Monday, December 28, 2009

It is finally snowing here. It started last night and snowed thru the night and most of the day today. I took all three kids out to sled this morning. So fun. I didn't really get to play last year since Hannah was so little. Hopefully this year will bring lots of sled time. I picked up an infant sled in a garage sale last spring and it is perfect for Hannah. I just pull her along behind me and she's as happy as a clam. Today one of her boots fell off on the way out the door and I just went on. Won't do that again. After about 15 minutes, she started grabbing her little foot, I'm sure it was frozen. Oh well, bad mom of the year award there. She doesn't seem to have any ill effects. Robert even got home early enough to get in on the action today. He and the big kids headed across our street to a big hill and start learning the slopes (pun intended). Since we are children of the south, it is as new and fun to Robert and I as it is to our kids.

Christmas was wonderful but not white. I mean, come on, we weren't in Texas after all. They had a white Christmas, at least first thing in the morning before it melted off, we had rain. Oh well, maybe our third Christmas in the north will be a white one. The kids came running in at 8 and yelled, "Mommy, Daddy, it's Jesus' birthday and we get to eat CINNAMON ROLLS!" We were tickled. First, that their excitement was first that it was Jesus's Birthday and second because their next biggest adventure was not just presents. We really try to instill that presents are just a small part of our celebration...only a recognition of the gifts that Jesus received at his birth. We too only receive three gifts each at Christmas. It keeps things simple and focused on other things.

We continued our cinnamon roll tradition this year. Two weeks ahead, we baked fresh cinnamon rolls for families at our church. Then did tons of candy for Robert's work and then a batch of cinnamon rolls for our neighbors. But, all of our neighbors were gone, so on Christmas morning, Robert and the big kids went driving around to find people that had to work on Christmas and blessed them with fresh cinnamon rolls. Robert said it definitly made an impression on everyone that got them. The 18 year old girl working at the movie store almost started crying, Robert left quickly, lol. I think next year, we are going to do another batch just to deliver to people working on Christmas day.

We had our friends the Denney's over for dinner on Christmas night. It was so fun. Kids were running everywhere (they have 6) and it just made it feel like home. We all ate. The kids, at least from three and up, got up and recited scripture and poetry. It was wonderful! We had so much fun.

Robert is back to work this week, but will have another 4 day weekend this coming weekend. We can't wait. What can we say, we just love being together as a family.

Bonus Kid Update:
Joshua lost his first tooth. It only made it about 36 hours before it was out of there. I think he played with it constantly from the time he realized it was loose. Robert put him to bed and it was just barely hanging in there, so he told Joshua that if it came out to just come wake us up and let us know. Well, wouldn't you know it that about 1am, Joshua comes in and tells Robert that it's out. We are pretty sure that he laid in there all night playing with it. So funny. We don't do the tooth fairy, but told him that we'd give him some money when it came out. He's still happy playing with it right now, lol.
Leah is just plugging along. Trying to find her way between big girl and little, although she's leaving little girl more and more behind. She's been asking to do school alot lately, so I might get our curriculum back out and work with her some more. She loves to color and cut right now and is so sweet with her baby dolls. She still tells me that when she grows up, she is going to nurse Hannah for me. She's alos my cleaner. She'll disappear and the next thing your know, the play room is picked up and organised. It's a beautiful thing!
Hannah is walking. Or I should say that she CAN walk. She only chooses to walk to Robert or I, but she can walk as far as she wants. She's still unstable and shaky but is progressing. I think she just isn't ready to move to the next stage of life, and that's fine with us....most of the time. She's eating well now and talks alot. She's into little temper tantrums now and then when she can't get what she wants, like a toy open or food fast enough, but she's easy enough to correct, that's nice. She's sleeping thru the night and even goes down awake now, which is going to be a major plus when it comes time to wean her.

This week I need to get us organised to start the new year. Robert and I will sit down and do our budget for next year. I need to organise what we want to finish up in school, we are starting Latin and music studies soon. I also need to get our healthy living organised. hopefully I can do some cleansing this year along with Robert and deal with my lingering liver/gall bladder problems. I also am making a New Year's resolution this year, for the first time ever, but I'll wait and share that later.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

-Joshua has his first loose tooth. How is that possible? Wasn't he just born?
-Hannah loves to make animal sounds. She does a purrrrfect meow. She also loves walking with her walker toy, now if she'd just walk on her own.
-I don't understand cancer. I know the prevelance of it now is probably related to our toxic lifestlyes. I had a classmate who was buried on Tuesday, he died of a brain tumor, the same kind his 5 year old daughter died from a year ago. One of my lifetime best friends' husbands found out his cancer is back after a short remission last week. Another friend was diagnosed with breast cancer on Monday. A friend at church's mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer this week too. I don't like cancer. The pain it causes families and individuals is ugly. Lord have mercy on us.
-Speaking of toxins, I finished my candy/cookie bakeathon last weekend. This year was 10 dzn almond cranberry sugar cookies, and a bunch of peppermint bark and rocky road fudge, but the star this year was the Oreo Truffles
People went gaga over them apparently at Robert's work, which is where all of this nasty sugary mess gets sent! ;-)
But this weekend is the big weekend for me and where I'll end up in trouble. This weekend is when we bake the from scratch cinnamon rolls from Pioneer Woman. By the way, she' giving away three KitchenAid Mixers on her site. Check it out.

PS Someone that is programming wiser than me, please tell me how to get these links to by cute little hyper links please.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Kid Update

Joshua- His face is chubbing up, so it looks like I'll be pants shopping for him again soon. Wowzers, his growth spurts have really kicked in this year. He seems to have finally made it thru his super clumsy and very irritable phase. Thank goodness! I was wondering if he was going to live thru both of those,lol. He's telling time really well now. His motivation is that I tell him what time he can get up in the mornings and from nap time. ;-) ***He loves taking care of Hannah. He can feed her, and take her out of her highchair and wash her hands up. He carries her around any time she'll let him. Now if I could just get him to change her diaper and bathe her, I'd be on vacation!

Leah- She's beginning to come into her second Mommy roll, being the oldest girl. She is quick to correct Joshua and Hannah when they are straying from the path of righteousness. Now if we could just get her to follow suit! She is very obedient as long as she thinks she might get caught, but if she thinks she can get away with something, all bets are off. Yesterday, she filled one of our vents with tiny little pieces of torn up paper, then so that she wouldn't get caught, she closed the vent. Thankfully, I found it very soon after and no harm was done. She still loves dressing up and playing BooBoo's (babies) with Hannah. She tells me often that when she grows up to be a Mommy, she will nurse Hannah for me. She hasn't quite figured out the concept that hannah is growing up too.

Hannah- Is 15 months old now and FINALLY is sleeping thru the night! because she is now night weaned!!! This makes for a much happier Mommy, at least when I get over the flu it will. She's finally settling in to this house. She will crawl around and play on her own some now. Before, she was constantly by my side and usually wanting to be held. She's finally cut her 8th tooth. I think because we were in Texas. She's cut a bunch of teeth in Texas, lol. Her vocabulary EXPLODED while we were in Houston. I think because there were so many people around talking all of the time. Our house is a pretty quiet house, even with three kids. We just aren't a loud, rampbunctious bunch. But the Seago house is anohter story. I believe there were over 30 of us there the first 4 days of our trip, and Hannah heard lots of talking. She nows says tons of things. She also has been coming and telling me when she has poopies and that's pretty nice too.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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you girls all know how I need all the help I can get being, I entered to win some really cute clothes over here...check it out!

Monday, December 7, 2009

We are home. We arrived late Saturday night and slept most of Sunday. Today was grocery shopping for starving children in our family ;-) and putting up the Christmas tree, addressing Christmas cards (I can't believe how out of date my address book got this year), finding Christmas cookie and candy recipes for Robert's gifts to his employees (hint hint, anyone got some?), nailing down schedule for babysitter during Sifco Management Christmas party for Friday, deciding on a family Christmas gift for party at church on Sunday and food to take also.......

anyone see a theme here? Hopefully I'll be back to update about our awesome trip to Houston and Seagoville over Thanksgiving. In case that doesn't happen, we got to fly home with Jim Cantore and Mike Seidel from the Weather Channel, pretty cool for a weather junkie family like us!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Bullets

-Thanks for all of the info and suggestions ladies. It reminded me that I am doing way more than just the curriculum. We've read thru the whole Charlotte Mason reading list for Kindergarten. We are starting the first grade list. We also got some Abeka K and 1st science books that we've gone thru. He's doing Explode the Code phonics and loving it and Horizon math and we are liking it. We also do bible studies and memory work every day. So, I guess we are good so far.
The curriculum we are using is actually My Father's World. I'm going to have to reevaluate it for us next year. I've realized that I'm just not a fluffy girl. To me, coloring and cutting and artsy work every day is a waste of time. My kids seem to be geared that way so far too, thank goodness. If I get an artsy one, we are in trouble, lol. So I am going to keep with the MFW but just lightly and use it for our one or two days a week of fluff, then focus on everything else the rest of the time.
-This weekend was crazy busy and I'm exhausted. The Candlelight Walk went really well last night. We served free chili and hot dogs to the community during the parade and festivities. It was fun but tiring. I organised all of it, so I was glad it went well. Today we had Thanksgiving dinner celebration with the Lohnes and our church family here. Lots of food and it was fun. I stayed home from church this morning to get some rest and get food prep done.
-I am hoping that everyone has passed thru their illnesses. Hannah had the flu all week but seems to be good now. Leah threw up on Saturday morning out of the blue, we still don't know if it was something she ate or a bug, but she seems ok. Joshua and Robert and I are good, so far.
-Getting ready to head to God's country again come Thursday!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No Time, Bullets

