Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Five days until liftoff and I haven't gotten anything started yet. Monday I did begin to write down the packing lists. We have four lists going, lol. Then, I got a migraine. Yesterday was spent in a daze. Although a friend and her little boys did come over so she could learn more about Young Living, so that was a good distraction. But no packing, or laundry. I didn't even get the dishes done. I got a little bit more sleep last night and my headache is functional today. So, I need to get things started. We have small group tonight. Young Living meeting tomorrow night. Friday early we head out for Columbus, back Saturday night late. Sunday is church and mad packing day. Monday, WE FLY TO TEXAS!!!!

And we are having a HEAT WAVE here...we hit 80 yesterday. Today we are supposed to actually get to 85. I'm getting out the sprinkler to play in. ```````and yes this was all said sarcastically since I know you guys in Texas are having real killer heat```````

Monday, June 22, 2009

My kids are just dumb. That is the only explanation for them this morning. We put our pool up this weekend. They love love love the water and had so much fun playing in it. Of course, Joshua HAD to try to run and jump up and catch the football while falling into the pool, like the big boys did at the Lohnes' Memorial day party.

Well, I went to put Hannah down for nap this morning. Before going out, I told each of the kids, together and separately, that they were not to go anywhere close to the pool if I am not outside. They cannot touch the water or get even close to look at the water. They both very plainly understood. I told them that if they did, I would empty the pool and put it away. There would be no swimming.

The pool is now draining. I had really hoped that their love of swimming would override their constant desire to test my authority.....sigh. I really liked them playing in the pool...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy! Everyone that has known me since I was this tall to a grasshopper, knows that I've always been a Daddy's girl!

AND Happy Father's Day to my awesome husband, BESTEST Daddy in my house! He also has some Daddy's girls. One wakes up every morning and says "I want to snuggle with Daddy all day long!!" She's so cute....sometimes (have I mentioned that she is just like me???)

This morning the kids ran in our room and were so proud to pull Daddy's gifts out from under him in the bed. They quickly started rattling off what they were, since it was now no longer a secret. We had to explain to them that it is still a surprise until someone OPENS the gifts. BUT, in their defense, I've never wrapped a fishing pole before and, well, it was pretty obvious what he was getting, especially with the little "box" sized gift right next to it. He also got to open his "surprise" wink, wink...nugde, nugde... socket set that he "asked" for. Then I ran and got him a fruffy mocha coffee and some donuts! All cake with lots of chocolate and sprinkles. I even remembered to get our traditional father's day picture with he and the children dressed alike. We had a nice service at church and then went and had greasy burgers and fries at 5 Guys for Daddy's day lunch! Came home, had some naps and then headed to Olive Garden for dinner. Since we weren't completely popping the buttons of our pants off yet, we went and tried a local ice cream place too! We decided that we like our local Olympia place better than Honey Hut!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I really have been blessed with great kids. God has been merciful to bring them up, in spite of our pitiful attempts at parenting.

Today at the mall, I was standing in line at ChikFilA. Hannah in the stroller and Joshua and Leah each on a side, holding the stroller, waiting our turn. The lady behind me commented that she couldn't believe they were quietly standing and waiting. I told her thank you. Then she went on and on about how she couldn't believe how I could even go out in public with them by myself. I told her it was no accident, alot of hard work goes into raising children. She started telling me about her daughter, who has a 3 and one year old. She says she has no control over them at home and can't leave the house with them at all. I told her that it is hard, and just kept smiling. She kept on about her daughter and I just smiled and said that alot of training goes into where we are. She said she knows and wishes her daughter understood that and that we've done a great job. It was nice. THEN...she started complaining that her daughter is still nursing her baby, even though the baby is TWELVE MONTHS OLD...oh the horrow. She all of a sudden stops and looks at me, and asks how long I nurse mine (I guess somehow, I look like a nursing Mama...which is fine by me) and I say...oh, at least 18 months. She says "oh, you do?" and I smile and nod. Maybe her daughter will get a little bit of a break from an unsupportive mother. Of course, looking back at the conversation, I wish I would have been more encouraging of the mother being supportive and helpful and not so critical. This Mommy gig is hard enough on its own, without unsupportive people berating us contstantly.

