Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm really blah. Need to remember my Iodoral more, I think. Or I could just be tired.

Robert and I just watched No Country For Old Men. We should have known better. We've never liked any of the big oscar winning least the ones in the last 5 years or so. There was just no closure on anything and that is annoying. We both looked at each other and said, that was a waste of time. And like other movies ie. Gladiator, there wasn't enough story and character development to make all of the violence tolerable.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ok, here is my entry into the homeschoolers contest for the Cinncinatti Homeschool Conference. I'm actually really excited to see this, for a few reasons. First, we were going to go to the one in Columbus, but it is the last week of June and that is when we will probably be moving. Second, if I win this contest, it could be really cheap! Third, Amy, of Amy's Humble Musings...see my side bar, she totally rocks, will be there and I could meet her and tell her she has bad hair, lol! (joke from her blog, I have no idea what her hair looks like for real). Fourth, they are supposed to have a HUGE exhibit hall and some really great speakers! So, anyone want to take a vacation to a homeschool conference with us???

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I was sooo sore when I woke up this morning. I was worried about trying to pick Hannah up, lol! Of course, I was only sore on my right side...the side I was throwing the snow with. I knew I had to make myself workout to work out the stiffness. I just got Crunch Cardio Salsa in the mail. I highly recommend it, if you are not in great shape. It wasn't the hardest workout that I"ve ever done, but it was really fun, especially since I love to dance. Really, try this one out for a family activity. Fun stuff. And yes, my soreness is gone now, thank goodness!

Tomorrow, my Mom retires after 43 years as a Med Tech. I'm sooo sooo soooo excited for her. She has spent the last 23 years at the same hospital where they were quick to use and abuse her vast experience and knowledge but never rewarded or recognized all that she gave them. I am grateful for her time at that hospital because it clothed and fed and housed us all, but I have always been annoyed that they didn't recognize what they had in my Mom. She would go to work no matter what. Ice didn't stop her even though she had a big hill or two to make the 20 mile drive to work. Anyway, I am excited for her as she gets to start the fun stuff. I expect to have to put up with her way more than before and more quilts and "cute" little hand made stuff than I could ever want. Bring it on! Congrats Mom! I'm proud of you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I shoveled snow for the first time. Robert shoveled at 4:30 this morning. From then until now, there was another 6 inches to shovel. Good times. It was fun and all of the neighbors were out too, but they all had snow throwers. Think that might make a great Father's Dad gift this year.
Well potty training was short lived. After the third accident in one hour, I put the diaper back on. I just have too much to juggle to keep that up to. Oh well, she'll figure it out eventually. It isn't like she is going off to a school that requires, like alot of my friends. I'll just keep the grocery bill down so we can afford diapers.

In other news, this weather is fun. We got 6 inches of snow overnight and are expecting about that much today. I'm going to try and shovel some so Robert can get in the driveway when he gets home. Hope that works out. Right now it is colder in Coleman and Dallas than here. That is crazy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Anyone want to buy a house. Really great church close by. Well loved and cared for. Its owners would really like to buy a house a little closer to where work is.
We are potty training. I'm embarrassed that we are just now starting, but whatever.Yesterday after naptime until bedtime she went with a bare bottom, no accidents. Cool! This morning so far, one accident, on the carpet of course. I guess this is one time to be thankful we are in a rental, lol. I feel bad for her because it is really too cold to run around with no pants, but I don't konw how else to potty train. So she has on a turtle neck and dress and socks. I really think she could do this really fast....if she wants to.

Joshua really wants to be a sugar lover, but he just isnt'. We let our children have very little sugar or sweets in general. And so they get all excited when we have something, even if they don't get any. Well, last weekend, I made up my annual batch of hot cocoa (which wasn't near as fun when I knew I wasn't sharing it with my GCC friends) and let the kids help me. Joshua was beside himself when I said we would all try some out to make sure it was just right. I made up little half cups for the kids and monster cups for Robert and I. Joshua took two sips and left it alone. I also made a Mother's Pie this weekend that Joshua stood on teh stool and watched for the entire process. Everyone got a little piece when it had cooled. He ate the crust and one bite of chocolate and was done. He just doesn't like sweets and I love it. My evil plan is working! or not.....Leah loves them.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I love looking at tracks in the snow. I've learned all about the paths and habits of our "pet" squirrel and rabbits. I know which trees they go from and in what order. I love it when I find tracks that I can't identify, very mysterious. Some of the rabbits have feet that are just smaller than Leah's and they make little baby footprint looking prints. It makes me laugh to think of a baby trapsing barefoot thru our snow. I also love the way that "our" squirrel, he is ours...his house is in our tree, has devised a route so that when the snow gets too deep for him to hop thru, he never has to touch the ground.....he uses the rooftops, fences and tree branches like an above ground railroad. It's fun.

