Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I got on the computer to figure out our tshirt designs for our Reformation Festival this year, but decided instead to do some kind of update on this dieing blog. Reminding myself that this is my record of our lives since I don't scrap book....although I am considering looking into digital scrapping, since I"m more likely to do something online than on table.

Joshua is now 6. He's lost 5 teeth. He's reading like a mad man, which I personally love to see, since I am a hopeless bookworm myself. Some friends got him a BoxCar Children book for his birthday. He read it in one afternoon. I was shocked....probably shouldn't have been, but I was. So, I hit up Half Priced Books and got him 10 more. He's read one a day for the last two weeks. Must figure out a good system with our library. The small little branch in our town is miserable, although modern. Need to schedule in trips to the bigger one in the town down the road. He's doing great in math also. We started the Math U See curriculum this year and he asked Robert if he could stay up all night and do the whole Beta book. So, like me, Robert got a little pride in the pot as well. Joshua is so big too. The boy just keeps growing and growing and it really makes me wonder where my baby went. I think 6 is my favorite age so far. I just love to watch him growing and developing and love that he can finally have some pretty deep conversations with us. He and Robert snuggle up every night in his bed and "chat". Joshua loves his Daddy chat time, and of course, that just melts me!

Leah is as spunky as ever. She's my little right hand woman, whether I'm in need of one or not. I'm sure that she is certain she could run this house if something were to happen to me. She LOVES twirly skirts and purple and having her hair braided. Every morning now, she takes she and Hannah to their bathroom and "fixes" their hair. Leah's comes out lovely everytime.....she needs a little more practice on Hannah's blonde/curly hair! She wants to read, but really isn't ready to jump on in. I am working with her a little on her letters and sounds and she's picking them up great. Maybe in January I"ll pull out the Bob books. Seems weird that I could have two readers by next summer. Leah is now 4 and well onto 18. Did I mention she loves to play with my hair? She does and I do too, soo relaxing. Maybe someday she'll teach me how to do something with this mop on my head. She's way girlier than I ever was even in my dreams.

Hannah is our little Toots. She is pretty comfortable being the baby star of the show around here. I've realized in the last month that we really do have to start training her. Its been easy just to let the older kids lead her around like their show pony, but her will is starting to show itself. She's pretty independent for being the baby. I think it is because she doesn't realize that she isn't as big as Leah. She just assumes she should be able to do everything they do, and so she does. It is quite helpful for me most of the time actually. She's sleeping in a pack n play now. I think she was too immature to move to a toddler bed when we moved, but I just didn't want to set up the whole crib again for a short while. So, after weeks of battling to keep her in her bed at nap time, which she desperately need, I put her in the pack n play. She loves it and always sleeps in it now. Crisis solved! She turned 2 in Sept and is my smallest baby by far. She is barely into 2t clothes. My other two were in 3t at this point. Makes the clothes budget go farther for sure. She talks up a storm and loves to color with the big kids. And she LOVES her babies. She got a baby bed for her birthday and she carries it with at least one, but usually more, babies around the house ALL THE TIME. She's so sweet and nurturing. It's fun.

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