Thursday, July 31, 2008

Please pray that God would graciously allow us to have a vaginal birth. We had a little hiccup at our OB appointment today.

8 Days and Counting.....

Until the Olympics begin. I don't care about all of the political hype and boycotting, I'm excited! I love the olympics. Always have!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We have a doula now, which is a good thing since there is a chance that Robert will have to stay with the kids when I have the baby. She's a Christian and I'm excited! She also gave us a lead on a great pediatrician!!!! YEA!!!!!!

Tomorrow is a big day. We have TWO things scheduled. Count them, 1 2 IN ONE DAY! Can you believe it? LOL. I have an OB appt at noon. Then, for dinner we are meeting the pastors family from church #5. They chose to meet for dinner at McDonald's. ACK! Robert and I had to seriously talk about whether to go or not. I don't think our children have ever eaten at McDonald's. Joshua has had it before thanks to lovely Mrs "I am ready to be a grandmommy" Woody. So, I will be super charging our breakfast and lunch with lots of veggies, Greens First and Ningxia Red, since we will get no nutritional value from dinner. That being said, the kids are going to love it! The pastor has a 4 year old and 2 year old also, so hopefully it will be a great play time for everyone. We are praying that the Lord guides us to the body He has for us. So, we are really hoping He shows us what is His priority list for our next church.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


There was an earthquake in LA today. Specifically, the center was about 1/2 mile from where our rent house was. There is a fault line running thru the hills right down the road from where we lived. Crazy huh. This is the biggest one since right after Joshua was born. I remember laying in bed beside Joshua and the bed started shaking like someone was trying to wake me up. It wasn't scary at all, just kind of surreal that the whole room was shaking. That one, however, was centered much further away. I can't imagine what that old little rent house did when this one went off.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our camera battery is back home and so camera action will be back soon!
We had a nice weekend. Nothing real exciting. On Saturday, we went and had Leah's 2 year pics done. She was perfect! Seriously, all of the photographers kept coming in because they couldn't believe they had a 2 year old that was so cooperative. We were a bit in shock too. She posed exactly the way they put her and then gave them the cheesiest cheesier smiles you've ever seen. Then we all went on a hunt for a sweater for me. I bought this really cute maternity dress, but it is sleeveless. We don't do sleeveless,but I thought it woudl be easy to find one of those cute little half sweater thingys to go with it. Not so much. We found one that might work ok at Penney's but it was $50. We may still end up going back for it, haven't decided yet. It is kind of cool up here, so sweaters stay out on the racks year around. They are pulling summer stuff and bringing winter now too.

We are scouring Craig's List for little things we need to pick up, like an area rug for our living room. Right now it is wood laminate kind of stuff and our furniture slides around every time you sit down. Joshua lvoes pushing the furniture around, but it is starting to annoy me. We are alos looking for a snow blower, lol! Everyone says they are cheaper right now, and hey, we love cheaper! I'm also, of course, watching the childrens clothes liek a hawk to start snatching up winter clothes. We've yet to score anything on Craigs list here, hope our luck changes soon.

We visited church #5 yesterday. #5 is the best we've been to so far. Robert needs to talk to the pastor for sure. He is young and enthusiatic and seems very intent on serving the Lord. We do have some questions though. We don't konw if they are reformed or not. They are having a bible prophecies seminar next weekend, and we don't know what they mean by that. They had a long discussion about getting a new temporary building so they could start a youth program on Wednesday nights yuck. But we enjoyed the service. They sing hymns but it wasn't the funeral durge ones we've suffered thru the last few weeks. We'll see. This is the first one we are considering even following up on at all. OH, and it was 80% blue hairs, but that doesn't really bother us so much. It seems like we may be catching them in a transition, just looking at the pastor compared to the congregation.

I'm thinking of all of ya'll in TExas. I saw the high in Dallas today is supposed to be 107, so glad I'm not there! The weather here is still great. We've maxed out one day at 86 but usually it is low 80's or mid 70's. Mild humidity at best. Nice!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Third Times a Charm

Well, it has taken me three pregnancies, but I finally have a stretch mark. Big ole ugly one right above my belly button. There was something else too that is new this time but apparently I've had too many brain cells leached off of me to remember.

on with your lives citizens!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We Have A Friend!

Ok, at least we had a playdate with someone and it was really fun. We met one homeschooling family at the 4th of July party we went to. Today we met the Mom, Emily and daughter, Whitney 7, at the mall to play and chat. It was really fun, like we were real people or something, lol. Emily and I got to sit and chat and the kids ran around crazy, like they hadn't seen people in 40 years. Joshua was so excited. He wanted to hold Mrs. Wilson's hand to walk thru the mall....he misses all of you GCC extra Mommies! We played and talked homeschooling and healthy living and husbands jobs. So fun. She told me there is a Scholastic Warehouse right here in Strongsville that has teacher sales pretty regularly, so I'll get to score some great buys there once I get signed up. I know you Homeschooling Mommies are jealous! I think we are going to meet again next week. YEA!

