Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Kid Update

Joshua- His face is chubbing up, so it looks like I'll be pants shopping for him again soon. Wowzers, his growth spurts have really kicked in this year. He seems to have finally made it thru his super clumsy and very irritable phase. Thank goodness! I was wondering if he was going to live thru both of those,lol. He's telling time really well now. His motivation is that I tell him what time he can get up in the mornings and from nap time. ;-) ***He loves taking care of Hannah. He can feed her, and take her out of her highchair and wash her hands up. He carries her around any time she'll let him. Now if I could just get him to change her diaper and bathe her, I'd be on vacation!

Leah- She's beginning to come into her second Mommy roll, being the oldest girl. She is quick to correct Joshua and Hannah when they are straying from the path of righteousness. Now if we could just get her to follow suit! She is very obedient as long as she thinks she might get caught, but if she thinks she can get away with something, all bets are off. Yesterday, she filled one of our vents with tiny little pieces of torn up paper, then so that she wouldn't get caught, she closed the vent. Thankfully, I found it very soon after and no harm was done. She still loves dressing up and playing BooBoo's (babies) with Hannah. She tells me often that when she grows up to be a Mommy, she will nurse Hannah for me. She hasn't quite figured out the concept that hannah is growing up too.

Hannah- Is 15 months old now and FINALLY is sleeping thru the night! because she is now night weaned!!! This makes for a much happier Mommy, at least when I get over the flu it will. She's finally settling in to this house. She will crawl around and play on her own some now. Before, she was constantly by my side and usually wanting to be held. She's finally cut her 8th tooth. I think because we were in Texas. She's cut a bunch of teeth in Texas, lol. Her vocabulary EXPLODED while we were in Houston. I think because there were so many people around talking all of the time. Our house is a pretty quiet house, even with three kids. We just aren't a loud, rampbunctious bunch. But the Seago house is anohter story. I believe there were over 30 of us there the first 4 days of our trip, and Hannah heard lots of talking. She nows says tons of things. She also has been coming and telling me when she has poopies and that's pretty nice too.

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Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

Another growth spurt, huh? Go Joshua! Or, should I say GROW Joshua! ;) Both of our girls are rounding out a little bit lately too, so we may see a couple of growth spurts around here soon too.

I had to laugh about Leah and her hiding her mischief. It's not funny, but yet it kind of is. ;)

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