Monday, May 31, 2010

Tomorrow is June 1st and I will have officially made it 6 months without breaking my new years resolution to go to bed with no dirty dishes in the house! I'm pretty proud of myself and Robert. He's pinch hit for me here and there when I'm not feeling well and even done the dishes for me some just because he loves me. Yup, I married a winner, best husband ever.

We have big things going on right now, and I'm not ready to write about them in blogoworld yet, so I've kind of just been at a loss as to what to write about, so consequently, I haven't. My dinosaur computer also went on strike. It will boot up just fine and dandy and do anything I ask of it, except get on the internet. So, I facebook and email on my phone, but blogging from my phone is not appealing at all, especially when I'm trying to avoid a massive issue in our life on my blog for now.

But I will try this week to get a Friday kid update up. It is well overdue. Maybe I'll get crazy and even post some updated pictures with it!

Also, Green and Crunchy has another giveaway up. This time its CHOCOLATE!!!!! I won  last time, along with two of my friends. Go check it out here.

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Donna said...

Hi Christi...massive issue..I'm all curious!? I'm so proud of you!! about the dishes! Wonderful! Cheers, hoots, and claps for you!:o)