Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm 31 weeks into the voyage of this pregnancy. Baby Broc (short for Broccoli, remember, we all have vegetable nicknames) seems to be doing well. His/her (remember, we don't find out what we are having, other than a healthy baby) kicks are getting much stronger and when he's rolling around it is quite uncomfortable. I feel like I'm having to slow down earlier this time than I have before, which is kind of frustrating. I'm not a do it all at a frantic pace kind of girl, but I also don't like kicking back and watching the world go by. I do have some major responsibilities that do kind of need attention ie three other small children and an awesome Godly husband.

Several Moms have reassured me saying that things just get a little harder with each pregnancy, but I don't know. I really think I just need to get my big girl panties on and get this shipped better organised so I don't feel behind when I am relaxing. I don't know exactly when I've slowed this dribble down, I don't feel like I've completely dropped the ball. Things have just slowly gotten more lax around here. Meal planning, schooling, housekeeping. I think some of it is because most of my friends are off school for summer breaks right now. We really have to keep going because we will have a big break in the fall once Broc gets here.

On a brighter note though, we are eatin sooooo well right now. I just LOVE when I am feeding my family healthy meals day after day. Seriously, I sit down at dinner and just feel a warm, gushy feeling because I know what we are putting in our bodies, God's temples, is pleasing and nourishing. Makes me soooo happy. We are getting a modest crop out of our garden and our veggie CSA are keeping me on my toes with creative and yummy ways to prepare a bountiful load of veggies. I just love summer for this reason.


Donna said...

Yea for you Christi! I'm so impressed about the healthy meals. We are trying to do that too. I feel like I'm 'tube feeding' Tim. He's been sluggish for several years and no amount of nagging has changed that. So now, he's getting 'smoothies' with a lot of carrots and kale hiding inside. LoL!

Hang in there. I'm sure you are doing fine. Getting anything done with toddlers and that pregnant is impressive to me!


Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment. Congratulations on the pregnancy. :-) Don't worry about not doing enough. You already have three little ones which must take a lot of energy. Rest now as much as you can. You remember how much work a newborn is right? Take good care.