Motherhood is hard. I constantly feel inadequate. If I stay on top of the house and my email and serious online game obligations, I fail to mentor and educate and mother my children. Sure, everyone eats healthier in those times, but my kids feel neglected. If I play and wrestle and read and teach my kids, the house is a disaster and we have nothing to eat. On a rare occasion, teh Lord is merciful and I have the energy and drive to all of the above, but usually at the expense of any love and mercy for my sweet husband who is working his tail off right now. And at the end of those days I am sooooo sooo happy but oh so exhausted. Hannah is the only one that doesn't get neglected regularly around here. She has found the trump card, MILKIE!! LOL!

Friday, January 23, 2009

It made it up to 40 degrees today which is 53 degrees warmer than last week, so the kids and I all got on our snow clothes and headed out. Hannah has the softest, cutest little snow suit ever and this is the first time it has been warm enough to take her out in it, lol. I pulled her around on the sled a little and that was fun. I finally got to walk around in the deep snow, it was funny. You expect your foot to stop but it just keeps going and going. We all had fun.

I think we might finally be done with this cough/cold thing the kids have been passing around. Joshua and Hannah have remenant coughs now and then but for the most part we are on the mend, I am SO glad! I told Robert that I don't konw if I want to go and just let them run somewhere or not leave the house again until spring, lol. I'm sure the germs are just waiting out there to get us, lol. Tomorrow it is supposed to be really cold again but we have to run some errands. We are in desperate need of a Sam's run and need to hit the resale shop for some clothes for Hannah before the new law banning resale stuff goes into effect.

Speaking of Hannah, she is a growing girl. She's up to 17 pounds now and still looks just like her brother. I checked and Joshua and Leah both rolled over right at or just after three months, Hannah did once but hasn't since. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I can't lay her down much, avoiding the trampling by sibs and the really cold floors. She is chewing on her hands constantly, so I'm wondering if we will have teeth soon. This is about when JOshua got his first 6, all at once. Leah didn't get hers for another 4 months. She's changing so much and I feel like we are just around the corner from leaving infanthood behind, insert sigh of relief smiley here.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It is a balmy 33 degrees today, ahhh, relief. So, even though Leah still has a little runny nose and fever blister and Joshua is still coughing now and then, I bundled them up and sent them outside. It is the first time this year they've been out of the house, sadly. Leah got about two feet from the back patio and couldn't go any further until she had some good tracks laid down by Bubba. Hannah and I went out into the sun room and got some vitamin D. It felt sooo warm and I"m sure it wasn't over 40 in the sunroom. A few minutes later, Joshua comes banging on the door and I hear Leah screaming. She had veered off of Joshua's path and was stuck in waste deep snow. Joshua couldn't get her out. I put Hannah down and threw on my snow boots and headed to rescue her. The snow was too deep to just walk out and get her, since I didn't have snow pants on. It would have come up to just above my knee right off of our driveway. So, I ran down to the sidewalk and back up our neighbors drive to make my way over to her. It was all rather comical, especially since I had just gotten out of the shower and my hair was still very wet. Surprisingly, it didn't feel cold really except when the wind blew.