Anyway, it made me a little sad for the daughter. Sad that her mother isn't so helpful and sad that she hasn't realized the blessing to a home with well trained children. It also made me feel a bit better about how we are doing. Other peoples praise isn't the goal of our parenting, but it is nice to hear now and then. We aren't perfect, and our children aren't either, but we are pressing on.
Quiet, just for a moment.

Robert is at a golf tournament, so today is just another day for the kids and I.
Hannah is napping.
Kids are playing in the sunroom and not fighting...yet.
I am sitting, drinking my Teeccino. Ah.

It is a nice short respite before crunch time. Tomorrow, will of course be full of Daddy love. It must be, since we have the best Daddy around. He is a pretty good design!
Monday, I go into panic mode probably. We will be 7 days out from flying to Texas. Wednesday night is small group. Thursday night I have a Young Living seminar. Friday early, we drop the kids off at the Lohnes house and head to Columbus for the CHEO Home School Conference. Get back late Saturday night. Sunday is church and last minute laundry and packing. Monday morning we FLY AWAY!!!! Man, I hope it all runs as smoothly in real life as it has in my head!

Friday, June 19, 2009

10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Friday Kiddo Update

Not alot to update this week...
Joshua- Has had a cold most of the week. The last two days are just this really really really annoying little cough that sounds like he's just trying to scratch his throat. It is driving me crazy because it is constant. I can't figure out which remedy he needs for it. I"ll be so glad when he is old enough to give me a good rememdy picture to work with.

Leah- Has had two potty accidents this week. DOn't know what that is about. She had her cold and was over it in about 36 hours total. Now she just has a fever blister on her upper lip. Yup, she's a mini Me in case anyone has forgotten.

Hannah- Had a touch of the kids cold but it was very short lived. Now I THINK she is teething. DROOL every where and snotty nose, know the drill. HOpe a tooth pops thru soon, before we fly. She has also discovered that there is a land of vertical as well as horizontal. She tries to climb UP onto anything her little arms can reach. Time to up our next level of baby proofing, I'd been putting it off hoping that we wouldn't need that in this house.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

11 DAYS!!!!

We are off to the zoo today. Should be nice. They have free zoo day on Monday's during the summer. This Monday they had 20,000 people there. I have no idea how that is even possible. It isn't a large zoo even. Just a note for me to remember NOT to go on MOnday's during teh summer! Today should be nice. It is a bit cloudy and hi of 71, so hopefully there won't be too many people.

I'm wondering when my life will no longer revolve around lack of sleep. I know it should happen someday. I have friends with older kids that seem to not live around their kids sleep has just been so long since that was my reality that I forget that someday, I too will not constantly wonder about my next sleep.

We are rocking with the healthy eating! We get 30 pounds of freshly picked produce delivered every week with 2 dozen fresh free range eggs. It is very exciting. And so yummy. Last night I had my first experiment with rhubarb. I made a rhubard/strawberry bread pudding!!! WOWZERS!!! Robert says we can't afford to eat rhubarb every week....we'd both weigh 500 pounds in no time. It was DELICIOUS! Of course, topping it with fresh whipped raw cream didn't hurt it none either, lol! Can't wait for today's delivery to see what Iron Chef magic I get to do this week.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm tired. I was up from 1:30 to 4 last night with the kids tag team waking. Sigh. That is the third night with little to no sleep. I really hope I don't get a headache, but am not holding out much hope.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Random notes-

