Monday, December 20, 2010

Some people just aren't happy no matter what. I've posted twice in one week and the news I get back from the farm......well, why aren't there any pictures? Pfsh!

Really, why would anyone want to see a picture of this...
Really. My siblings and I getting together at the farm for the first time in five years can't be that interesting. Right?

Or this? Grandpa not only buys raisins in bulk, he buys popsicles in bulk too.

This ragamuffin clan can't be blog post worthy. Really, three days all out at the farm is not a great moment to take family photos....unless you are looking for life time memory kind of stuff.

It isn't every year that your Pannie Poe turns two, but why does that matter?

Grandpa with his 7 youngest grand biggie, right?

Big boy turns 6 too, but why would that be news worthy.

Her highness Princess Leah also turned 4 and we even pulled off a party for that, one week after moving across the country. Now this, this is blog post worthy!!!!

Is that better Daddy?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Art- My Way

It seems alot of my life, I've been surrounded by artists. Growing up in small town, rural Texas, we weren't exactly buried in culturally enhancing opportunities. I'd never been to a museum until well into my adulthood and not to an art museum until 2 years ago. Oh the beauty! If you are ever in Toledo OH, you really must check out their art museum, it is reportedly one of the best in the country. I was in awe, but I digress.

My Mother is very artistic. I didn't always know this about her since she was busy being Mother and breadwinner, but when I was in high school, I was on the drill team. One of our jobs was to decorate a football players locker each Friday morning before a game. Most girls had some store bought signs and streamers, but not me. My Mom blew my socks off the first week by hand drawing these awesome gorgeous signs of our mascot, the bluecat. I never knew she had any interest in art, much less talent. Boy does she have talent! She's done some pretty awesome paintings since then as well. Now that she is retired, she is always busy with some artsy thing. Right now, she's buried herself in quilting but still periodically gets the "sewing bug", as she calls it. She hasn't painted in a while, but I'm sure she'll swing back to it someday too.

My childhood best friend,  Sharon, is also an amazing artist. I remember from about third grade on, watching her sketch. She produced some pretty amazing charcoals of dogs! They were always perfect. I would watch her in amazement, wondering how that was even possible. I can't and couldn't draw stick people. Sharon went on to be an accomplished musician and finish an art degree, along with a science degree. She now teaches homeschool art classes and I'm sure is wowing third graders still, lol.

Both of my grandmothers and all of my aunts, also very artistic. I always wondered what happened to me. I did get my share of the brains in the family, but that little or big section of the brain controlling creativity never seemed to be accessible for me. Then, I started cooking. Yes, cooking. I don't konw that many people consider cooking an art form. I probably wouldn't either except that I now, in our church am surrounded by some remarkably talented artists, many who create professionally. I try to find ways to spend time with these ladies, as they are gifted in an area that I really have to work at. As I've spent more time with them, and learned more about their crafts, as well as their processes, I've come to realize that cooking for me is an art. The way they think and consider their ideas and paths is the same way I do cooking. It is a love for me that I desire to contiunously stretch and improve and share. It is a gift that I hope to pass on to all of my children.

So, I want to share some of my art from this season so far.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I was chatting with my little sister this morning about a surprise I am trying to plan for my husband's 40th birthday next month. While we were chatting, it is a long process....we have alot to say, you see we've only had 31 years to chat together so far.... my Dad pulled up in her driveway. My sister is blessed to live really close to my Mom and Dad. Daddy doesn't even have to get off of the dirt roads to make it to her house. So, about once a week, he shows up, always with something in his shirt pocket for my nephew, Corbin. He learned not to bring round objects, like apples or oranges because,  you see, Corbin is a BOY and all round objects are balls. So, he usually has raisins. Actually, all of our kids under the age of 10, my older brother has 6 children over the age of 10, know that Grandpa has a really cool farm to play at and buys boxes of raisins in BULK!

Anyway, Daddy shows up and Amie tells him that she is on the phone with me. He is then very quick to point out that he will soon have to cancel his internet access. You never can tell why something like this would need to happen at the farm. It could be because of the latest lightening strike on the house, or because the wind blew out the lines or someone dug up some lines somewhere miles down the road. It could be because so much dust built up in the computer that it needs to be disassembled and blown out with a shop vac. It could be a million reasons on a farm. BUT, none of those was the reason, no four legged animals to blame in any way, shape or form. He said he was going to cancel because I never post on my blog and so he doesn't have anything to look at! LOL!

Really, my Dad learned from some of the best on how to play his cards to get what he wants. Don't you think?