-Hannah woke up with a fever Monday morning. It broke this morning but is now back. Poor baby. She won't let me put her down.
-Busy week. I am organising our churches free chili/hot dog meal for the community during the Medina Candlelight Walk on Saturday, also making 2 huge pots of chili for the event. Went and bought 33 packages of hot dog buns today, can officially check that off my list of things to do before I die. Sunday we are having our church family Thanksgiving celebration at the Lohnes's home. I'm cook up a whole slew of yummies for that.
-I need some homeschool thoughts from you Mama's. Our curriculum is WAY WAY under Joshua's level. I thought we'd just push thru it anyway for a structure but seriously. It is a waste of our time, and I don't like wasting time. Leah gets most of this stuff and she's 3. What to do. We had purchased more advanced phonics and maths and so he's really pushing thru those now, but should I look for something else? Anyone? This totally reaffirms to me that Joshua couldn't got to public school. He's almost on a second grade public school level at 5. If we put him in "K" next year, he'd get diagnosed with ADHD and put on meds. Seriously.
-Robert is now in an indoor soccer league for the winter. It's fun but I don't like splitting my attention between the kids and his game. I'm a sports fan and just want to watch all of the action, lol.
-We leave for Texas in NINE days! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!
-I made some awesome chicken and dumplings. Actually, I feel like I'm coming into my own on this whole soup making adventure. I consider myself a good if not great cook. I've been doing it since I was 9 (my Mom worked second shift, so cooking was up to me) but living in the South, I never really had a reason to learn soups and so have always been awful at them. But now, I think I've figured them trick out......shhhhh, don't tell anyone, it is a blender! Yup! I use an immersion, but a regular would work too, just more work. I boil up a million veggies in some chicken broth, doesn't seem to matter what kind, and then blend them up, TA DA! Delicious soup. Really, we are loving it. My chicken and dumplings I boiled the chicken with onion and garlic and carrots and kale, celery, then pulled out the chicken to dice, blended up the veggies, add a little more broth to thin it some, then threw in the chicken and dumplings and let them cook. It was DIVINE and alot healthier than most recipes. So there ya go Kel, try it, you'll love it!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

and today just gets better and better. We ran to check out a health foods place I had heard about and it is the best Healthy Foods Grocery I've ever been in. It is called the Mustard Seed and I am in LOVE. I was soooo giddy going thru it today. Tons and tons of gorgeous organic produce. Awesome supplements and other groceries. A fresh butcher that had great looking meats and fish. Seriously, I'm soooooooooo stinking happy!

Then, I came home and all of the kids went down for naps!!!!! Hannah is still adjusting to the time change and has been taking a morning nap and it is about to kill me! No rest or breaks at all is more than this Mama can handle for days on end.

Finally, I've got a big ole pot of chicken and veggies bubblin away to make some chicken and dumplings for dinner. I am on a mission to make meals we love from our childhood but healthy. This one has kale, celery, carrots, onions and chicken. I'll pull the chicken out and dice it up, then cream the veggies to make a creamy broth then add the dumplings and chicken back in. I CAN'T wait, I was drooling while I made it.
A little unsettled. We got an email from our HOA here today that said a man in a blue car has been going to kids waiting for the buses in the morning and yelling at them to get in the car. This has been happening for 2 weeks. Ick. I worry about Joshua at times. He is sooo social, and will talk to anyone, anytime. Anyone have good suggestions for a book on how to talk to your kids about safety stuff like this?

In other news, we are having the best day. I was just sitting thinking that this is how I would like all days to go. We got up and got the kids their baths and then breakfast. Joshua fed Hannah her breakfast while I did some computer work. Then, Hannah went down for a nap and the big kids and I got school done. Leah even asked to play some alphabet games and she is finally learning some of her letters. Joshua is doing phenomenal in school, no surprise there. Then, we made banana walnut pancakes together and had a tasty lunch. Now we are off to run some errands and enjoy the beautiful weather we are enjoying!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I have a headache and no idea why. Hannah is sleeping ok, not thru the night but ok. I've been eating good, drinking my water....must be hormones. Blech. AND I don't have a book to read right now, which is what I"d like to do, curl up and read a book. I've been reading Cindy Woodsmall's Amish books lately. They aren't anything jump up and down about but the stories are fun to dive into. She isn't as good a writer as Beverly Lewis. She is more personal stories and sagas kind of writing with a little Amish life thrown in, where as Beverly Lewis is more Amish lifestyle with personal sagas included. I like Lewis better. That being said, I am still going to finish the Sisters of the Quilt series and then get back to what I prefer to read, nonfiction. I recently reread 5 Love Languages, still highly recommend that book. I also read two books with Joshua that we really loved and I would like to find for our home library. One was A Tree is Nice and the other was A Little Boy Named Babaji, really loved the Babaji story.

We our enjoying some unseasonally warm temps here right now. It is nice as I know what is coming this year. I know we will also enjoy the snowy times too, but they last so long. I'm trying to get the kids outside as much as possible, and am researching vitamin D supplements.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a great weekend. We have been blessed amazing summerlike weather this weekend. It has been in the 60's yesterday, today and tomorrow will be too. Sunny and BEAUTIFUL!!!!! So, we are out enjoying it! I think a zoo trip is in store tomorrow.

Friday, November 6, 2009

8 Wonderful Years in September.

All of us on our 8th anniversary in September.

This is my first time ever, organised junk drawer. Is this inspiring or what?

Bad hair night for AWANAS.

This is our cutie little blond curly haired blue eyed girl.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

We had our first snow yesterday. It snowed off and on all morning. No sticking. The kids went out to catch flakes on their tongues.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Don't forget to vote today, lots of people have given their lives for you right to vote! If you are in Ohio, please vote no on 2!

It is sunny but cool here today. We had a really heavy frost yesterday morning. Snow is forcasted for Thursday. It is November now, so I am ok with it snowing. Reminds me that I still need to order snow boots for the kids though...oopss. We've looked at alot of the cheaper snow boots around but none of them look like they would be waterproof and my kids would have frozen feet in about 10 seconds. They love playing in the snow, and so we are going to spend the money to get them boots that will keep their feet warm in the snow. Joshua actually begged to go play in the frost yesterday, lol! He ran to me first thing in the morning and said "Mommy, Mommy, look outside there is white stuff!!!!" He was sooo excited. Hated to break it to him that it wasn't snow and they weren't going out to play in it.

Hannah is either gearing up for a huge growth spurt or getting sick. The last two days she has nursed constantly. She climbs up in my lap and signs eat while pulling on my shirt and saying night night, lol! She may not be talking fully but the girl can get her point across. She also screams APPLE at the top of her lungs any time anyone has ANY kind of food. It is hysterical. She'll frantically sign more and eat and please trying to get some food. You'd think she was starving to death. She ate more chicken pot pie than Leah at dinner last night.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Reformation Day!!!!!!!!!!!

On Oct 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the door in Wittenburg, thus unknowingly beginning the Reformation. This is what we celebrate today. We avoid the American celebration of death and the occult and choose to enjoy a dinner out for breakfast as a family. In Texas, we had lots of friends from our church join us. In Ohio, thus far, it is just us enjoying Bob Evans! Yum!!!

So, Happy Reformation Day Ya'll!

Friday, October 30, 2009

We've had a lovely week. Spent time at the Akron zoo and two days tromping thru the woods at the Rocky River Reservation. We saw deer up close on both days, crawled around in tree roots of fallen trees, got pounded by falling acorns and were in awe of the beauty of God's creation in the Fall season. We finished up our creation study in school and now go onto 26 fun filled lessons surrounding the letters of teh alphabet. Each letter is paired with a math, reading, bible, science and I think geography lesson for a week. Next week will be sponsored by the letter "S"! ;-)

Today we go vote. Please, if you live in Ohio, vote NO on issue 2. I've never read a more poorly written and less thought out piece of legislation. It makes me mad actually. There is no reason that this issue should remotely be linked with any kind of constitutional amendment. And even if this were to try to pass as simple legislation, it is rediculous. There are no standards addressed at all and no over sight by anyone, or the option of oversight to ever be established or possible. Basically, it comes down to big agri business wanting to set up this committee that can run rampant over the farmers and therefore the people of Ohio. Don't give away your power! VOTE NO ON ISSUE #2.

And in case you are wondering, we will voting NO on #1 and #3 as well. We aren't in Cuyahoga Co anymore so we won't have the option of #5 and #6, but we would be voting no on 5 and yes on 6, if anyone cares.

Monday, October 26, 2009

We had a good weekend....but I! had a great weekend!!!! I read a book on Saturday, and it wasn't a child's book and I did it all by myself! Robert got up with the kids at 9 and headed downstairs. I curled up with an Amish fiction novel and read in bed and ignored screams and bangs and fits until noon!!!! I got up, made everyone lunch. Got them all down for naps and went right back to bed to read until 5. Got up, showered and went out to a yummy Mexican dinner with my family. It was the best day I've had in FOREVER!!!! I told Robert that I need a reading day once a month. Hiding in bed with a book has been my escape/reboot mechanism since I was small enough to read...which I think started at 4 for me. The book was ok, not the best I"ve read by far or worst, but that wasn't the point!!! I'm refreshed!

Today was sunny and 60 degrees, so even though we got to be late and Hannah was up every 45 minutes last night and Leah has a cough and Hannah a cold....we went to the zoo. I knew what it would mean for this afternoons nap scenario and evening/night routines and we still went....and it was lovely. We visited the Akron zoo for the first time. We live much closer to Akron than Cleveland now. It was a nice little zoo. We can't wait to go back and show Daddy, and for Daddy to take the kids thru the snake building. Mommy don't play snakes! We still squeezed school in after dinner. And now, I'm off to bed.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Kid Update

Yes, I haven't forgotten.....just been tired and settling. Without further ado.

