Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Picture Post

Believe or not, there are still three adorable children living here. I know, you were probably wondering about that since you never see them or hear much about them. Here's where they've been.

We took a family vacation to Port Aransas in November. We spent the day at the Texas State Aquarium.

Joshua got chosen as a helper. He fed an ant eater!

We stopped and had some yummy sea food. Note to self, need to feed my kids seafood more.

Robert got too rowdy in the restaurant, so stocks for him! That's what happens when you have a beer at lunch on a week day. LOL!

We spent the rest of the week at the hotel with other families from our church. We laid by the pool, chilled on the beach and shared cooking duties! It was FABULOUS! Oh, Robert and I kicked some tail in some bones games as well. Oh yeah. And it is now a tradition.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

So I might be coming out of the fog, shhhh don't tell my husband yet ;-), just kidding he can totally tell. I had a crazy busy weekend, and thought I would be cramping and miserably tired by the time we made it home from church today, but that isn't the case. Miracle! We'll see how tomorrow feels.
Robert and I celebrated Valentine's day last night with other couples from our church. I just have to say, our church is a hoot. I just love those people. We all laughed until we cried, and I almost peed my pants. I haven't laughed like that in who knows how long, I certainly can't remember, but it was wonderful. It was at a BBQ place this year, which kind of turned some people off, but for Robert and I, it is all about the fellowship with our friends, and man was it a good time. I just love our church. The families are all real people, living real lives out loud and together, serving the Lord every way we can. Life doesn't get much better than that!

We also had some of the Tres Dias ladies in our home Saturday morning and afternoon working for the upcoming weekends. They are busy times for us, since Robert and I are both serving, but such a welcome time with the Lord as well. It will be my last weekend to serve for a few years since the baby will be here before the next weekends (YIPPEE!!!) So, this one will be lots of fun for me.

This week the temps are supposed to be in the 70's and sunny all week. Wish I felt up to a zoo trip, but I"m not there yet. But we are going to enjoy it as much as is humanly or would that be Mommyly possible!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Usually, I wouldn't post this but this is what is up in our life right now, and Daddy, I know you are waiting to hear.

More puke. Yup. Unfortunately, not just me this time. The fam got a lovely stomach bug. Thankfully, although it didn't feel like it at the time, the kids all got it at the same time. Saturday night, they all puked from 8pm to 4 am. A grand total of 28 puking events. Thankfully, after the first round, Joshua and Leah...officially the BIGS after this feat....hit their puke buckets every time. For Hannah, we just threw a paint tarp under her pack n play and changed out towels as bedding. Of course, by we, I mean Robert. I tried to help as much as possible but getting very involved would've added to his work load, so I really just helped bathe kids once he had them stripped and ready. He did all of the dirty work.

Why yes, I did marry the man of the century! We are very happily married, so back off!!!

In other news.....Monday Robert and I got the bug too. The End.