Friday, January 28, 2011

We are here. My morning sickness is kicking my tail. I'm not fully puking yet, but can't wait to get there. These weeks of 24 hour nausea is my worst part. I just can't stand no breaks to ever feel good. Once I start puking, things get better. I at least get a little relief for a short while after I puke. I'll be 8 weeks next week, and that is usually when I start actually puking, although I got really really close this morning. Through the years, I've read about every stratetgy known to man to help with morning sickness. All of it helps, kind of, sort of, on certain hours and days of the week. In the end, it is a normal and healthy response to pregnancy. Maybe God gives us morning sickness so we don't notice that we bloat up like a wart hog in the space of a few weeks....that all of that self control we showed over the holidays to stay looking and feeling good are all for naught because we've already bloated up a size and are quickly passing thru it.

Honestly, I don't do pregnancy well, at any stage, really. The third trimester is easiest for me. I finally get the energy boost that most women get from the second trimester, I'm usually still puking in the second trimester. Up until about 36ish weeks, I'm good. That is until I hit the final frontier. You know, the part where you can't do dishes anymore because you have to stand sideways at the sink and your arms can't reach the bottom of the sink any more. Up until that point, I'm good.

So, I'm due in September. I have a 4th and 13th baby already. My anniversary is the 15th. Just by looking at the calendar, it seems I should carry this baby late so I can space things out. But, that would be insanity, or a male OB that would suggest such a thing. Every female, even those who have never had babies but have only been tramautized by their pregnant friends, knows that you never Ever EVER wish for someone to go late with a pregnancy. So, I'll shoot for the end of August instead. My Dad still isn't really a Grandpa anyway!

back to your regularly scheduled lives, this pregnant womens random stream of conscience is over for the moment

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our September Streak Continues

So, we found out New Year's Eve that we will again be expecting another little blessing from the Lord in mid September 2011. For those of you that don't have my children's birthdays memorized (Daddy ;-)), this will be our third September baby. Leah is a July baby, but really, Leah needs her own birthday month. The kids are thrilled and I"m sure my cousin Les will be pulling for Sept 13th, so he AND Joshua can be a Grandpa.

What do you mean that doesn't make any sense?

Every family has "unusual" family traditions. This is one of ours....and I started it! You see, my due date just happened to be on my paternal Grandpa's birthday. He was quite proud of this fact and told everyone in the famliy, over and over that he was FINALLY going to be a Grandpa. Apparently, this was a sentiment he expressed often. SOOO, you see what's coming here, don't you? When I was born on May 9th instead, my cousin, Kelly, was thrilled that SHE was now a Grandpa. She has, in fact, been my Grandpa Kelly my whole life. We have lots of Granpda's in the family, and my cousin Les is Joshua's Grandpa, born on Sept 13th. So, if this little kicker is born on the 13th, they will in fact have ALOT of Grandpa's, including their adoring older brother, Joshua.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Another new year. I love it. A time for fresh starts and looking ahead for the possibilities. I have lots of thoughts and plans for 2011, but I'll share some of those later.

We had a good holiday season. We visited Robert's family in Louisiana, and most of them got to meet our children for the first time. It was really fun. I hope our children get to spend more time learning about that part of their heritage. It got me thinking about really getting Joshua going on French, in addition to our Latin studies, now rather than later, so he can have the opportunity to speak french with the Lachney side of the family, before that generation is gone. I just need to research language programs for his learning age and hopefully find something computer based since I know he'll excel at anything on the computer.

Robert had strep throat for Christmas, but he was kind enough not to gift it to any of the rest of us. THANK YOU JESUS! It was hard enough watching him suffer through it, I couldn't imagine watching the babies go through that. We all survived and even had some fun to boot. I'll post holiday pics later, but here is a parting shot of the girls participating in our church's live nativity. You can't say that this isn't the cutest sheep you've ever seen!

thank you to my friend Marty Callan for getting this shot for me