Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The only remotely decent pic of the group. Hannah was having a "day".

My kids are goofy!


Donna said...

Wow--Christi! I'm loving your new layout! The photos are darling. Don't feel to bad about Hannah..we all have photos like that. Lol!

I saw this on facebook but didn't see it up close.

Wow--you just got the bluebonnets. They were gone by the time Amanda left and I didn't get photos-Rats!

Hey..I've got blow by blow photos of the banner on today. :o) Thought you might like to see it. Be sure to click on the READ MORE button. (We made it ourselves!!) ha!


Frontier Farms said...

Very cute "goofy" kids :)
Have you seen the picture of Jack on mine? Talk about a "day"!

Frontier Farms said...

BTW - how do you change the layout without messing up everything? Last time I tried it did some weird stuff with my writing...

Karen Deborah said...

so sweet. is your new little one due soon?