Joshua- Loves school. I wish his teacher could school him as much as he wanted me too. If that were the case, he'd graduate by age 10, I'm sure of it. Of course, that is one of many reasons we are homeschooling. So our childrens education will truly educate and grow them, instead of just being floated thru a system like we were. Robert and I often wonder how much more we could have learned and done had we been given any opportunity other than mundane school boredom. Anyway, Joshua is loving school. This morning he told me "I love math" I can't wait for his Daddy to get home and hear that. He'll cry..... no really, he will. Math is Robert's passion, he can do calculus in his head. I think Joshua may have the same knack. We could easily finish the kindergarten math books I got him in a week, if I let him, but I'm not. This year is more about us learning how to do school together than him learning any concepts. He pretty much has most all K concepts down.

He is growing like a weed. I think he is growing so fast sometimes that his mind and body can't keep up. He goes thru regular periods of being crazily clumsy. Thankfully other people have seen him just walking along and fall flat out on his face...other wise people might question his bumps and bruises. He is really funny though because he always immediately jumps and says real fast and loud "I'm ok!" I think his mind has days it can't keep up either. Every once in a while, he'll just not be him. He won't listen, has no regard for us or other authority, is mean to his sisters, and just kind of quiet. I really think it's his way of just shutting down some to process and then he's good again.

Leah- Is still so flamboyant and crazy. She's starting to try and be sneaky, which is funny since she's 3 and has no skill at it whatsoever. She too has had a huge growth spurt. She shot right through her 3t's and is a solid 4t now. Good thing I was slow on the winter clothes shopping or we would have been in trouble in the wrong size. She has her own room now and really seems to be thriving. I think she likes her quiet alone time in the mornings before I get everyone up. She gets up and gets dressed....which is always an amusing costume of sorts, and then plays with her babies and kitchen. I really think it has helped her calm down a bit. She does need more focused training from us though. She is kind the brat right now, but that is totally our lack of training. We are working on it.

Hannah- Now this girl has taken off! She is eating table food almost full time, although she still nurses 8-12 day too. She's putting on weight and BUSY. She's crawling for real. For a few days, she would hold our fingers and walk with us, but now if we try to do that she promptly plants her bottom. I think she figured out we were going to less carrying time with Mommy and she quickly put the brakes on that. She talks up a storm. She says NO NO, constantly...but only in Leah! lol! She also knows alot of signs and can and will quickly put her siblings in there place. They love her so much though. She calls them both Bubba, which cracks everyone but Leah up, although she has come to terms with it now. We HAVE to work on her sleep. Up until 9 months, she was a great sleeper....for a Lachney baby, but then we traveled to Texas and back and then D.C. and we've been unsettled since and her sleeping is awful.....and I'm about to collapse becasue of it. Time to break out Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child again. Poor Tooty doesn't know what is coming! But we'll all be happier once we get thru it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things are on the up and up here already. A relief for sure. I'm not a big believer in all of the crazy media hype that stirs our country/world into hysteria every year or so over some new virus that is going to kill the entire world. But, having little ones and knowing that small children in our area have died from swine flu, does make me pause. We still handled this the way we always do any "sick" episode....meaning,we don't wait until we are sick to care for ourselves.

I always try to keep us in healthy habits to give our bodies strength for life, including virus's and bacteria. So, we just got everyone really going on the Ningxia Red, diffuser going full time, lots of oils on our bodies, homeopathic remedies and we got chiropractic adjustments. Everyone woke up fever free and well today. I think we are all a little tired but otherwise we are fine. I'm grateful to God for bringing us on a path of natural healing. I think it is sad that americans, christian and not, put more trust in doctors than our God who loves us and CREATED us. He designed our bodies with systems to fight, but sadly most people just want to run and take a pill to stop those annoying symptoms. He also gave us many things in His creation to help our bodies when they are taxed and stressed. He is a mighty God!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oink Oink

Well, some kind of flu has entered out house. I'm not guessing whether it is of the porcine variety or not, but it is here either way. I think Hannah has had it a day or two. She's had very very swollen lymph nodes and been really cranky and clingy, but really, how much can you get from a baby about their symptoms. I've felt really ick the last two days with a headache and general run down feeling, but I'm a Mom that is woken up every 45 minutes to 2 hours all night every I assumed that was my issue. But then last night, Joshua says he feels funny. I assumed he was just tired from not taking his nap that afternoon. Then within 15 minutes, he spikes a high fever. So, I'm pretty sure we have a flu of some sort. Robert ran to Walmart and got 4 boxes of Ossillococcinum (OSC) for us. Thankfully they weren't sold out. I've heard of multiple schools being closed in our area this and last week for swine flu, so I was worried. Thankfully for us, most people run to their ped and not for natural remedies...silly people. Anyway, keep us in your prayers. I'm staying on top of everybody with oils and remedies now so hopefully it will be short lived and mild.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beatles-esque Bible Books Song

Wanted to post this so I can find it later.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Snow is forecasted for Saturday, October 17th. I keep refreshing to see if they made a mistake. :-(

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Too many blog posts running thru my head, so I'm giving ya bullets instead.

- First, B is doing better. He had 5 stints put in, in two separate operations. All went well and he flew home as planned two days after the second procedure....not against a few suggestions from the doctor and family members. He has a follow up with his cardiologist in Houston this Thursday, so we'll have a better report then. He is feeling well though. He'd be feeling better if LSU was winning. His heart monitor was going crazy during the LSU game, lol!

-Nanny flew home today after 5 crazily busy weeks here with us. It was a nice visit although we didn't get to have near as much fun as we wanted. I would say we will next time, but since we will be moving again next year, and I will be begging her to come help again then...well..who knows. She did get to see the leaves start to change and we ooh'd and aah'd about that together. It really is a sight to see. It was nice having her around. The kids LOVED having Nanny always ready to read a book or color a picture. And I didn't mind the help with the laundry either. ;-)

-It is fall here and that means a million different festivals and such. We love doing stuff like that together as a family. Last weekend we hit the local little Rennaisance Faire. It was fun and had more stuff than last year when we took Sarah V. But, this weekend I think we are going to hide and rest. We've been going at Mach 1 without a break since mid August when we decided to move. We've also had company that entire time, and so I think Saturday will be a pajama family day here. We are tired.

- Robert has joined an over 30 soccer league. He's THRILLED to be playing soccer again. He's played his entire life until the last 10 years. His first game was good but COLD for us on the sideline. I'm new to this soccer Mom status, so I am learning the ropes. The second week, I remembered the jogging stroller and water for us all. But didn't dress us near warm enough or bring blankets. I'd say this week that I'd be ready, but.... last week, Robert got taken out by the other team and has a badly badly sprained ankle. I'm really pushing the oils and remedies thru and it is healing remarkably but it will be a game day call on whether he'll play or not. Since they are forecasting 40 for a high with rain...I'm guessing not. ;-)

-We are starting school this week. Although, I was reviewing our curriculums intro lesson which is 10 days long and realized that it is SOOOO below Joshua. So he'll listen along and then go onto his higher level phonics and math work and I'll teach Leah kindergarten. Might as well get her started if I'm doing the work already. Today we worked on composers and classical pieces.

-I'm doing good. I need to finish getting this house into shape so I can find my happy place.....impossible for me to do in unorganised clutter. I need to start exercising again since winter is quickly coming, but we'll see when I get that into the routine. My headaches are still around, sadly. But there is a doctor in Columbus I might try to start seeing in the spring, when the snow melts and I have a car to drive again.

- FINALLY! PRAISE GOD, our house in Texas closes on THIS FRIDAY!!!! I thought it would be bittersweet, but honestly it is just a relief. It will be one month shy of 7 years since we bought it. It was a great house for us to get started in, but man am I ready to have another house of our own.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Please pray for my father in law, B Lachney. They flew in to visit us yesterday and this morning Robert and Sue had to take him from the Pro Football Hall of Fame to a hospital for chest pains. He's had a heart cath and we're waiting to see what next.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Everyone's napping and I desperately need to be unpacking and organising/ I think I'll update real quick. We are moved in and getting settled. I have most of our stuff unpacked and somewhat ordered although I will be doing some major organising once all of our company is gone. Mom only has 2 weeks left here. It was been soooo nice having her here to help with the kids during the move and catch up on alot of my much neglected sewing projects. We've even fit in a few sightseeing jaunts, including our first ever school field trip today. We went to a local farm and the farmer gave us a tour. We got to all pick pumpkins out of the patch and apples from the orchard. Feed the pigs, learn about beehives and their honey making. Joshua and Leah both asked very good questions about the bees, dispite my nervousness of them being silly and distracting. Overall it was a good little tour. It felt good to be around other homeschoolers again and got me in the schooling frame of mind, which is good since we will be starting our year as soon as everyone leaves. Robert's family comes in on Thursday. We are going to do Amish country (a must for every visitor here), the ProFootball Hall of Fame (I'm giddy about this one), the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame (I'm sad I"ll miss this one since the kids have a doctors appt that day), dinner on Lake Eerie, Robert's first soccer game and other shopping and eating. Gonna be exhausting but fun. Hope you guys are all doing good. Shoot me an email if anything big is going on in your lives, I'm only checking email right now. I've popped on Facebook for about 2 seconds once or twice but that has been about it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We are moved in. Busy unpacking and getting "home" reestablished. My children are in desperate need of routine.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Celebrating 8 years of marital bliss today. We've been so blessed by our Lord. He brought us together 8 years ago. We met in Feb of 2001. Robert came to know Christ in April, then quickly got permission to court me from our pastor. By my birthday in May, we knew we would be getting married. Sept 11, 2001 shook our world and then 4 days later we began a wonderful walk TOGETHER with our Lord. It really has been all blessings since. Only by His grace and love are we where we are today. We acknowledge and are grateful for that. Happy Anniversary Sweetie, I love you forever and ever.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Joshua!

