Monday, September 12, 2011

40 weeks today. Since it is my due date, I'm not expecting labor to strike anytime soon. Tonight is a full moon, so maybe that will get things moving. I have way too many friends and family in the medical industry to poo poo the idea of the full moon affecting pregnant women and crazy people. Since I fit both of those profiles, I have hope, lol.

Tomorrow is Joshua's birthday. If Baby Broc does arrive tomorrow. My cousin Les will be Broc's Senior Grandpa and Joshua will be Broc's Jr Grandpa. I think it will be our first three person grandday in the fam, but I could be wrong about that. My little brother and sister were born on my Aunt Mary's birthday, but they don't count as multiple grands since they are twins.

Yesterday was 9/11. Ten years have flown by for me. I was four days away from my wedding to the man of my dreams. It was my last day of work before taking off. My child hood best friend was flying in from Mississippi. Mom was at my apartment. I got to work and my broker, Art said that the squawk box reported a plane had hit the World Trade Center. We chatted about what kind of idiot crop duster would fly smack into one of the tallest buildings in the world. Then we wondered why a crop duster was flying around NY City at all. We never fathomed it would be anything but a little plane. Later, we got a tv up and going and my friend Danielle and I were the only ones watching when we saw the second plane it. Our whole offices freaked out. It was just surreal.

Since they didn't know if these attacks were targeting the financial industry or what, and because we worked in a massive Exxon Mobil building that also might be a target, our office was shut down and we were sent home. I remember having to call the apartment office to have someone go beat on my door to tell my Mom what was going on since she can't hear phones ring. I was worried sick that my friend, Sharon, might already be in the air. I later found out that they were grounded before she took off.

It was such a weird week for us. We sat in front of the tv watching people fall from buildings while we put together guest goody bags for the hotels. Mom worked on finishing my veil while we watched the death toll increase. So surreal.

Four days later, I did, in fact, marry the man God created to fulfill me. No one was able to fly in  for the wedding and we didn't know if we would get to go on our honeymoon or not as the airports were all still shut down. A friend had a crop duster fly over the wedding and you can see everyone duck in the wedding video. The next morning, Robert and I got up and headed to Houston Intercontinental Airport. When we pulled into the parking garage three hours early, as instructed when we called, there were four cars in the parking garage (all vehicles had been towed since they didn't know if there were car bombs targeting airports) and all four had Just Married on them. We made it through the hand searches of everything we had  and were sitting at our gate in about 12 minutes. Our flight out to Belize was the first international flight out of Houston since flights were grounded 4 days earlier.

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