Saturday, February 28, 2009

Joshua just read six Bob books to me. I can't believe my oldest is reading. So cool! I'm so stinking proud I could cry!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Looking up here. We are above freezing today and last night and the newest snows have melted...although they are to return again this weekend, but for today the kids and I enjoyed a jaunt to the zoo. It was still too chilly to do outside zoo stuff but we wandered around the Rainforest again. We got to hang out with Reggie, a new friend, and her children and it was nice to be out. Hannah was so awesome. She loves the Ergo because it keeps her really close to her Mama, just the way she likes it.

Leah is getting big girl! Her potty training is going. She is really good, as long as she's naked. Joshua was the same way. Although, sometimes L waits too long to head to the potty when she needs to poop and konw. Still a process. She totally doesn't get it when I put a pull up on her though. I think pull ups are just too much like diapers. The only reason I use them is becasue they are easier for me to pull up and down....which I guess is the point. I'm kind of considering buying her some big girl panties and just going straight to them. I think she might get it better when she wets them. We'll see.

I'm tired. We've had late nights all week. I don't remember why on Sunday and Monday right now, but I"m sure it was probably tv related. Tuesday was the presidential liefest....I mean, address. Last night, we sat up reviewing resumes for the positions Robert is trying to hire for. There were acutally some possible candidates in the latest batch, so that is good news. Our family NEEDS those positions filled because Daddy is wearing too many hats and is starting to drop balls. Thankfully, only at home so far...where God has given him a helpmeet to pick them up for him.

Joshua is a bit challenging right now. I think he is too bored to obey, honestly. He needs stimulus and I don't mean from the government. Thankfully, the weather is slowly changing. Although we are still getting snows, we are also getting breaks here and there. HOpefully soon we will be able to start getting out more. I'm hoping to start hitting library story hours and maybe find a MOPS group or something for some social interaction.

Church #14 this week. Sounds promising. I'll keep you updated.

Monday, February 23, 2009

We had a quiet weekend. Didn't get to visit a church because Robert was sick. It was his turn after all. I think I got him pushed thru it. He went to work today, no surprise there. He always goes to work.
Yesterday, I got to go pick up milk, go to Target and get groceries all by myself. It was in a blowing snow storm, but I didn't mind. Roads were fine and I enjoyed myself. I had a Starbucks at Target and wandered around, took my time. I even found a clearance section tucked back in the men's underwear section. Score, since Robert needs some more under shirts and some driving gloves. It is on my radar now.

When I was grocery shopping, I found lower rib roast that was $73. I didn't buy it. But it made me appreciate our organic farmers that don't price gouge. We have almost a quarter of a side coming in April. Organic and loved by its farmer. $2.96/pound for all cuts. Awesome! I will be getting some lower rib steaks and roasts! Can't wait. We are trying to get completely stocked up with all necessities because the next year could be really interesting for our country. I think the media is calling us the "Bubba Effect", nice. You know, us weirdos that are getting ready to take care of ourselves in case our government screws things up even worse than they already are....yup, bunch of quacks us. We really should just go stand at the white house with our hands out like everyone else I guess. But no, we plan on having gardens and putting up our own food and providing for ourselves and our family on our own. We are a bunch of messed up crazies!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mainstream VBAC Coverage,9171,1880665,00.html?imw=Y?iid=perma_share

As you all know, this is a story that is very impactful in my life. Hannah was a VBA2C (vaginal birth after two cesareans). I had to fight and I mean FIGHT to have it be that way. I am a member of ICAN, that is quoted for stats in this article for Time. Please read the article and get the word out. This is a huge problem and it is only going to get worse. We have to change the birth environment in America.

I wonder how a depression will affect this, hmmm? Maybe no one will be able to afford hospital births and we can get back to safer home births!

Friday, February 20, 2009

I have a headache. I'm sick of having headaches. I've had them my entire life and I am soooo sick of them. I think these are the same ones I had after I had Leah. We figured out that they are blood sugar related and that I am probably pre surprise there with my family history. I found a supplement that worked well then, but I ran out and am waiting for it to come in. This makes me mad. I just want my body to work right.

Robert is really stressed out. He's pushing 80++ hours of work a week into about 60 and of ocurse still not getting everything done. He's trying to hire the person to take over the interim position he is doing but there aren't any good applicants. All you hear about in the liberal media is hwo awful the economy is, unemployment every where. Well, Robert and several of our other friends that are trying to hire for good, management level positions say otherwise. He can hardly ever find an American applicant, much less one that is remotely qualified for the job. It is rediculous!!! Seriously! And it isn't just management. He needs some engineers too and those applications are worse. Almost all of them are from India. Where are all of these Americans out of work?