-Leah asked me this week to make her a turkey and hamster sandwich! LOL!!! I still can't convince her that ham is not hamster! She cracks me up!
-We are getting our summer colds out of the way before vacation!
-TWO WEEKS UNTIL TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Please pray for our pastor. He left church yesterday with seizures again.
-My husband rocks! He took us to Buca di Peppo for dinner last night and then ice cream. Then when we came home he took the kids all outside so I could veg on the computer!
-I think we are going to stay over night for the home school conference. Hannah will be with us, but the big kids will stay with the Lohnes. Should be fun...and I'm nervous.
-I need some more reading time. I have the weirdest assortment of reading material right now. I'm reading the bible in 90 days. Then I have, A Year of Eating Dangerously, Raising Whole Wheat Kids in a White Bread World, The Strong Willed Child and Canon XTI Owners Manual. I'd like to finish them all before we leave onour trip.
-We just signed up for weekly produce delivery from So excited. I've been ordering small orders the last few weeks and it is soo yummy. It is all local and picked within the last 48 hours before delivery. AWESOME! And of course organic or beyond. We will be getting 30 pounds of produce and 2 dozen fresh eggs, every week. Yummy Yummy. And that reminds me that I need to go get my greens started for dinner....which means I need to wash dishes first!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Kid Update

Joshua- Had a much better week this week. We did a walk before breakfast in the morning and one after naps in the afternoon. I also tried to spend more one on one time with him each day. I don't know that either of those things helped much, but we all enjoyed them. He LOVES school. He has done 2/3 of a kindergarten workbook in 2 weeks. I'm really impressed that his writing is coming along as well as it is since I've always heard that boys writing usually develops later. He struggles writing S, it's a toughy. Now I need to decide whether to buy K or 1st curriculum for him for real school next year....

Leah- Leah's having a hard time right now too. She has started throwing temper tantrums for the first time ever and has been really whiney. I think she's not getting enough sleep. I"m very cranky when I'm tired, and honestly wish I could throw a tantrum some days lol, and since she's a mini-me then it makes since. She and Joshua have to share a room here and he keeps her awake then wakes her up early and she just can't hang. I've moved Joshua to the room downstairs for naps and that has helped some. We are considering moving him down full time, but we've never been on separate floors from our kids before and are a little iffy about that. Otherwise, she's her usual spunky self. Her favorite thing right now is to snuggle with Daddy. Every morning she tells me "When Daddy gets home, I'm going to snuggle with him all day and all night". That is also the first thing out of her mouth on Saturday morning.

Hannah- Is getting big big big. She scooting and rolling all over the place and does not appreciate the walls in this house always getting in her way! She's been a little more feisty, now that she knows this freedom of self movement. But she also is still happiest sitting in Mommies lap, thumb in her mouth playing with my hair.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a glorious weekend. God warmed us up some....maybe just so I'd quit whining. The weather has been just beautiful.
Friday afternoon, I got a call from a girl in our raw milk group saying she had to work unexpectedly on Saturday and could we switch drives with her. This worked out perfect because we were scheduled to drive the weekend of CHEO, the Christian Homeschool Conference here. Robert, Hannah and I will be going down to Columbus for it and maybe even leaving the big kids over night with our pastor's family. We haven't decided yet.
So, Saturday we got up and headed back to Amish country. It is just so beautiful down there. I didn't get any pics really this time. I really wanted to get a picture of them plowing with the teams of horses but most of the plowing is done. I really am careful of what pictures I shoot down there. I want to respect their beliefs about no photos, although most of them are ok with photos from the back. We got to the Stutzman's farm while they were having lunch. So, we just hung out. The kids played on their big swing, I'll have to snap a picture of it one day. Ada said that her kids could hardly finish their lunch knowing that their were kids outside to come play with, lol. We hung around on the farm for a little while. Helped feed their calves and new kittens. Robert and the kids got to see the baby chicks and turkeys in the hot house. We really enjoy our time there adn with their family. We brought them a jar of pickled okra. They had never heard of okra and it isn't the easiest thing to describe to I learned when I was in Australia. After about an hour on the farm, we headed to Mrs Yoder's Kitchen for lunch...always a treat!! It was a nice family day. We got home and Robert and his helpers worked on the water softener that's been struggling lately. Hopefully it is fixed hair is ratty with hard water!

