Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kid Update

Joshua- I am so proud of what he has accomplished this year. We are wrapping up our school year, sort of. We don't have an official off and on period, just take time off when needed. He's finishing up the second year of Math U See, we really are happy we switched to this program. He's adding and subtracting four digit numbers with carrying and borrowing. It's fun. The book also did time, but he's been telling time for a while. His reading has just taken off this year. He read constantly and he's fast. I wonder sometime how much he retains, but he can always tell me minute little details months later about books he's read. He read a ton of classics this year, along with the Hank the Cowdog book, Boxcar Children and lots of other misc books we came across through the year. His all time favorite book though is Dangerous Journey, the children's Pilgrim's Progress. He loves that book!

He's also growing! He's a tall lanky boy. He LOVED playing soccer and was pretty good, even playing with both feet, which his Dad tells me is a very important skill for soccer players. He's still just as social as ever! He's never met someone that he didn't consider an instant friend. Sadly, he's getting to the age where other kids, especially those schooled out of their homes are becoming rude and mean towards overly friendly kids. It is sad to watch, but he seems to take it in stride.

Leah- Leah has the biggest servants heart ever! Multiple times a day, she comes and asks me what she can do to help me, and she's serious. She will diligently and effectively do any chore that I ask of her. Big or small, fun or not. She is just such a blessing. She is also becoming more and more of a Mommy. She helps alot with Hannah and always with a good attitude. She's our little worker and the busier she is, the happier she is. It is fun!

She's backed up on asking to learn to read as much. I think she is enjoying the quiet play time she has with Hannah while Joshua does school in the mornings. She is, however, quite adamant that next year, she is going to play soccer, do ballet and tap. Not sure how she'll take it when we break the news to her that she isn't doing all of that, lol. She's as beautiful as ever, and people still tell us that she'll be a problem when she's older. I pray that isn't the case. I pray that God keeps her heart pure.

Hannah- Hannah is almost potty trained. She can be a little toot sometimes and is learning how to have her own will without running into Moe's. She loves to run around the house with any random object between her legs as a horsie. It cracks me up. She can sing her ABC's almost entirely correctly and can almost count to 20 correctly. These skills amaze me since I haven't worked with her on ANYTHING. Joshua and Leah also taught her her colors. Pretty fun watching her learn without adult instruction.

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Karen Deborah said...

Hi Christy. I've been looking for "how to" websites and found some good canning advice. Dill pickles are really hard to make. They can be awful. The ones we made are with Mrs. Wages mix and the recipe is right on the package. It's not expensive. We packed the whole so hopefully they'll be good. Nice to hear from you!