Now the big thing for the rest of this week is to wait for our meat. We ordered our first order of beef from and now we are just waiting for it to get here. I CANNOT wait to eat some yummy organic steaks again! I've missed my Paidom beef! We are pretty good on chicken here. They have some Amish raised chickens that are almost as good as organic, so we can do that from the store. We just haven't been able to find good organic beef yet. We ordered from Paidom when we lived in CA too. If you haven't checked them out yet, you should. Alan is great to work with and so awesome about the way he runs his ranch, as well as the way he watches over the butchering process of his cows.

Saturday we are doing Leah's 2 year old portraits. Got find something to do with her hair, it is CRAZY!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OB appointment went fine today. They haven't received my U/S report from last week yet, so I have to go back next week, yuck. Another yuck, Ohio requires you to be tested for gonerea and chlymidia, no opting out. Honestly, if it were the beginning of my pg, I would have fought it, but at this point, whatever. It just ticks me off the state/government thinks they have any say over what I do to my body. And waht a waste of money! I know for a fact I have no STD's, so why does it make any fiscal sense to keep doing useless stupid test. BLAH! Anyway, so while they were at it today, he went ahead and did my group B strep test as well. I've always been negative before, and this time I took YL Inner Defense for a week leading up to the test, just to make sure. Just one more battle that I woudl rather not have to fight.

Anyway, on to positives....a cute kiddo story.
Our family memory verse two weeks ago was Joshua 3:7. Yesterday at lunch, we were practicing. Joshua quoted it for me and then Leah repeats it after me. When we finished, I said "Joshua 3:7" and she diligently said "Bubba 3:7". I about died trying not to cackly hysterically out loud!!!

Happies for Today

This blog has had mean in tears laughing so hard. Warning...there are some cuss words, so not kid friendly.

Also, our friends the Greens have some great news on their adoption blog.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Please support homeschooling in Ohio.

As you guys know, we plan on homeschooling our children. This is very important to us! Please take a moment and look over this link about help that is needed right now. It doesn't take very long to send a short letter of support for the homeschoolers here.
We had a good family weekend. Saturday we got up and unpacked the rest of the living room. That means that we really only have the office to figure out and the garage. We have to get the garage organised so I can park in there this winter. Getting three kids in and out of the car in the snow would not be fun in the least!

We finished up chores and headed out for errands. Target and Heinen's and then the long awaited trip to the carnival. Joshua was beside himself. We got the kids little ride bands for unlimited rides and went after it. Thankfully they had picnic tables all over so I could sit down alot. The kids rode and rode and I just sat being sad not to have my camera. Joshua got to ride the kids rollercoaster and his face was PRICELESS! He loved every second of it. They both rode the mini ferris wheel, which was too cute too. Robert rode the Dizzy Dragons with them and taught them how to get the dragon spinning super fast until you get almost sick. There were some other rides they did over and over as well, including a carousel. It was so fun. We came home for naps and then headed back up for more rides. The kids got to share and ice cream with Daddy and we all had so much fun. It was a really great family day.

Sunday we visited church #4. It was ok. Just ok. We'll try again next week. It is always Robert surprise on Friday to tell what church we are going to visit on Sunday.

We have an OB appt this week. And we might get to meet up with the homeschooling family that we met on the 4th!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh yeah.....

And, my sweet husband indulged a pregnancy craving for me tonight and took us to Longhorn steak house. I ate everything they put in front of me, YUMMMM! RED MEAT!!!

On the bad news side of the board, we can't find the charger or extra battery for our camera, so no pics to come until they are no longer MIA. I'm sure they are, come on....say it with me..... "IN A BOX SOMEWHERE"
Busy week.

We had Leah's birthday on Tuesday. I can't believe she is 2 already, where has the time gone....oh yeah, could be moving and gestating and lactating etc etc etc. She was excited to all day tell us "Lele Dirbay, 1-2" holding up 1 or 5 fingers. One time she got just two fingers up, we were so proud of her.

Wednesday she woke up and told me "Lele dirbay, 1-2" and was not very happy when I told her that no it wasn't her birthday any more, it was Sara's. That afternoon, we went to the Strongsville Homecoming Parade. Yes, these weirdos have homecoming that isn't part of football. It was Joshua and Leah's first parade and they had a BLAST! It lasted about an hour and a half, LONG! They both had bags and were soooo cute scrambling to pick up candy for their bags. They didn't realize everyone else ate the candy later, they just thought the game was picking it up! Daddy took the candy to work this morning, but Joshua and Leah got to play with their necklaces, frisbees and fire hats. It was really really fun. Pretty warm, but we had to laugh. Everyone kept mentioning what a scorcher we are having. Yesterday it hit 90 and today was supposed to max out at 92, a real killer! We don't even have the humidity to make it yucky hot. So, we just smile and enjoy a good chuckle!