I spent 45 minutes with Billy Blanks, doing his TaeBo Calorie Blast dvd this morning. I liked it alot better than the aerobics dvd I had last week, but not near as much as I loved my cardio combat class I did at the gym last year before I got pregnant. I'm going to search on Netflix and see if there is a cardio combat class dvd or something like it. Our first Netflix movie should be inthe mail today and we'll finally see The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Movie! YEA! I'm really liking Netflix. One of Robert's christmas presents was a Clearplay Dvd player. Check them out here if you haven't heard of them, but they rock. We can now watch a movie without doing a weeks research on what is in it first!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I just sat the kids down and we watched the inauguration of our first black president. I know it means nothing to them, but someday Joshua might have a small memory of it. It is a historic day for our country and one that I'm proud of. I do wish that he had something to offer me as a president, but that is yet to be seen...based on his record, I have little hope for it. However, he is the God ordained leader of our country and for that, I am thankful. I have and will diligently pray for him and his leadership of our country. May God do mighty things thru Barack Obama.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

All of the kids are in some phase of sick or recovery. That has been my life for two weeks. It has me thinking. I think it is sad that we are a microwave society that wants results NOW, in all aspects of our life. And I feel it is even sadder that we have carried that over to our health. If anything is remotely uncomfortable for more than a few hours, we run to pop a pill to make it "better". Or run to the doctor so they will give even stronger pills (with stronger side effects) to make it "better". In the process, we have injured our bodies to the point that we have no health left in this country. Everyone, even small small children, have chronic health issues that require constant medication. I don't remember any kids my age being in the hospital when I was growing up. My cousin had bad asthma and allergies but she was an exception, not the rule. I only remember her being in the hospital once for it. Later, in high school I had asthmas issues also, but mine were due to my Dad smoking me out my whole life.

We've chosen not to take that route with our family. That doesn't mean we aren't ever sick, as evidenced by this recent little round of fun. It also doesn't mean things go by quickly, although they usually do. My children's immune systems seem to handle things better than most of the other kids I hear about. Of course, my kids probably would be considered to "suffer" more too. I don't do anything to lower their fevers ( I would if they were dangerous, over 105) and I don't do anything to stop aches and pains either. I love them thru it and their systems are stronger because of it.

God made our bodies to fight disease and heal themselves. Why can't America live like it? Just been on my mind these last two weeks.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I have been wanting to post a cute, well organised slide show of our last month in pictures, full of witty commentary and insights....but since that probably wouldn't get done until Joshua graduates high school, here it is all thrown together. Enjoy.

This morning it is -13 degrees, feels like -31. Brrrrr!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

This week has been a juggling act. Leah has gone up and down. Her cough sickness got better and then moved to an ear ache. Thankfully, ear aches are easy and I quickly pushed it thru with some Chamomilla. She is on the up and far today at least. Hannah is doing much better, a little snotty still and a cough if she gets worked up but other wise, good. In case anyone is wondering, I used thieves on their feet, melrose and RC on their chests until I ran out of RC, frankincense on their spines and then of course, my staple, purification on their lymphnodes. Now, this morning, Joshua says his throat hurts and he's achy. I can't tell yet if he is really going down or if he is just wanting some Mommy attention too.

In other news, I have no idea how we have any clothes in our closets. I've washed so many dirty clothes this week, it is crazy. The clean ones that I've been trying to get to to fold for three days cover our entire King size bed, REDICULOUS.

Yesterday was Robert's 38th birthday. He had a hard day at work. He's in the office by 6 every morning, yesterday he didn't get home until 7:30 PM. Working two full time jobs is really running him down. I made him a nice dinner at home with chicken and rice, two of his favorites (I know, real hard to please), since there is over 2 feet of snow outside and the kids are sick, we are delaying his birthday dinner out. Then we all had some of this cake (yuck, thankfully that isn't a temptation of mine since I am trying to lose the rest of this baby weight) and gave him his present. Then we got the kids down and he watched Aggie basketball and had a Shiner. Not the most exciting birthday ever, but I tried to get him everything I could to make him happy.

This morning it is really cold, like sunny and still -2 degrees outside. Tonight the forecast says, bitterly cold, low of -6 but they are always off, so I expect colder. Really, it doesn't affect the kids and I since we keep it about 66-68 inside all the time.