Today is my sweet baby boys 5th birthday. Five years and three states ago, I became a Mommy and Joshua brought joy into our world. He is a really great kid. He has a heart of gold, even on his arnery days. He loves loves loves his Mommy and still will stop almost anything to snuggle up with Robert or I. He thinks Leah is a pretty cool playmate and Hannah is his joy. He is quite proud that he can now carry her around, since he is a big 5 year old after all, dontcha know. This morning he ran in to our bedroom and snuggled up as Robert and I sang happy birthday to him. Then he quickly got up and jumped super high, so we could notice how much higher he can jump, not that he's 5 years old. He's reading really well. He'd really really being doing well if his mother would hurry up and teach him more phonics rules. He loves playing outside in the dirt with sticks and rocks...and sometimes balls. He would sit and listen to books being read to him for days on end. He likes limits and having them reinforced when needed, keeps him a content boy. We are having our first, not at home birthday party since our house is now 80% packed up, including the entire kitchen. I even had to BUY a birthday cake, I hope it is tolerable. We are going to Bounce City and having a good fun jumpy party for him. I know he'll be blown away by it. I can't believe that it's been five years. We are blessed to have sweet Joshua Robert in our lives.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ok, we have taught his class, and are successful with his program. We love him.

In case you haven't jumped on the Dave Ramsey Debt-free Bandwagon yet, now's a great time to check him out. He's giving away baby step #1!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Real quick catch up....before I dive back into boxes and packing and then head to the airport to pick up Nanny.

Hannah turned one year old on Friday. This year has flown by! She has been my easiest baby by far. I think alot of that is because I didn't have major surgery to deliver her. (insert my long rants about idiots that schedule Csections here) I feel kind of bad. We didn't do anything for her birthday at all. We had decided to go visit friend in DC for labor day weekend and so I was getting us packed and loaded and then we were driving the rest of the day. I hate that I don't have a picture of her eating her first birthday muffin that I always make the kids. I think I might make them later this week, and do a little family party then, just for the picture, lol. I just don't want her to later ask me why she doesn't have a picture like Joshua and Leah. Right now, I think she's ok with it. ;-)

We had a wonderful weekend in DC. We visited Pooka (Harris), Aunt Cake (Kate) and Jojo (Jonah) and Sammy the dog. They are foodies, like us and so we ate alot and loved every minute of it. I took my grain mill and Pooka made some fresh pasta for us. Cake made some fresh calzones also. It was lovely. They live in a beautiful planned community in Virginia. We walked all over, down to the farmers market, to the playground, so fun. We also drove into DC and went to the national zoo. It was nice but got crazy crowded in the afternoon. Cake and I got pedicures. The whole weekend was so nice and laid back and relaxing. Just what we needed before this next month of craziness. We can't wait to go back and do the DC touring. It was exciting just driving over the Potomac and seeing the Washington and Lincoln monument from the car. I can't wait to really go explore our nations capitol.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We finally got and accepted an offer on our house in Texas. 14 short months was all it took on the market. Actually, it was less than 2 months since we listed with our new agents. If anyone in the Houston area needs to buy or sell a home, I CAN NOT recommend Ronnie and Cathy Matthews any higher. They have been amazing!! Seriously, they've been actually WORKING to sell our house, instead of just listing it and waiting. We have been impressed over and over by them. And now, we have a much better idea of how to sell a house the next time we need to. We are grateful to the Lord for leading us to them and for His perfect timing for our sell, even if it isn't the timing we would have planned. May His will be done in this sell and in our buying of our next home! He blessed us sooo amazingly in that, our first home. All three of our children were conceived there, along with babies for three other families, including the birth of a sweet baby boy there just yesterday! We thought about listing feritility blessings as part of our sellers disclosure, lol!

Monday, August 31, 2009

My Humble Apologies!

I got a request for pics of the kids, and went to look back and realized that almost two months have passed since I posted any pictures. I am SOOO sorry. I have no idea how the blogsphere has continued to spin. ;-) Without further babies!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our first cold front of the year blew thru last night. Robert came in from switching car seats and told me to get jackets for the kids. I didn't want us to look like the wimpy southerners that we are, so I just got sweaters for the kids and headed out. Umm, it was cold. When we got to church, everyone had on long sleeves and jackets or sweaters. Next time, I know I can actually put some warm clothes on!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Kid Update

Joshua- Is almost 5. Where has the time gone? And where has my baby gone? He's changing. I have to talk to him differently now. I can sit and discuss his behavior with him and he really is starting to understand the why's and how's of discipline. I pray that God is working in his tender little heart. He's struggling with knowing boundaries with his little sisters. He can't figure out a good balance of fun with rough. He is excited about our new house, but says he is going to miss the little boys that live there now, he has seen them twice after all...just takes once for Joshua to make a lifetime friend. He also still asks me when we are moving back to Texas regularly.

Leah- Is getting physically stronger. She is trying to teach herself to stand on her head, and squeals with delight when she rolls on over. She wants to read so bad. Her hair is getting so long.

Hannah- Eating really well. Sleeping good too...I'm sure that will change once the pace picks up around here. She still only has 6 teeth. Still army crawls but can big girl crawl when she wants too. She pulls up to stand and play all the time but isn't letting go at all. Her personality is really coming out. She's fun to play and interact with now. She chatters away all the time. Has lots of words she says, but refuses to be a performance monkey. This week she has started saying apple, papa, whoa and she signs more and all done. She's my best signer so far!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I really should be doing something other than being on the computer for the next few weeks.....I pray that I have the discipline to do that. Next Friday, Hannah turns 1 and thus begins the marathon. Then, we have a quiet long weekend. My Mom flies in for a 5 week visit on the 8th. I have another frequency treatment in Toledo on the 10th. Joshua turns 5 on the 13th. We celebrate 8 years of marriage on the 15th and begin moving. I have everything but the furniture moved by Saturday the 19th, then the furniture gets moved in. Then, I have two weeks to get unpacked settled, and take Mom around this here part of the country before the Lachney clan gets here. They are here for 5 fun filled days. Oct 5th, all of the kids have their annual hello to our awesome pediatrician. Mom flies home on the 13th. I go to bed and sleep and lay around and read books..... BA HA HA...just kidding. I get school started and make sure we have our snow shovels and clothing ready. Maybe I'll have a new pair of Uggs.

Ready, set, be continued

Monday, August 24, 2009

Win some Uggs.

uggs on sale

I've never worn Uggs. I'm frugal, or try to be and so, I have never even allowed myself to go and look at them before. I knew I'd want some. Well, Fresh Fixins, in my blog roll, had this on her blog. They are giving away free Ugg's. Well, free I can afford, so I went to look. Now I WANT some. This southern girl is still not used to cold weather. I think these just might help. Who knows? I won an ice cream contest for the summer, why not warm boots for the winter? Click on the icon to check them out online.

In other news, I don't konw whose kids are living in my house, but they can't be mine. Case #1 Joshua and Leah hate mashed potatoes. Yes, my FAVORITE food!!! Case #2 Today Leah said to me "Mommy I want it to hurry up and snow again"
Really, whose kids are these?

We Have A PWAN!!!!!

We have a plan. I work much better with a plan. I really think my depression might just disappear for a while. Really, I don't do well with uncertainty. So, here is the current plan. As of today....of course everything could change on a moments notice, you never know what God might send our way! I can handle changes in plans, no's just not having one that shuts me down!

So, we are moving. I think on September 15th, we'll know for sure when we go to sign the lease on Wed. We are renting in Medina. We'll sign a 10 month lease, in hopes that our house will sell between now and then....actually not NOW, hopefully late Sept and then. More on that in a bit. God is using us to provide for another family. The husband got transfered to TEXAS (of all places) and has been there for months already without the family. So, now that we are renting their house, the family, wife and three children 6 and under can move down to live with their Daddy again. We are very excited for them....and of course a tad bit jealous that they get to live in Texas....I think she feels the same way about us living here though.

Hannah turns 1 on Sept 4. Mom flies in on Sept 8. Joshua turns 5 (how did that happen) on Sept 13. We celebrate 8 years of a wonderfully blessed marriage on Sept 15 and then start moving like madmen on the 16th. Sounds fun! I love moving because it means PURGING JUNK! I hate having junk piled up around. Then Robert's family comes in the first week of October, which will keep me motivated to get the whole house unpacked and organised.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Sweetie is back from Connecticut.
Today is day 21 after chicken pox exposure, no pox this summer.

Now to figure out our living situation. Praying for God to make our path straight!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Got an email from our realtor. The people decided not to make an offer. They were concerned as to why the house has been on the market so long without selling. The other agent also said she thinks it was out of their price range. Bummer.

Now to figure out what we are going to do for living arragements here in Ohio.

Robert will be back in town tomorrow night, so maybe we can think about it on Thursday.

Leah is puny today, hope it is pox! No spots yet.

