Monday, August 30, 2010


Sorry for being MIA. Life has been more than hectic. Frantic at times, but we are blessed beyond measure and serve and awesome God!

  • Robert got a call from a company in Texas in the spring and started the interview process.
  • In May, we flew down and bought a house.
  • In June, I started packing us up in Ohio.
  • Two days before we loaded the truck in July, we found out we were expecting Lachney baby #4.
  • July 4th we pulled back into our former world that we love so much in the Houston Tx area.
  • July 5th, Robert flies back for three weeks of work in Cleveland.
  • I move us into our beautiful new home with the help of church friends....lots of help. The a/c, hot water, fridge, washer amongst other things all go out.
  • The kids and I survive and don't run away screaming, and my sister has a brand new baby boy, Titus that is adorable. We head to W Tx to help with new baby.
  • Find out there that our baby died at 8 weeks. We head home for our loss.
  • Thursday I ended up in the hospital for a pretty hair raising miscarriage adventure.
  • We are all home and getting healthy now. Hoping to soon get a family life going here. Our sweet Rachel Elisabeth is hanging with Jesus until we get to meet her.