Tuesday, August 30, 2011

38 weeks and counting. No signs of any impending action.

Although, after a conversation I just had with our old pediatricians office here, I'm worked up enough to start something. I hate the political, money hungry culture of the medical world in America. The pediatrician we used to use here is a wonderful Christian woman that just wants to help children. She is a JEWEL. Sadly, she is caught in the pool of greed that is our medical system. It makes me sick and mad. Basically, we were told that because we don't bow down to the establishment, money making pharmaceutical industry, their office no longer wants people like us as patients. I know this is not a personal conviction of Dr Ps.  She supports parents, and their right to choose what is best for their children. Anyway, it was a saddening conversation. Thankfully, their is a wonderful pediatrician in our area that is FULLY supportive of not vaccinating and other parenting choices that we make. We will switch to her. But I really loved Dr P.

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Room for More said...

Thank you for your prayers & hugs! I am praying just the same for you! (( hugs back))