Today was church. Our pastor had a seizure this morning, please pray for his recovery. He says they are very painful. His daughter told me he won't remember anything from today at all when he recovers.

This week we are trying some new things. Joshua desperately needs to burn more energy, as he's getting into more and more trouble lately. So, I'm going to try and do a morning walk around the block while our oatmeal cools and before hannah's nap. I also get mother's helpers starting this week!!!

The summer gets busy from here on least the weekends. Next weekend, we will be going to paint on my friend Bonnie's house again. Trying to get that done before her baby arrives. The next weekend, Robert has a golf tournament with work...should be interesting since he hasn't swung a club in a few years now. The next weekend is CHEO and then the next monday the kids and I fly to TEXAS!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Looking forward to a great weekend here. We don't really have any set plans but we do have things that need to get dress shopping for a certain little wedding coming up.

Our heater has been on every night this week. Really, this is hard core yankee weather...this southern girl is not doing well with it. We bought the kids a pool at Target. It has leaks and I"m returning it. I don't even know if it is worth buying another one. It is never hot enough for the kids to play in water without blue lips.

Maybe we'll hit the zoo tomorrow, although the first weekend of school being out might be ugly!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm struggling with contentment right now. I know there are lots of factors at work, but because I know them doesn't seem to make it better.

I know that the weather has alot to do with it. I'm sitting in a sweatshirt right now on June 2. Two nights ago we had to turn the heater on. I haven't been warm in months and months. I still feel trapped in this house, although I'm not as trapped as I was for six months over the winter. I can't just jump out of bed throw on some clothes and take off to the park with the kids. I don't know hwat clothes to put on them becasue I don't know how cold it is JUNE. You should not have to layer in JUNE.

I know that us not having friends has alot to do with it. We have twoish friends, really. Our next door neighbors whose youngest is 16 and the only one at home. Our pastors family, the Lohnes, whose youngest is 12 and all the kids are in school or busy. It's not like I can call them up and say, hey want to just blow life off today and go hang out and let the kids run wild. Or just let the kids run wild in the back yard and chill with a coffee looking all yucky and gross and not worried about it because we are such good friends that we don't care.

I know our upcoming trip has alot to do with it. I'm already sad that I'm not going to really get to hang out with my friends as much as I want while I am there. And that I"m going to have to leave to come back.

I know that our house still not selling has alot to do with it. I just haven't settled because I just don't know how long we will live in this house. When we can buy a house, I can at least start learning some local spots that can be ours but I don't know when or exactly where those will be. I'm just still really unsettled here.

I know that worrying about the government coming after me for almost every one of our parenting practices has alot to do with it. I'm just not comfortable with these liberal officials here that think they should have more say over my children than me and that would have no problem coming after me over issues they should have no say in. I want freedom back, not fear.

I know that I am probably hormonal and that has alot to do with it. But that doesn't make it any better either.

I know all of these things. I also know that God has me exactly where he wants me and that he is doing a good work in me. And I know that I am grateful for that. I wonder if this will ever feel like home. I don't know if I want it too. But we are here for the long haul. Robert has been blessed with a great job and a great growth environment in a great company. This is where we are supposed to be, I just wish it felt like it for me.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hannah is starting to scooch/army crawl kind of. Much better than rolling everywhere because she won't be banging her head on everything any more! Finally mobility! AHHHHHH, she's mobile!

Joshua just checked to make sure he gets to see Laura when we fly to Texas.... Shona, when are ya'll in Ireland this year?

I had a date with Richard Simmons this morning. 80's Blast Off BABY!!!! YEA! It was fun. And, as I suspected, I laughed alot, but it was also a pretty ok workout. Of course, with the 80's music and absolutely fabulous dance moves...well, I was right back in high school drill team ya'll! Because, I am Richard's best friend...did you know that? And I am just FABULOUS and soooo worth it! ROFL!!!!!!!! How did everyone not know that he is gay??? REALLY? I mean, look at the guys in his video, HELLO! Still, I enjoyed every rediculous minute of it and had a little workout/dance party too.