Monday, January 3, 2011

Another new year. I love it. A time for fresh starts and looking ahead for the possibilities. I have lots of thoughts and plans for 2011, but I'll share some of those later.

We had a good holiday season. We visited Robert's family in Louisiana, and most of them got to meet our children for the first time. It was really fun. I hope our children get to spend more time learning about that part of their heritage. It got me thinking about really getting Joshua going on French, in addition to our Latin studies, now rather than later, so he can have the opportunity to speak french with the Lachney side of the family, before that generation is gone. I just need to research language programs for his learning age and hopefully find something computer based since I know he'll excel at anything on the computer.

Robert had strep throat for Christmas, but he was kind enough not to gift it to any of the rest of us. THANK YOU JESUS! It was hard enough watching him suffer through it, I couldn't imagine watching the babies go through that. We all survived and even had some fun to boot. I'll post holiday pics later, but here is a parting shot of the girls participating in our church's live nativity. You can't say that this isn't the cutest sheep you've ever seen!

thank you to my friend Marty Callan for getting this shot for me


Donna said...

Christy...I'm so sorry to hear about Robert...but love the kids in the sheep costumes. So precious!

Wish we had had a little more time to do things like that this year. Maybe next year...when I'm all done with the estate work. :o)


PS. Drop by any time! I'd love to have tea with you..and do some stitching. :o)

James said...

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