Monday, August 17, 2009

No house news today. blah

Robert had to work late tonight and leaves for a business trip tomorrow. blah

The big kids have a cough and Hannah is super fussy...I'm hoping that means we've got the pox ascending on our house.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Holding Pattern

We are in a holding pattern. haven't decided if we really want to consider the rent house we looked at last Wednesday or not.... We might possibly have someone maybe considering if they want to make and offer on our house....or not. On Thursday, their realtor posted they were considering making an offer, but we haven't heard anything, so who knows.. but it has us in a holding pattern. We certainly don't want to sign a lease somewhere if we are going to get and offer this week. Soooo...just keeping waiting just keep waiting just keep waiting la la la lalalalala

Oh, and DO NOT EVER ENTER THE Edy's Neighborhood Salute Contest. DON"T DO IT. You just might win....and your original date might get rained out and not very many people show up for your reschedule and you'll be left with gallons of ice cream in your freezer. None of this would be a problem EXCEPT IT IS REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD ICE CREAM!!! Seriously, it's not worth the torture. Don't do it to yourself!!! ;-)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We went and looked at a house last night. It is the same rent we are paying here but MUCH newer and alot nicer. Better floorplan too. Robert has some reservations about it. So, we are hoping to look some more quickly and if it is still available, offering a lower rent. Funny thing is, this family is moving to Texas. The husband is already there and she is still here with the 6, 4 and 4 month old. Pray for her, Corinne.

I have another appointment in Toledo tomorrow. I'm nervous. Last time I detoxed soooo hard that I was sick for a week and still don't feel completely right, although some of that is probably from stress. My friend, Erin, and I drive together. Tomorrow will be our most peaceful trip. We will only be taking Hannah with us. JOshua and Leah will be with the Tomek's and then the Lohnes's. And Erin's 6 children will be at home with Daddy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What to do, what to do???

Sorry it's been so quiet around here. We've been a little busy, that's been nice. But mostly we are trying to figure out WHAT TO DO. Our house still hasn't sold, as I'm sure you've all suspected. We do have an AWESOME new realtor. They are actually working HARD to sell our house, instead of just listing it. Yesterday, they took a bunch of plants and patio furniture over to better stage our home. Seriously, if you guys need a great realtor, you need to call Ronnie and Cathy Matthews in Tomball. We have been blessed to have this Christian couple working for us. Now, if only the right buyer would come along. But, in the mean time, we have to decide what to do here. Our rent in this house is crazy high and we are 30 minutes from our church and where we want to be living. So, I think we are leaning towards going ahead and moving to Medina and getting a rent house there. We certainly wouldn't be paying any more in rent, and might even pay ALOT saving 300-700 dollars a month. That is alot of money. But that means we have to find a place, and they would probably want us to sign a year lease, which I guess is ok. If our house sells, we would just have to wait until our lease was up to move. We haven't decided on anything, but we need to SOON. My Mom will be here in Sept and could help with the kids if we do move. Our lease here goes to a 6 month lease after September. The only two things keeping us from jumping are the Tomek's, our wonderful neighbors, and moving just stinks, lol. Keep us in your prayers please.

We are also trying to decide what to do about my new Frequency treatments. I'm not ready to write all about them here yet, but I will. It is frustrating not to feel good when I feel like we live a very healthy lifestyle. But, there is still work to be done. Right now, I am cutting out the microwave from our lives. I know that we will not be whole and perfect until we are with our Lord in heaven, but I'm trying to do the best I can with what I have to work with while we are still here.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friday Kid Update

I won't have time to do my update tomorrow because I'm watching a friends children all day. So here you go...

Joshua- Still has a bit of his cough holding on. He's come up with another creative expression that I have NO IDEA where it came from or what it means. When we are driving, if we pass someone, he says... "We are Carmine, Mommy" Nope, no idea, but he and Leah crack up. He's reading well. I need to get our school organised. I think we'll start in a few weeks...unless we get chicken pox. No spots yet.

Leah- Is settling into being three. She likes to snuggle with Mommy and Daddy. She still isn't real into hannah, most of the time...but every once in a while, she's bestows her sweetest attentions on Hannah. She will cook for her, or cover her in toys or try to dress her in dress up clothes (not her princess ones, of course)..until Hannah sqeals then Leah's done. Leah does like for Hannah to give her a ride on the back of her walker though, lol!

Hannah- Has the big kids cough now. It is so sad. She just wants to snuggle with Mommy. She is eating much better. She likes to snack on a cucumber or peach in between bites of carrot, squash or sweet potatoes. She's slept thru the night for the last two nights, but I"m suspicious that it was just because she doesn't feel well. She's pulling up to standing everywhere now, can push from her tummy to sitting. She says, light and points at the light, Dada, Bubba, bye, hi and loves to wave at everyone we pass and clap and cheer. She's growing so fast now. We think she MIGHT keep her blue eyes and blond hair....Daddy is wringing his hands and signing up for gun classes!

Finally, one of my favorite laughs is a conversation that Joshua and Leah have alot. It goes like this.
Joshua- Leah, I'm Hannah, ask me a question.
Leah- Hannah, what color are your eyes? Hannah, in a hi squeaky voice- Milkies
Leah- Hannah, what do you like to crawl on?
Joshua- Milkies
Leah- Where is Texas?
Joshua- Milkie milks.
Leah- Is everything about the milkies?
Joshua- Milkie milkie milk milk milks!!!! MILKIES!!!

Then they bust out giggling to no end. My kids crack me up.

Monday, August 3, 2009

We are here. Had a great week last week. Way over did it on Saturday and now everyone is sick. Blah.

I need to write about a new treatment I'm starting. I did my first treatment on Friday and am still feeling awful. I know it is because I way over did it on Saturday and didn't pound the water like I was supposed to. Need to decide if I should wait until Hannah is a little older for this. Lots of detoxing going on.

Big kids have yucky coughs. No idea where they came from. Makes me nervous being around Amish country since they pass whooping cough around alot.

Off to get every oiled up and drink some more Ningxia Red.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nap Wars

Hannah has learned how to pull up to standing. It's so cute. She's so proud of herself. BUT, it has put a kink in our perfect nap plan. She nurses and falls happily asleep. I get up and lay her down, like we've done for months and months. As soon as she hits the bed, she's rolling over and trying to pull up. I just walk out, like I"ve always done. She pulls up and then screams and screams. I come in, lay her down, walk out. She gets up and pulls up to standing then screams and screams. Isn't this fun??? I always forget these fun little episodes from child to child. Now I just need to remember how we get past this.

She also has learned to clap and cheer. She does it all the time, and she expects everyone around her to do it with her....constantly. It is a all out party around here lately, lol!

Oh, and this is day 21 of our chicken pox exposure, so I guess we didn't get it. Bummer. Now sure would be a great time for chicken pox here.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We've had a wonderful weekend! Friday we got to go play with some new friends. They have a six and a four year old son and then another that is 7 months. It was fun. Joshua and the boys were having fun but then the beets from our dinner Thursday night kicked in for Leah and ummm, it wasn't pretty. So we took Leah, pantsless, home early. It worked out ok because I got the kids down for naps and got my bible reading done and the house somewhat picked up and dinner going for our guests that night. Speaking of my bible reading, I'm on day 55 of my 90 day read thru the bible. I'm really really enjoying it. It is a different perspective from reading short little sections here and there. Or just a chapter at a time like Robert and I do together at night. Anyway, we had a family from our church over for dinner Friday night, so Robert could help them with some financial stuff. yea Dave Ramsey!!

Saturday we all slept in. It is nice on the rare occasions when our kids sleep in and we can get rest too. Hannah got her morning nap while we got some chores done and then at 12:30, we hit the Strongsville Homecoming Carnival!! It was awesome. We all got ride bands and just hopped on as many as we could. I think I rode the Carousel 5 times. Joshua and Leah had a BLAST. They rode the Dragon Wagon, a little kiddie rollercoaster, at least 10 times. Leah was scared and timid at first, until the first half lap around and then she was allll about riding that rollercoaster. We got some free ice cream and shared a funnel cake, watched some dance performances, ran under cover for some quick showers. It was nice. There weren't alot of crowds because of the rain, so we never got pushed or bumped or really had to wait in line at all. Robert even got to ride the crazy Screamer ride that turns you upside down over and over. Of course, I think those of us on the ground got the real entertainment from his girly screams to tease the little girls on the ride. We took a break from the noise about three and ran and grabbed some Whopper Jr's for everyone for a snack. Then back to the action. We stayed until almost 6:30. It was sooo fun. We are alraedy planning out our day for next year. We were some stinky, dirty tired and very happy campers last night!

Hannah was so happy that she decided to go ahead and party all night too. So this morning, Robert and the big kids headed to church and hannah and I stayed home and slept. We just finished a yummy veggie fritata dinner and now are approaching bed time routine. It's a good life!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Kid Update

Anyone else think I'm talking about goats here? Really, I should call them children and not kids, but that is so formal....and really, I have a pretty close relationship with these guys. So for now, kids it is. :-)

Joshua- Is really growing up. While we were in Texas, he came up with his own nickname for Leah. Arfer Goochie Lachney! Is that not hysterical???? I have NO IDEA why he chose that or where it came from, but it cracks me up. And it makes me realize he really is becoming is own little person.

Leah- Well, she's Leah. No huge milestones here right now. Oh, she has decided to reveal more of her "I am my Mommies daughter" side. You see, I"m a TINY little bit hard headed. Now don't laugh, I konw that surprises most of you, especially those of you that knew me growing up, but I really can be at times. Leah has decided to see if she can meet me head on. Ha! SOOO not gonna work. You see, I can't let her win EVER. Sadly, she lost this battle from the beginning. She is me, and so I know that if she ever wins, at all, even one tiny little victory then we are all in for a rough rough road. So, this week she has chosen not to eat much. We have a rule in our house that we are grateful for the food the Lord has provided. There are times when none of us are real fond of what the Lord provides for certain meals, but we eat it with a cheerful heart. If we don't, then we get 45 minutes to eat and then we get up and go on with our day. And we get the opportunity to finish that plate at the next meal, when we can eat with a cheerful heart. Well, Leah is hard headed. And we'll just say that Leah is hungry now. She chose to do this with two different meals this week and I'm hoping that she is done now, but sadly, she is her Mother's daughter and she will choose to test that boundary again and again.

