Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Kid Update

Joshua- My sweet boy is a big kid now. He can be the best helper ever, like last week when he woke up early on laundry day, and so gathered up everyone's laundry and took it down to the basement before I was even awake. ***He also LOVES to help with Toots. He likes getting to her after nap before me because he's figured out how to push the rocking chair over to the crib and then get her out. He only bonks her about half the time....which are odds that he finds completly acceptable. I think she must too because she never fusses when he comes to get her. ***He does wonderful school work, when he feels like finally doing it. He must have a fabulous imagination because he can sit in front of his work book for hours doing nothing....then when he decides to finish he just whips out great school work. I flipped thru some school eval books the other day at the library while the kids played and I think he's about 2nd or 3rd grade reading level and probably 2nd grade math. So, I'm counting this year of school a success! He's fallen in LOVE with the Billy and Blaze books. I got two from the library for him and he's read both of them every day since...must find some more in the series! He loves to read and is thrilled that he nows get quiet reading time instead of naps most days. He quite happily stays on his bed and reads for 2 hours.....I can say that he gets that from me!

Leah- She's my little princess....that just happens to also play in the mud and dirt. She will quickly let you know that she only likes to play with the little worms, not the big long ones like Joshua. ***She also is a little helper. This morning after breakfast, she cleaned all of the downstairs rooms so they would be ready for me to vacuum. I went upstairs to work on some laundry and heard her messing around in the kids bathroom. I walked down to find her cleaning it too. Now if I can just get her cooking, then I can almost retire, lol! ***She has a big scratch across her neck right now. She fell off of a friends slide last weekend. Poor baby. It is healing really well though, thank you Lord for Super Salve.

Hannah- Is a bouncing, busy, blond haired, blue eyed little charmer. She's growing quickly too. ***She has begun idolizing her Lala and follows her around all over the house playing. This morning while Leah cleaned in the bathroom, Hannah happily sat at her feet playing with the pony tail holders. I asked Hannah if she wanted to come back down with me and she said NO***which, btw, is her new favorite word, sigh. She sits and just says NO NO....NO NO LALA, NO NO BUBBA.....NO NO. We are working this week on her learning that that sentiment doesn't work for Mommy. ***She eats like a horse. Seriously, girl out eats me every meal and most of the rest of the family too. She wakes up saying, oatmeal?, breakfast?, Lunch??, EAT??***She calls Robert, Doe. It is pretty funny. The other kids have started calling us Doe and Moe and so she calls him Doe. It is so cute. If he is the one that puts her down for nap or if she knows he's home in the morning, she calls "DOOOOEEE" "DOOOOEEEE" and if he doesn't answer she's say, in a sassy little voice, "DOE, TOOTS!" He and I die laughing, every time.

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Kacie said...

I need to go check out the Billy and Blaze books. They look like fun. :)