We decided that Netflix is cheaper than a gym membership in more than just monetary ways, so I am off to try my first exercise video from them!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I wish I had time to write about how amazingly beautiful the blowing snow is and all that it leaves behind. Yesterday I sat holding Hannah sleeping and watch a HUGE group of black birds flit from tree to tree cascading snow from every branch they brushed. The contrasting colors were amazing to see melded together. I would love to share all of the other beautiful things around in the winter too, but Leah is sick again and Hannah is still coughing and now is fussing for my attention.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New week in the new year. Man, I really need to get motivated. My house is a wreck, like needs to be really cleaned and not just picked up. And my son needs to finish learning to read, the only thing holding him back is his delinquent mother, and my daughter seriously needs to be potty trained, again held back by a lazy mother....and my baby, well she is about the cutest thing you've ever seen! Seriously. I didn't enjoy this part with Leah much. I was too exhausted. Hannah isn't sleeping to well lately, since she's sick and so I am pretty stinkin tired hence the reason my other two are quite left to their own devices now a days. Today I did get out of my pj's though, and that is a start. Last week with two sick ones right after a very long and exhausting trip, well clothes just didn't happen. But this week is a new one.......

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy 2009

How weird does 2009 sound? I guess I feel that way every year. I wonder if my Granny, in her late 80's, still feels that way every year? Of course, she has alzheimers, so I don't know if she knows its a new year or not. Anyway, time to try and catch up. Hannah is sleeping in the swing so she doesn't cough as much and Robert and the kids are out playing in over a foot of snow....after they've finished shoveling, of course. The Tomek's even had little kid shovels for the kids to help, we love them.

New Year's eve, we got up at 3 a.m. to drive to Gainesville, Georgia for a friends wedding. It snowed on us the first two hours but then the weather was no problem. We were flying all the way to Knoxville, TN...the kids were traveling like champs, Hannah included. We stopped and had lunch and were amazed we would make it in just over 12 hours. You see Mr Google Maps had told us it takes 11 1/2 with no stops and hey, who thinks you'll have to stop with three small children, really. Then, we got bitten by Mr Maps. Apparently, when Robert pulled up the route, he did shortest and so that is what we drove. However, we should have done FASTEST. We ended up driving thru Dollywood and Gatlinburg TN.....over the busiest vacation week of the year. You see where this is going right? It took us over an hour and a half to drive about 5 miles of their downtown areas. I didn't count how many pedestrians we almost hit, but it was numerous since the would just step right out in front of you to cross the street. THEN, we drove thru Smoky Mountain National Park. Sounds lovely huh. We were already so stinking stressed out from crawling for so long. Then we got to go 30 mph thru the mountains. It was torture. We ended up having a 14 hour drive up. We arrived in time to get in our room, have some dinner and then meet up with all of the Seagos to celebrate the New Year. Ok, the kids and I only made it to abou 10 but still. I have no idea how Robert made it to midnight but some how he did...had to be his love for the Seagos keeping him going.
The next day started a whirlwind of wedding prep and parties. The bride, Brandy, was living in N Carolina and the groom, John, was living in Dallas. SOO, there was alot of stuff to get done when we all got into town. Grandmommy whipped us all into shape and got us all moving. It was a blast getting to spend time working along with everyone, but man I was sooo tired. We were up for breakfast with our kids at abour 7 and then Hannah and I were off for the day with the girls doing wedding stuff. We fell into bed each night about 11. Hannah usually woke up 3-4 times a night to nurse and then we started all over again. I was sooo worn out. But, it was one of the most beautiful weddings I had ever been to, and it had nothing to do with any decorations. John and Brandy have kept themselves pure and holy until their matrimony and their love for each other and for our Lord was so apparent in every aspect of the wedding. Their first dance almost brought most of us to tears it was so moving. I'll post lots of pics, of course. We drove back in about 13 hours because we hit several storms in Tenn and Ken.
This week we've been nursing sick babies. The poor Davis kids were sick while we were in Georgia and so we figured at least one of ours would get it. I was hoping it would be the older ones since they were playing with the kids. Leah and Emma Truth are the same age, and so are Joshua and Trace. Makes for lots of fun playing, but also an almost guarantee of germ sharing. Sadly, Leah started coughing on Monday and completely tanked on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hannah started snotting up on Tues and has been struggling since. Thankfully we have our oils and remedies. Leah is going back full strength with a little snotty nose now. Joshua has escaped so far.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Been having problems with Blogger not letting me post....hopefully this one will go through. We are home from Georgia and a beautiful wedding there. Very tired. Girls are sick. I'll catch up later.