Thursday, June 3, 2010

Friday Kid Update

Hannah aka Toots has really blossomed the past few months. She is really aware of and understands everything going on around her. She's very playful and always wants to be included with whatever the big kids are doing. But, unlike Leah, she is fine if they will just let her closely watch the proceedings, she doesn't have to be involved, just included. She's a pretty easy one still, but she is starting to flex her "mine" muscles, so I've actually had to start training her. Both of the other kids were already well into a discipline phase by this point, but she just hasn't needed it.
She's still a peanut physically. She is in 18 month clothes that Leah wore at 10 months. She's chubbed up alot lately, so I keep waiting for her to shoot up, but she hasn't really. Maybe she's just going to be our cute little petite one. She certainly has the cute part down. She's even learned this little coquetish look for people when she wants something. Cracks us up, but we all just eat her up.
She speaks really well, like her older brother did. And she's pretty physically steady too, like her older sister. She's her own little mix. But, watch out, she'll steal your heart real quick. Those big blue eyes and little blond curls are just too much!
Leah is still our spunky chick, but she is growing up. She loves to be my helper and left to her own devices, probably could run this house by herself for at least a day....or at least she thinks she could. She really wants to be in the kitchen with me more lately. I need to work more on figuring out how to work in the kitchen with all of the kids. Most of the time, the thought of juggling three in there with me at once is more than I want to consider and so I just always say no when they ask. Leah really loves helping though. She has taken it upon herself for her and Hannah to unload the dishwasher when they finish breakfast and I'm helping Joshua with school. The first morning I thought I'd walk in to a kitchen in total disarray, but it was all done neatly and in the correct spots. I was stunned!
She isn't rediculously advanced academically like Joshua, but I think she might be sharper than he is. She gets things really well, and I often forget that she is two years younger than him. We do bible, music, latin and lots of read alouds all together and she responds as well or better than Joshua. I don't know how well she'll retain it, but she does great for the short term. I think once she decides she's ready, she'll breeze thru reading and basic math skills. First, she will have to learn her letters and numbers though. She has plenty of time, whenever she's ready.
Leah loves being a big sister. She and Hannah continue to awe me with their growing bond. It is just so fun to watch. I really am sooo grateful that God has given us children to watch grow. I know that their bonds will last for a lifetime of love of one another. All three of them just adore one another.....mostly. ;-)

Joshua is really at a transition age. You can see it in almost all phases of his life. His mental/cognitive development astounds me. He's reading so well and every time he grabs a book and sits down to read it to me, I am amazed. He can and will read anything close at hand, and that just tickles me pink. It's nice having another book worm in the family! He also will sit and read to Leah and Hannah regularly. This morning I came downstairs and Joshua had started Leah on her prereading curriculum. Cracked me up. I think she took instruction from him better than me, lol.
Physically, he is pretty clumsy right now. I don't know if he's in a big growth spurt or if he's just at an awkward stage. He has been riding his bike alot and I'm hoping that will help him get back some steadiness....if he doesn't break his neck from falling off first, of course.
You can really see it in his self discipline too. We are going thru the transition that all of the Christian parentings books said would come, even though we seriously doubted it when we were constantly spanking in the early years. Discipline is now changing with him as he is "getting it". It is really fun to be able to talk about deeper things with him and him really get it.
It's a pretty cool stage we are in with him.

Our neighbor cleaned out her dress up clothes that her boys had outgrown.

And in case you were wondering. The ant hill is again vacant and packed up for the next round of visitors. We've since moved on to butterflies. We received our caterpillars yesterday and should hatch butterflies in about two weeks! Hopefully we'll capture some amazing pics to share with you.