Well, I think they are happily sitting at home waiting for the hero Obama to feed them money for sitting on their butts. It makes me want to puke. They say we are headed into a depression and I say GOOD! Maybe it will wake up the lazy, me me me, give me everything for nothing losers that are the majority in our country now. Maybe it will make people start taking care of themselves and possibly they will actually teach their children to take care of themselves as well. Do I look forward to be short on somethings we like to have...not really, but if it will get some attention to the rediculous issues we have in our country then bring it on! We are preparing. We are out of debt and are tightening tightening our belts up to save save save cash right now. We are stocking our freezers and pantries and when the big crash comes, we are ready. I'm not scared.

Most importantly I'm not scared or worried because this is all in God sovereign plan for our country and our lives. Obama is here now and doing what he is doing because God has allowed him to be so. I'm thankful to serve a loving God that cares for His people and I believe He loves and cares for us enough to allow us this pain. Maybe He's saving us from something worse. Or maybe it will be worse than we can imagine, and that is justified too. Our country is in a nasty, awful place and it isn't just because of politics. The church is defiled and families are defiled. What we hold up as good is filthy. I pray for mercy from God, but I also pray for relief.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well, I am feeling better. Still a nagging little cough in the mornings, but no biggie. OH and when I am trying to nurse Hannah to sleep, of course. But.........brace yourselves...........Hannah slept from 10:30 until 6:45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA HANNAH!!! We will see if this will be repeated or not. I won't konw what to do with myself if I have a baby sleep thru the night before a year old. Her naps are stinking it up this week, but we'll work with that if she'll sleep thru the night!

I had a whole bunch I wanted to write about has taken me three hours to write this much and Hannah is fussy

ok, I'm back...for the moment
Hannah is getting so big. She is really playful now and always want to be a part of the action. It is really fun.

Leah is potty training. She tells me in the morning not to put a diaper on her because she wants to ride the potty train. I think that she thinks that she is going somewhere soon...and I've chosen not to correct this little in accuracy at this point. She is doing well, although she pooped on the floor this morning when she was squating down to put on shoes. Other than that, accident free for several days now.

Joshua is really turning a corner. He is growing up and I like it. He's a good kid but man he can be moody some days.

Robert is still working two full time managment positions at his new job. He and I will both be soooo glad when they hire someone for his interim job....gotta go

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not alot of new pics since we've spent most of the year with someone on the mend, but here are a few. Kids are growing growing growing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm tired and "have a throat" to use a Leleism. The weather is so warm and we aren't even out in it. So sad.

Yesterday we went and got memberships at the zoo. We spent the morning in the rainforest exhibit. It was soooo nice to be out. Joshua made a friend and that was a super huge exciting thing. He's still so lonely. Hannah rocked in the Ergo. Just happy as a clam, especially since I let her suck her thumb. I've been trying to keep her from doing that too much, hoping she'll out grow it before it becomes habit. At dinner last night, the kids went on and on about the zoo to Daddy. It was very exciting.

Today is almost 60 degrees. We only have one little 6 inch patch of snow left to melt. Gotta get out and pick up all of the toys in the back yard because it is supposed to start snowing again tomorrow. I finally learned what Lake Effect snow is. Before, I just knew that meant we were gonna get a bunch of it. It is when a part of the lake melts and opens up a bunch of moisture to reach the air. So, any breeze blowing over it becomes lots of snow until it freezes back over. Meaning, since we've had such a long stretch above freezing, 4 days now, we can expect a whole bunch of snow if the winds blow this way when it drops below freezing again tomorrow.

Robert and I saw a news story over the weekend of 130 or so IDIOTS that were out on the ice trying to fish over the weekend....even though it was above freezing. Well, of course some broke off and they had to call in the national guard to rescue them. One man died when he fell into the water. They said this happens over and over when these same men won't follow the signs warning to stay off of the ice when it warms up. UMMMMM, CRAZY!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Good weekend, we got out and did some errands that needed to be done. It is above freezing and the snow is melting. I should be able to drive the truck some this week, that is exciting. The kids and I are going to the Rainforest part of the zoo tomorrow, indoors and all. I can't wait to get out. I am a little nervous about getting out on my own with all three since I haven't really done that yet. Should be fun.

Hannah is in her room full time now. Hopefully she'll just magically start sleeping thru the night, lol. Didn't work that way with the other kids but one can hope.

We finally visited church #13 yesterday. It was just outside our neighborhood, so that was a nice short drive. It was good. Not overwhelmingly great but good. We sang songs we knew. No band, just a poorly played piano that you could tell was a labor of love and so was a blessing. Good scriptural teaching, but not super deep. I think the plan is to visit #12 and #13 again and see what we think. #12 is a bible church and #13 is a straight up baptist church. Both are pretty small, which we like. Neither are family integrated. #12 has some homeschool families, not sure about #13. We didn't get to talk to any people yesterday. Except the 58 that came and told me there was a nursery if I needed it. None of them were rude and all said that it was no problem whatsoever to have our kids in the service, but they wanted me to know if I needed it that it was there. I walked Hannah in the hall during the sermon since she is a chatter box these days. The deacon outside and several Moms all told me that I was welcome to be in the service with her adn that she wouldn't disturb anyone. That was nice. I didn't go back in but it was nice to hear.

