Thursday, April 15, 2010

We again attended the Medina Tax Day Tea Party today. It was really really wonderful. You want to know why? Every speaker, every single one of them that we got to hear, stood, literally, in the town square and talked about turning our country over to God again. I was BLOWN AWAY! Praise God for His name being proclaimed in the town square!! May He be praised and worshiped thru the actions of this current administration.

In other news, I feel really fat. I'm heavier now than I've been non pregnant ever. For some reason, I am putting weight on. I'm not eating great, but not horrible either. I've actually reduced my overall calories a good bit since weaning Hannah. I'm working out, though sporadically. It just doesn't make alot of sense. I could understand if I wasn't losing right now, but putting weight on is making no sense at all. Guess I'm going to have to buckle down and cut out all of the bad stuff. This is pushing my limits here.

I am doing some intense cleansing right now. I did the Young Living 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse. Then, I immediately started a YL Liver cleanse support, Juvatone and two digestive enzymes to help with the lack of digestion that was creating my gout problem, Essentialzyme and Polyzyme. I've been doing that for a few weeks now and now I've added in a kidney and bladder support, K&B. It should take me another month to finish all of these ups and get back to just a maintenance level of the enzymes. Hopefully then, my liver and gall bladder will be healed enough not to cause me problems if the Lord blesses us with another arrow for our quiver.


Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

I thought about going to a Tea Party that was held in Atlanta yesterday, but the timing didn't work out for us. How cool that y'all got to go! I would love to see this movement take off!!

What about doing Spark People? I find that I do well when I actually USE it and track what I eat. I have maintained last fall's weight loss, but to get to my ultimate goal I'd like to lose seven more. Maybe you and I could start a challenge with one another. Friendly, of course. ;)

Happy Friday!!

Christi L. said...

Ok Kel. I have to do something. I loaded Spark on my iPhone. The challenge I had with spark last time I used them was that we don't eat preprocessed already calculated stuff. So I have to hand enter almost all of my food, and I don't know the values of it. Any thoughts?

Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

Well, can you hand-enter it as needed? Once you enter it and save it as a favorite, it's there. So, at least that's a start, right?