Hannah- Here is milestone girl herself right now. She's got 4 chompers in but is still not interested in food. My other two didn't eat much until a year either. BUT, this morning, I walked in her room and she was standing up in her crib. Then later, she pulled up to standing at the play table with her siblings. We are almost thru the really hard part of babyhood for me. Although, she has been the easiest baby ever! And she's so cute, so I think we'll keep her. ;-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Now we are home and getting settled back in. I need to do some quick kiddo updating.
Hannah cut one tooth in Texas and another since we have returned bringing her grand total to 4 now. She still has no interest in solid food, although she did chew on a cucumber for Daddy the other day, she spit it all out but she liked playing with it, that is a start. She is pulling up to her knees but hasn't figured out standing yet. Still army crawling, gotta work on real crawling. I don't think she'll be thinking about walking any time soon. She is talking though. She learned to say dog in Texas. She has also said cat a few times. She says, hi, ni ni and still says all of our names but Leah's.

Joshua and Leah plugging along. Leah turned three last week. I need to get around to some birthday pics for that girl, maybe next week. This week we are busy. Tonight is the parade here which to me marks our one year anniv. It was our first family outing in Strongsville last year, so we are looking forward to it and the carnival on Saturday. On Friday, we are going to play with some friends we met at the homeschool conference and then having a family from church over for dinner that night! All of that to mean, I really need to be busy cleaning my house!!
So, we got up early Friday morning and headed for Austin to pick up Robert. We made with just two stops this time, instead of the 5 it took to get there. Robert didn't recognize me at the airport from afar. He thought he saw Joshua but then looked at me and thought it couldn't be Joshua because I was different, lol. We were all so happy to be back together! We headed into Austin to grab some FREEBIRDS for lunch!!! YUM! I wish we had the money to franchise a Freebirds up here. Everyone up here loves Chipotle, but we know that it is just because they've never had a good burrito!

After lunch, we headed east to Fulshear, actually Simonton but really who has ever heard of Simonton! We got to Jake and Rachelle's just in time, Joshua was hollering about poopies again and Rachelle had just arrived home. Rachelle was/is 9-10 months pregnant and so I helped her get ready for Nikki's lingerie party that night. Robert and the kids went to the Fulshear 4th of July parade and then got some pizza. Then Robert, Ted and the kids headed to Lake Conroe to crash. Hannah and I stayed and partied with the girls to kick off the wedding festivities week for Nikki and Julian. It was really fun. I have to say that is such a blessing to be around these girls that are going into marriage pure and holy for their husbands. Their Daddies have done a wonderful job protecting and keeping them and it is a joy to be apart of the joining of a holy union! Hannah made it almost thru the whole party before she finally crashed. We rode home with Grandmommy, and Melanie Golden. It was a fun ride!

Saturday started our hurry thru some friends visits before we joined back up with the wedding headquarters in Fulshear. We had lunch with our friends the Velardes and got to spend some time with them...and start plotting Sarah's next visit to see us. I think she's decided she can't wait until we have another baby, lol. THen we headed over and spent the afternoon at the Woody's. Peggy and I even got some Walmart shopping in, lol. I love me some Southern Walmarts! The Stevens and Brenons came and joined us for dinner and the guys got some harumphing done at the horseshoe pit! After dinner we headed back to Willis to watch the fireworks over the lake from the Seago's and then got the kids to bed while we sat up and visited with Ted and Johnnie.

Sunday was church. It was sooooo nice to be back at Grace! Man, we love those people. Hannah was really tired and fussy (can't imagine why) and so I didn't get to hear any of the message but Robert said it was good. We headed home with the Guthrie's!! Poor Tammy had a migraine and was in bed most of the day, although I did crawl in bed and chat with her for a while. Later in the afternoon, I had a headache come on and so I took a nap with Hannah. You know that you have really good friends when you can just fall back into normalcy that quick! We spent all day and had a yummy dinner with them and then headed back to Willis for more time with the Seago's (you can't get too much Seago time!)

Monday we got up early and headed to Clear Lake to visit Papa B and Granny Sue. Uncle Dave had the day off too. It was a great visit. We played for a while and then headed to Mr Gattis for their buffet. We ended up staying and playing games for over three hours! It was really fun and I have lots of pictures. Monday night, John and Brandy made it in and so we all enjoyed some pina coladas, super yummy! Everyone was getting buzzing about wedding festivities and Brandy's new job with Texas Right to Life, now working for John.

Tuesday was go day. We had lunch with the Frye's and got some good Joshua/Alyssa time in, lol. If those two don't get married, I'll be stunned! Then it was back so Robert could help Ted finish teh candle wall the stated building for the wedding the day before. Once we finished up honeydo's there we headed out to do our wedding errands of the day, which included a stop at the Michelsen's to get Anita to help me finish the namecards for the bridal luncheon. We also got the bonus opportunity to expose our kids to chicken pox....hope they got it, nothing yet. We made it to Davisville by the evening and got the game plan for the rest of the week. We checked into our room #3, Key and Brettney's house.

Wednesday was the bridal luncheon for Hannah and I, while Robert and the kids enjoyed the pool with the other Daddy's and kids. After the lunch, all the girls went for mani's and pedis and I left Hannah with Daddy!!! My poor feet were so awful and needed a pedicure BADLY! Winter months in the cold with boots on all the time will kill any cute feet! We had a good time and everyone caught their breath one last time. That evening we all hit the pool and ordered pizza and really had the best night of the whole trip....ok, second best. Family pizza party in the pool, awesomeness!

Thursday was rehearsal dinner night and all the last minute errands and to dos for the wedding. We did squeeze in some early morning pool time too, of course. The rehearsal dinner was at Papasitos, one of my favorite mexican food places, and it was H-O-T!!!!!! But the food was great and the company was even better so it was miserable, just dripping sweat hot.

Friday was go day. Wedding day, finally!!!! This was so exciting to share in with Kikki. We've been praying for her husband for years and finally the day arrived. They were married in a beautiful place called Rockefeller Hall just out of downtown Houston. It is such a fun place!! I got to help shoot wedding pictures. Robert helped with misc things, including ushering and such. It was perfect. No hitches at all. Nikki was gorgeous, Julian was happy.....super happy as they rode off in the limo, acutally! A wonderful night and a beutiful wedding. Of course, this is Ted and Johnnie's 6th wedding to throw, second one this year, so they are pros. They have this down to a science...three more to go!

Saturday we all met in the hotel lobby and headed out to lunch together and then back to Seagoville. Everyone was soo tired after partying all night. We all napped intermitently...except poor Robert. I was trying to get lots of rest to avoid a headache. Well, he was so run down that by that night when we headed over to the Yount's for our last night, he was sick. I quickly got him to bed and then the kids, and the relaxed and visited with Paul and Millicent. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends there!

Sunday was traveling day again. We got up early and I got everyone in the car and drove us back to Austin to fly out. Traveling went really smoothly, and basically our kids rock! We had no melt downs at all, even though we were all EXHAUSTED. Two weeks of vacation will just about do you in.

Even though, I LOVE seeing friends and family in Texas, I vote for our next vacation to be spent lieing on a nice warm beach somewhere quiet!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Robert has taken the big kids to an Indians game, thank you Sifco, and Hannah is asleep. So, I need to seriously get our trip written out before I forget anymore. It already seems like too long ago....

First, Robert's first homeschool conference and my first official shopping conference was great. We got up early on Friday the 26th and dropped Joshua and Leah off at the Lohnes's and headed out to Columbus. We got there in time to register, potty and nurse Hannah before the exhibit hall opened. We looked over the schedule and somewhat mapped out the sessions we wanted to sit in. I had a list of shopping that we needed to do as well. Robert is in charge of math lessons in our house. I can do math just fine, but I'd rather not. I gritted my teeth thru advanced calculus and I can say I've done it.... since I"m married to a math genius, I'm guessing I'll never have to remember any of that calc! We met a nice couple that happen to live in Medina, and are going to play with them next week! We also will probably start Joshua in their AWANA's in the fall and their VBS in a few weeks! On Saturday, our new friends, the Denney's (whom I haven't blogged about much because I'm super excited that we could be great friends and don't want to scare them off, lol) showed up with their youngest, Judah. We had a great time hanging out with them. We even chose our curriculums for this year. I'll do My Father's World with Joshua and some with Leah. Then Joshua will also do Explode the Code Phonics and Horizon's Math. Fun stuff. I can't wait to get started, but first I have to clean up and organize our school/play/office/ everything else room.