Today, Leah woke up and asked me if it was her "derbay" and I said no. She smiled and said "Tantain derbay!" She's so cute. We had an ultrasound appointment today. Everyone kept asking why I hadn't had one before now, like I had committed a cardinal sin. And, everyone, the u/s tech and two doctors, commented on how stubborn our baby is. He/she was flipped over so they couldn't see his face and couldn't get many decent shots of his organs. Oh well. I told them that was about par for my children. I think they expected me to be stressed by it, but of course I'm not. Size and all of that looked good for age, blah blah blah. No major abnormalities, that they could tell, of course they emphasized that part. We see our OB again next week.

This weekend we are going to try and beat this heat, lol! I think we are going to catch a break on Sunday and a front will come thru and get us back in the upper 70's where we should be. *big roll eyes here** Saturday we are going to try and get some carnival time in before the teenagers take over. Robert heard at work that right after the parade, when we left, there was a big fight between a bunch of teen boys and it became a real mob scene. Glad we were long gone!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Bitty!


Two years ago today, we got to meet Sweet, Little Spitfire Leah Katheryn! None of our lives have been the same since. She is awesome! She has her Daddy and Big Brother wrapped around her little finger. Robert and I never really wanted any girls and would still be ok with just our one, but man, we couldn't live without our one. She is so spunky. People are just drawn to her personality. We pray that she comes to know Jesus' saving grace early in life and serves Him every day of her life....that she will keep herself pure and holy for her spouse and that she will grow in grace and beauty daily.

We love our Leah!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another exciting week down. We didn't get tons accomplised except the huge task of finding an OB. We also have leads on pediatricians and chiropractors, so that is good. We only ate out once this week! I'm so sick of eating out, but it has kind of come down to either I work on the house during the day or I cook dinner at night.

The kids are doing great. The pool has really helped, even though they freeze! We played in it after Robert got home yesterday and that was much warmer. They actually got in the water, instead of just standing in it. Yesterday morning, Joshua told me his legs hurt from the water. Frostbite would not surprise me, lol! The water is so cold here out of the tap. I can see why people don't really drink iced tea much here, they don't need the ice. Our neighbors said it is so cold coming out of the tap in the winter that it will hurt your teeth. Funny.

This weekend we are going to go do some exploring. Might check out a farmers market kind of thing if we feel up to it. Might be good for Joshua to get out and see people. And of course we still have boxes to shuffle and unpack. My goal is to get all of that done in the next ten days because then I really have to start focusing on intensive cleaning so this house will be clean enough for a baby to come home to in Sept. That will take a long while.

We have cable hooked up already. Kind of weird and fun all at the same time. I just love Cash Cab and all of the cooking shows, but we will all be more than ready for it to go after the baby arrives. Oh, and I get to watch the olympics!!!! That was my distraction waiting to go into labor with Joshua too.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

WE HAVE A DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, God has SOOOO answered our prayers. First doctor we even called here. He is great. Absolutely NO DRAMA over any of this. His comment about me doing a VBA2C was this "it isn't that common any more, really decreased in the last 5 years or so, but I don't have a problem if you want to try one". That was it, then on to a normal appointment. No scare tactics or threats or what ifs or this might happen or anything blah blah blah. He's great. We were talking later and he did mention that he won't augment my labor if I don't progress, which Robert and I wouldn't agree to anyway. All of the studies show that if you use pitocin, then you have a pretty good chance of rupture. He asked if I wanted to do this natural or if I wanted an epidural. I told him I'd love to do it natural but we aren't die hard against an epidural either, I've already had two with my other births. What a blessing my appointment was. I have no waivers to sign, no battles to fight. I can save all my energy to fight off the vaxing nazi's trying to attack the baby, LOL!!!


Check out my Slide Show!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Exciting Target excursion today. Ok, really mundane normal Target outing, except that we got the kids a little swimming pool! Robert blew it up tonight, no full of hot air comments here, and filled it with water so maybe by tomorrow afternoon it will be "warm" enough to let the kids in. They are extactic! Also, hit one of the local grocery stores. It is a "fancy" store. They don't allow their carts out in the parking lot. Instead, you get a ticket at the doors and leave your cart with groceries. Then, you go drive up and they load your groceries for you. Cracks me up, but man it is nice on my ever uncomfortable body.

