoy the pictures!