THEN, Monday morning, the 29th, the kids and I flew out to Texas!!!! Robert took us to the airport and helped us get checked in. Things went pretty smoothly. I did have to abandon our breakfast to run us all to the bathroom when Leah yelled she had to poopy. And, it was a false alarm! It really wasn't that hard by myself with the kids. I go around with all three of them by myself all the time, so this was just another day running errands.....around the country, lol! I do wonder how anyone does it without an Ergo baby carrier though! We got on the plane and headed to Houston. Thankfully we were on a 757, so we had lots of room and individual tv's! Not the best kids movies available but we survived. Joshua thought it was grand going to the potty by himself on an airplane, and so he did, over and over and over. Things were a little tight when I would take Leah, with Hannah of course, but it had a "family" restroom, which was almost big enough not to have the toilet paper holder completely up my backside the whole time I helped Leah. We ate our breakfast on the plane fine. I think the stewardess must have liked Joshua because I looked over and he had drank 6 milks. Maybe that explains the bathroom trips after all. Hannah only poured one milk over me, no other messes. I count that a successful flight. We landed in Houston and made it straight onto our flight to Austin. Of course, Leah fell asleep the last 2 minutes of the Austin flight, almost made it.
Once in Austin, I sighed relief to be done with planes for the day and headed to the rental car desk, via the potty of course. We were starving and I contemplated getting us some Mexican food in the airport, but decided against the sit down delay.
After much rangling at the desk with questions about our reservations and lots of gawking at the crazy lady traveling with three kids alone, the reservation guy ran and brought the van to the curb for me. I guess I looked more tired than I thought!
I got the girls carseats installed and all people, luggage, strollers, baby dolls and misc junk loaded in 15 minutes flat!!! What can I say, I'm just that good. ;-)
We hit the road. We made it a full 20 minutes before our first stop, Sonic! Then another 15 minutes before I had to stop and nurse Hannah who was tired of traveling and wanted to make sure I knew it. Leah crashed before we were out of the airport and slept thru these stops. Then, we stopped again in Llano when Joshua yelled he had to poopy, which of course meant I had to wake up the girls. We all trudged into a nasty convience store and suffered thru a smell like someone was dying, but Joshua felt much better afterwards. Everyone back in the car. Oh yeah, Leah peed her pants in her sleep, poor baby was zonked out. Note to self, wash car seat cover at Granny's.
We made it about another 20 minutes and had to stop for Hannah again. Then again in Brady at Walmart to buy a booster for Joshua. So, 12 fast paced hours after leaving home, we pulled into Granny's drive way in Santa Anna....and we brought a rain shower with us! I was shocked at how bad the drought really is around Austin and to home. I've heard people grumbling, but they are farmers, they are always grumbling. It is bad guys, really really bad. Pray for rain!
So we all poured into Granny's house a plopped ourselves down. Amie and Corbin and Mom and Shana and Gigi were all there to meet us. It was so good to see everyone. They cooked us dinner and then I put three very tired kids to bed. Mom and Shana and Gigi and I got to stay up and chat. It was really really nice.
Tuesday we just hung around locally. Had breakfast at the coffee shop with Daddy and everyone. Everyone says I need to come back more often because they three inches of rain that day, first time in a long long long time. That afternoon Amie put on her Stylin Queen hat and set to work. First Joshua and Leah got their hairs cut, then it was my turn. Amie and I had been cooking up a new do for me for a couple of months and now it was time to move. I was nervous, but it turned out really good. It is fun and easy! Actually, it turned out so cute that Shana decided to do hers too! I'm such a trend setter, lol!

Wednesday, the kids and I went and had breakfast with my friend Brian and Vicki. It was so much fun. I can't wait to get all of our kids together again. I love those guys! Then, we headed back to Grannys and squeezed all of us, Shana, Mom, Amie and Corbin into Amie's suburban. Can you say sardines? We headed to Abilene for some real Mexican food!!! YUM! Then back for naps for all of the kids and Blizzards for the grown ups. Uncle John, Aunt Frankie, Lucy, Michael, Crystal and Hope all came to visit that night. And Dadddy brought over some popsicles and watermelons...really good watermelons from the guy on the side of the road!
Thursday, we went and visited Granny. She looked great and was in a great mood. She wasn't even using her oxygen. She got to meet Hannah Cole, her namesake. They loved each other. They sat and just laughed back and forth at each other for about 15 minutes. It was awesome! Made the whole trip worth it. I was glad to see her too, even if she didn't remember us or how to read our names in her book. I didn't feel too bad. She didn't remember her boyfriends name either and it is Billy, just like hers, lol! After Granny's visit, we headed to Pizza Hut and then the fire station. Uncle John showed Joshua and Leah around and let them blow the sirens on the trucks. Then we headed to Grandpa's farm, and Joshua fell in love. I think he'd move to Grandpa's tomorrow is we offered it as an option. We just stayed at the farm for a little while because we were way past nap time and it was showin on the girls. So all the girls headed back to the house for naps and Joshua went with Grandpa and fed the goats, and he got to ride in Grandpa's truck, in the front seat like a big boy. I reckon Daddy didn't mind much either because he didn't come back and tell me that his ears hurt from Joshua talking too much. I think you could have seen Joshua's smile from a mile away when he was riding in the truck with Grandpa. All Daddy had to do was slightly mention goin somewhere and JOshua was in the truck, buckled up and hollering for Daddy to close his door so they could go.
That evening, we headed out to Home Creek and saw lots more animals. Buffalo, roosters, a baby fawn on a leash, wild pigs and sheep. It was so fun, the kids didn't know what to think. I think they'd really be blown away to know that I grew up around that stuff all the time. Someday I hope to help them more understand real life, away from the city. We headed back and packed up. We had to get up early to start our travels for leg two of our trip.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We are home from vacation. Tired, doing lots and lots of laundry. I have tons to post, it will take me a while to get the whole vacation documented, but it was wonderful. Great time in Santa Anna and Houston.

Today we celebrated Leah's three years on earth. She is so fun. Spunky and feisty and sweet and sassy. She's sooo into dress up right now. So yesterday (did I mention I just returned from a two week vacation) I ran around like crazy putting together a little dress up gift group for her. She is in love with it all! Although before heading to bed tonight, she did tell me that her new high heels hurt her feet when she was catching fireflies. lol! She is so me, but so much better. I think she's more well rounded than I was. She loves dirt and grime and playing rough and tumble boy stuff with Joshua and then wants to come inside and make tea for everyone. She's a little lady. Tonight after we finished cake with our neighbors, the Tomek's and Ms. Diane, Leah politely picked up everyone's plates and forks and put them away. Shortly later, she disappeared. I realized when I put Hannah to bed that she had snuck away to put away her new heart shaped piggy bank, on the shelf where it belongs.

I wan't really ready for her birthday, which isn't my normal MO, but did I mention we just got back from vacation. She ran in this morning and I asked her what she wanted for her birthday breakfast, without any hesitation she said "CAKE". Umm, no go honey, Mommy hadn't thought far enough ahead to have a clue what we were doing about cake. She then happily asked for O's instead. Easy enough, I was going to give in to donuts, but hey, cereal works great too! I did manage to pull together her requested cake. Purple and pink. I found a strawberry cake from scratch and then made some whipped purple icing. It was really yummy, although the cake was a bit more dense than I would have liked. She didn't seem to mind much. We also made it to play at Castle park. Her request and even hit the library too. Hey, and how often does our family eat McDonald's and Pizza Hut??? I think she was thoroughly spoiled. And she loved every bit of it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Five days until liftoff and I haven't gotten anything started yet. Monday I did begin to write down the packing lists. We have four lists going, lol. Then, I got a migraine. Yesterday was spent in a daze. Although a friend and her little boys did come over so she could learn more about Young Living, so that was a good distraction. But no packing, or laundry. I didn't even get the dishes done. I got a little bit more sleep last night and my headache is functional today. So, I need to get things started. We have small group tonight. Young Living meeting tomorrow night. Friday early we head out for Columbus, back Saturday night late. Sunday is church and mad packing day. Monday, WE FLY TO TEXAS!!!!

And we are having a HEAT WAVE here...we hit 80 yesterday. Today we are supposed to actually get to 85. I'm getting out the sprinkler to play in. ```````and yes this was all said sarcastically since I know you guys in Texas are having real killer heat```````

Monday, June 22, 2009

My kids are just dumb. That is the only explanation for them this morning. We put our pool up this weekend. They love love love the water and had so much fun playing in it. Of course, Joshua HAD to try to run and jump up and catch the football while falling into the pool, like the big boys did at the Lohnes' Memorial day party.

Well, I went to put Hannah down for nap this morning. Before going out, I told each of the kids, together and separately, that they were not to go anywhere close to the pool if I am not outside. They cannot touch the water or get even close to look at the water. They both very plainly understood. I told them that if they did, I would empty the pool and put it away. There would be no swimming.

The pool is now draining. I had really hoped that their love of swimming would override their constant desire to test my authority.....sigh. I really liked them playing in the pool...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy! Everyone that has known me since I was this tall to a grasshopper, knows that I've always been a Daddy's girl!

AND Happy Father's Day to my awesome husband, BESTEST Daddy in my house! He also has some Daddy's girls. One wakes up every morning and says "I want to snuggle with Daddy all day long!!" She's so cute....sometimes (have I mentioned that she is just like me???)

This morning the kids ran in our room and were so proud to pull Daddy's gifts out from under him in the bed. They quickly started rattling off what they were, since it was now no longer a secret. We had to explain to them that it is still a surprise until someone OPENS the gifts. BUT, in their defense, I've never wrapped a fishing pole before and, well, it was pretty obvious what he was getting, especially with the little "box" sized gift right next to it. He also got to open his "surprise" wink, wink...nugde, nugde... socket set that he "asked" for. Then I ran and got him a fruffy mocha coffee and some donuts! All cake with lots of chocolate and sprinkles. I even remembered to get our traditional father's day picture with he and the children dressed alike. We had a nice service at church and then went and had greasy burgers and fries at 5 Guys for Daddy's day lunch! Came home, had some naps and then headed to Olive Garden for dinner. Since we weren't completely popping the buttons of our pants off yet, we went and tried a local ice cream place too! We decided that we like our local Olympia place better than Honey Hut!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I really have been blessed with great kids. God has been merciful to bring them up, in spite of our pitiful attempts at parenting.

