Monday, December 20, 2010

Some people just aren't happy no matter what. I've posted twice in one week and the news I get back from the farm......well, why aren't there any pictures? Pfsh!

Really, why would anyone want to see a picture of this...
Really. My siblings and I getting together at the farm for the first time in five years can't be that interesting. Right?

Or this? Grandpa not only buys raisins in bulk, he buys popsicles in bulk too.

This ragamuffin clan can't be blog post worthy. Really, three days all out at the farm is not a great moment to take family photos....unless you are looking for life time memory kind of stuff.

It isn't every year that your Pannie Poe turns two, but why does that matter?

Grandpa with his 7 youngest grand biggie, right?

Big boy turns 6 too, but why would that be news worthy.

Her highness Princess Leah also turned 4 and we even pulled off a party for that, one week after moving across the country. Now this, this is blog post worthy!!!!

Is that better Daddy?


Karen Deborah said...

Grand pa has the right idea. Applause. I didn't know you moved. Happy birthday to everybody.

Kacie said...

I love the pictures- especially the cupcake one. :) Thanks for the update!


Donna said...

Christi..I ADORE these photos!! How sweet!! You should post LOTS more of them. You take such good pictures!!!


PS. I really love seeing the photos of your family. Wonderful!