Did another day of Biggest Loser Workout today. The sculpting section. OUCH!! I loved it. And, again recommend this for anyone. Just simple, get to the point exercise. Just the basics man. I know I am going to be so sore tomorrow. Maybe I'll just do the low intensity cardio tomorrow instead of the high....oh wait, we are going to the zoo. Too bad. lol!

Friday, February 6, 2009

It is sunny and BEAUTIFUL here today! Praise God!!!! I know it isn't all about me, but I like to think he specifically sent a sunny day just for me. We've already reached 31 degrees and the melt has begun. They are saying that the next 7 days should all reach above freezing and I am so looking forward to it. That means the snow will melt down enough that the kids can head outside to play!!!! I won't even complain about the muddy mess when they come back in. Thank you Lord!
Another prop for Biggest Loser Workout video. I woke up today and my glutes and quads were both sore. None of the fancy videos did that. Yippee!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

We had the BEST waffles tonight for dinner. You MUST make these. They are so yummy. Light and sweet with a good texture. The only changes I made was to add some finely chopped pecans and some fresh ground nutmeg (I add that to all of my baked goods)to them. I try to throw extra nuts in where ever I can. And with all of the flax in them they have TONS of fiber. (so Vic, you MUST make these for Tony!) We had ours with scrambled eggs, apple sauce and home made blueberry syrup. The syrup is really easy too. I just took a bag of frozen blueberries and put them on to boil with a tiny bit of water while I was cooking dinner. I added a little agave to just sweeten it a tiny bit more before we ate. YUM!!!!!! And pretty healthy too.
Today I tried out the Biggest Loser Workout DVD. I really really like it, and HIGHLY recommend it for everyone. I was concerned that since I'm not that over weight, that it might not really be a workout for me, but that wasn't the case. I did skip the first two weeks, of course then I was worried that it would be too hard for my out of shape body, lol. It wasn't. It is very basic movement exercise. It isn't a cool, hip, juke and jive exercise junky kind of thing. I enjoyed the straight forwardness of it. At one point, the instructor asked one of the girls, "how ya feeling"...which they always do, and instead of the annoyingly fake cheerleader/pep squad jump and answer GREAT...she said "I feel like my legs are gonna fall off!" I loved it, since my legs too were about to fall off. This is the first video I've done since launching on this Netflix gig that I didn't wonder how much longer the workout was. It was simple, straight forward and not terribly long. Seriously, I very very much recommend it for everyone! Oh, and another bonus...the girls have clothes on! One girl did the cool down in a sports bra but it was more than on all the other videos I"ve seen so far.

In another health related note....I totally feel like I should have known this before, but whole wheat pasta has TONS fiber. Really, it has more than a good fiber bar. I was glad to find another fiber rich option to add in our diet.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The last couple of days have been warmer, almost 30 and no snow. Things were starting to melt down a little. I was hoping that it soon would be melted enough that the kids could go out and play again. We were expecting snow over night, but was supposed to be less than one inch accumulation, good. Yeah. Woke up this morning with over 4 inches and it has been snowing hard all morning. So, extending our house arrest. The forecast was predicting that it was going to be warm next week, in the 30's, almost 40 all week. I was looking forward to some outside time for the kids, but I'm scared to look and see what it says now. Hopefully today's lake effect snow will end soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

PanPan just rolled over twice. From her tummy to her back. I was wondering if she was ever going to. She just looked at us and bloop...over she she'd been doing it all her life. Maybe she secretly has. She also slept in her room for the first time last night. She's been waking up to chit chat all night long this week and so Robert and I decided she needed to be in her room and talk to herself. When she woke up to nurse at midnight, I thought we were in for a rough night since that is not usual. Usually she'll nurse at 11 then make it at least until 1 or 2. But, she slept from 12-5. I didn't of course. I had to keep waking up to check on her. Tonight, I hope we both sleep long and hard!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm feeling better. I slept until almost noon on Saturday and Sunday, even though I really wanted us to go to church today. Robert decided this morning that I needed to stay in bed. He was right. I feel much more human. Hopefully I can stay up now.

We had a Dippin Dinner in honor of the Super Bowl Parties we didn't get to go to. Started off with a big tray of broccoli, carrots and pickled okra with ranch dressing. Yummy! We finished that off and I brought out the Buffalo Chicken Dip and Amy's Pizza Snacks. We all ate and ate and ate. It was Joshua and Leah's first free reign meal and ummmm, Joshua learned a good lesson. Leah stopped when she got full, Joshua did not. He came in later and his belly was HUGE! He said, "Mommy, my tummy hurts." Yup. LOL!