Today at the mall, I was standing in line at ChikFilA. Hannah in the stroller and Joshua and Leah each on a side, holding the stroller, waiting our turn. The lady behind me commented that she couldn't believe they were quietly standing and waiting. I told her thank you. Then she went on and on about how she couldn't believe how I could even go out in public with them by myself. I told her it was no accident, alot of hard work goes into raising children. She started telling me about her daughter, who has a 3 and one year old. She says she has no control over them at home and can't leave the house with them at all. I told her that it is hard, and just kept smiling. She kept on about her daughter and I just smiled and said that alot of training goes into where we are. She said she knows and wishes her daughter understood that and that we've done a great job. It was nice. THEN...she started complaining that her daughter is still nursing her baby, even though the baby is TWELVE MONTHS OLD...oh the horrow. She all of a sudden stops and looks at me, and asks how long I nurse mine (I guess somehow, I look like a nursing Mama...which is fine by me) and I say...oh, at least 18 months. She says "oh, you do?" and I smile and nod. Maybe her daughter will get a little bit of a break from an unsupportive mother. Of course, looking back at the conversation, I wish I would have been more encouraging of the mother being supportive and helpful and not so critical. This Mommy gig is hard enough on its own, without unsupportive people berating us contstantly.

Anyway, it made me a little sad for the daughter. Sad that her mother isn't so helpful and sad that she hasn't realized the blessing to a home with well trained children. It also made me feel a bit better about how we are doing. Other peoples praise isn't the goal of our parenting, but it is nice to hear now and then. We aren't perfect, and our children aren't either, but we are pressing on.
Quiet, just for a moment.

Robert is at a golf tournament, so today is just another day for the kids and I.
Hannah is napping.
Kids are playing in the sunroom and not fighting...yet.
I am sitting, drinking my Teeccino. Ah.

It is a nice short respite before crunch time. Tomorrow, will of course be full of Daddy love. It must be, since we have the best Daddy around. He is a pretty good design!
Monday, I go into panic mode probably. We will be 7 days out from flying to Texas. Wednesday night is small group. Thursday night I have a Young Living seminar. Friday early, we drop the kids off at the Lohnes house and head to Columbus for the CHEO Home School Conference. Get back late Saturday night. Sunday is church and last minute laundry and packing. Monday morning we FLY AWAY!!!! Man, I hope it all runs as smoothly in real life as it has in my head!

Friday, June 19, 2009

10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Friday Kiddo Update

Not alot to update this week...
Joshua- Has had a cold most of the week. The last two days are just this really really really annoying little cough that sounds like he's just trying to scratch his throat. It is driving me crazy because it is constant. I can't figure out which remedy he needs for it. I"ll be so glad when he is old enough to give me a good rememdy picture to work with.

Leah- Has had two potty accidents this week. DOn't know what that is about. She had her cold and was over it in about 36 hours total. Now she just has a fever blister on her upper lip. Yup, she's a mini Me in case anyone has forgotten.

Hannah- Had a touch of the kids cold but it was very short lived. Now I THINK she is teething. DROOL every where and snotty nose, know the drill. HOpe a tooth pops thru soon, before we fly. She has also discovered that there is a land of vertical as well as horizontal. She tries to climb UP onto anything her little arms can reach. Time to up our next level of baby proofing, I'd been putting it off hoping that we wouldn't need that in this house.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

11 DAYS!!!!

We are off to the zoo today. Should be nice. They have free zoo day on Monday's during the summer. This Monday they had 20,000 people there. I have no idea how that is even possible. It isn't a large zoo even. Just a note for me to remember NOT to go on MOnday's during teh summer! Today should be nice. It is a bit cloudy and hi of 71, so hopefully there won't be too many people.

I'm wondering when my life will no longer revolve around lack of sleep. I know it should happen someday. I have friends with older kids that seem to not live around their kids sleep has just been so long since that was my reality that I forget that someday, I too will not constantly wonder about my next sleep.

We are rocking with the healthy eating! We get 30 pounds of freshly picked produce delivered every week with 2 dozen fresh free range eggs. It is very exciting. And so yummy. Last night I had my first experiment with rhubarb. I made a rhubard/strawberry bread pudding!!! WOWZERS!!! Robert says we can't afford to eat rhubarb every week....we'd both weigh 500 pounds in no time. It was DELICIOUS! Of course, topping it with fresh whipped raw cream didn't hurt it none either, lol! Can't wait for today's delivery to see what Iron Chef magic I get to do this week.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm tired. I was up from 1:30 to 4 last night with the kids tag team waking. Sigh. That is the third night with little to no sleep. I really hope I don't get a headache, but am not holding out much hope.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Random notes-

-Leah asked me this week to make her a turkey and hamster sandwich! LOL!!! I still can't convince her that ham is not hamster! She cracks me up!
-We are getting our summer colds out of the way before vacation!
-TWO WEEKS UNTIL TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Please pray for our pastor. He left church yesterday with seizures again.
-My husband rocks! He took us to Buca di Peppo for dinner last night and then ice cream. Then when we came home he took the kids all outside so I could veg on the computer!
-I think we are going to stay over night for the home school conference. Hannah will be with us, but the big kids will stay with the Lohnes. Should be fun...and I'm nervous.
-I need some more reading time. I have the weirdest assortment of reading material right now. I'm reading the bible in 90 days. Then I have, A Year of Eating Dangerously, Raising Whole Wheat Kids in a White Bread World, The Strong Willed Child and Canon XTI Owners Manual. I'd like to finish them all before we leave onour trip.
-We just signed up for weekly produce delivery from So excited. I've been ordering small orders the last few weeks and it is soo yummy. It is all local and picked within the last 48 hours before delivery. AWESOME! And of course organic or beyond. We will be getting 30 pounds of produce and 2 dozen fresh eggs, every week. Yummy Yummy. And that reminds me that I need to go get my greens started for dinner....which means I need to wash dishes first!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Kid Update

Joshua- Had a much better week this week. We did a walk before breakfast in the morning and one after naps in the afternoon. I also tried to spend more one on one time with him each day. I don't know that either of those things helped much, but we all enjoyed them. He LOVES school. He has done 2/3 of a kindergarten workbook in 2 weeks. I'm really impressed that his writing is coming along as well as it is since I've always heard that boys writing usually develops later. He struggles writing S, it's a toughy. Now I need to decide whether to buy K or 1st curriculum for him for real school next year....

Leah- Leah's having a hard time right now too. She has started throwing temper tantrums for the first time ever and has been really whiney. I think she's not getting enough sleep. I"m very cranky when I'm tired, and honestly wish I could throw a tantrum some days lol, and since she's a mini-me then it makes since. She and Joshua have to share a room here and he keeps her awake then wakes her up early and she just can't hang. I've moved Joshua to the room downstairs for naps and that has helped some. We are considering moving him down full time, but we've never been on separate floors from our kids before and are a little iffy about that. Otherwise, she's her usual spunky self. Her favorite thing right now is to snuggle with Daddy. Every morning she tells me "When Daddy gets home, I'm going to snuggle with him all day and all night". That is also the first thing out of her mouth on Saturday morning.

Hannah- Is getting big big big. She scooting and rolling all over the place and does not appreciate the walls in this house always getting in her way! She's been a little more feisty, now that she knows this freedom of self movement. But she also is still happiest sitting in Mommies lap, thumb in her mouth playing with my hair.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a glorious weekend. God warmed us up some....maybe just so I'd quit whining. The weather has been just beautiful.
Friday afternoon, I got a call from a girl in our raw milk group saying she had to work unexpectedly on Saturday and could we switch drives with her. This worked out perfect because we were scheduled to drive the weekend of CHEO, the Christian Homeschool Conference here. Robert, Hannah and I will be going down to Columbus for it and maybe even leaving the big kids over night with our pastor's family. We haven't decided yet.
So, Saturday we got up and headed back to Amish country. It is just so beautiful down there. I didn't get any pics really this time. I really wanted to get a picture of them plowing with the teams of horses but most of the plowing is done. I really am careful of what pictures I shoot down there. I want to respect their beliefs about no photos, although most of them are ok with photos from the back. We got to the Stutzman's farm while they were having lunch. So, we just hung out. The kids played on their big swing, I'll have to snap a picture of it one day. Ada said that her kids could hardly finish their lunch knowing that their were kids outside to come play with, lol. We hung around on the farm for a little while. Helped feed their calves and new kittens. Robert and the kids got to see the baby chicks and turkeys in the hot house. We really enjoy our time there adn with their family. We brought them a jar of pickled okra. They had never heard of okra and it isn't the easiest thing to describe to I learned when I was in Australia. After about an hour on the farm, we headed to Mrs Yoder's Kitchen for lunch...always a treat!! It was a nice family day. We got home and Robert and his helpers worked on the water softener that's been struggling lately. Hopefully it is fixed hair is ratty with hard water!

Today was church. Our pastor had a seizure this morning, please pray for his recovery. He says they are very painful. His daughter told me he won't remember anything from today at all when he recovers.

This week we are trying some new things. Joshua desperately needs to burn more energy, as he's getting into more and more trouble lately. So, I'm going to try and do a morning walk around the block while our oatmeal cools and before hannah's nap. I also get mother's helpers starting this week!!!

The summer gets busy from here on least the weekends. Next weekend, we will be going to paint on my friend Bonnie's house again. Trying to get that done before her baby arrives. The next weekend, Robert has a golf tournament with work...should be interesting since he hasn't swung a club in a few years now. The next weekend is CHEO and then the next monday the kids and I fly to TEXAS!!!!!