We have an OB appointment on Wed. This guy is supposed to be really "progressive", as described by some of the ladies that recommended him. That could be really good, or really bad. Depends on which definition of progressive you use. ;-) Anyway, I'd appreciate your prayers. I don't have 20 weeks to spend looking for an OB now, but God knows that. We'll see what happens.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our poor neighbors, Brian and Peggy, are going to be real sick of our children real quick. Every time Joshua sees them outside he and Leah both take off yelling, "Mr Tomek, Mrs Tomek...blah blah blah blah" They are so sweet and talk with them every time, even have taught them to play eye spy. Their teenage boys don't know quite how to react to Joshua, lol!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Somethings are the same here as Houston, others NOT EVEN CLOSE! We went to the pool party and thanks to the heater that had the water at 87 degrees and still heating, Robert and the kids swam for over an hour. Robert said it wasn't too bad as long as you never got any part of your body out of the water. I was a little chilly on the deck when the breeze would kick up, so I have no idea how they weren't cold. We did have a really nice time.

Met some nice people, although a homeschooling discussion got uncomfortable with a public school teacher in the group and the ministers wife was strangely pushy and made me pretty uncomfortable at times. Everyone else was really really nice. They all brainstormed on doctors for me, which included their birth "horror" stories, of course. Another group brainstormed where to buy organics around here....consensus is that you drive to Amish country to get the best produce in the country, sounds good to me! Another group of the men brainstormed on where we could find Tex Mex. Most decided that Tex Mex and BBQ were not worth eating outside of Texas (I agree) but another were staunch advocates of the open market down town, claiming that every subclass has an authetic food booth down there. We'll see. All in all, it was nice to get out and socialize.

We left the pool party a little earlier than planned because we realized we were going to freeze if we didn't go change into long pants and sweatshirts and grab blankets for the fireworks. Can you believe that? I posted pics above for proof! It doesn't get dark here until almost 10 so it was a LATE night and got down right chilly willy by the end, but it was really fun. Our very nice next door neighbors had given us the skinny on best place to watch the fireworks and hten surprised us later by showing up to watch with us. That was nice. Brian, nice neighbor guy, is in the last pic with Robert and the kids. Joshua loved most of the fireworks, although he was tired and cranky and done with the really loud ones by the grand finale. Leah about jumped out of her skin when they began and was in my lap in about a millisecond. She curled up in the Mommy fetal position and watched about 10 minutes cautiously, but then went to sleep. She kept me warm, so I was ok with that. The show was one of the best I've ever seen, so all in all, it was a great day for us.

This is what greeted us about 10 minutes after getting settled into our room in Lexington KY on the drive up. We had already driven for 10 1/2 hours that day, and this was not a welcome distraction, but hey, the kids are always cute on a fire truck, right?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!!!!!

It will in fact be too cold for any swimming today. Can you believe that? I'm really sad for Joshua, but happy for Robert. Oh well, hopefully soon it will be warm and we'll have access to a pool, all at the same time.

This morning we are doing more work around the house, like repairing the closet rods that keep crashing down in the middle of the night and putting up over the toilet storage in our bathroom. This afternoon we have the nonpool party and then tonight FIREWORKS. Joshua has been talking about seeing fireworks for weeks!

Funny house thing. Everyone knows the Guthrie condo on the our camping trips, right? Well, Robert and I's master bathroom is about the size of their camper bathroom. It is almost comical. We are trying to figure out if I'll even be able to use the toilet by the end of this pregnancy. Too funny!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 3, cold and rainy

The weather here is phenomenal, at least so far....we'll see how we feel about it come winter, but for right now it is delightful! Today is July 3. We've been in our house for 10 days and have turned on the a/c once for the afternoon. Seem ludicrous. Makes me feel sorry for my friends boiling back in Houston....not enough to come visit but sorry still. lol! Tomorrow we are invited to a pool party at a coworkers house. High of 75. Um, yeah, this Texas girl ain't gettin in no pool when it is only a HIGH of 75. Pregnant or not, that isn't hot! We didn't get to swim at any of the hotels on the way up and when we got here, it was too cold, so I don't think we'll be able to keep Joshua out of the water. Sure hope that Robert doesn't freeze in the pool with the kiddos by himself!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thoughts on Ohio....

This started as a photo only blog, but now I need a place to blog our life in Ohio, so this is it. Our webpage is way too laborious to update. So, check in periodically and catch up.

Our thoughts so far on Ohio, in random bullet points....
-Cities are the same all around the world.
-Organic and healthy food is much more prevalent here in the grocery store because of the Amish communities surrounding here.
-Our landlord should hire some female cleaning ladies cause this place is filthy.
-We really need to get our voter registration switched pronto. This is union country, YUCK!
-Robert's commute willl be unsettling for me during snow and ice since it has a section they call dead man's curve.
-Joshua is having the hardest time adjusting of us all.
-Sunday's just aren't the same without GCC.
-We LOVE having sidewalks in our neighborhood. Who knew how much safer they feel.
- We also LOVE not being on a main street.
-We LOVE LOVE LOVE our sun room on the back of the house.