Monday, July 2, 2012

Want 31 steps to healthier you?

Bonin Family Adventures: Day 1- Why Bother

My friend Terri is doing 31 posts in July on how she stays healthy. She is TOTALLY qualified to do this and I can't wait to hear and follow her tips. Let me describe Terri. She is very petite, always looks perfect and has impeccable manners, and is always back to her perfect size 2 minutes after she has a baby.....oh yeah, and great teeth! But, before you hate her and write her off as a barbie doll no one could aspire to....let me fill you in on the rest of her. She is a Godly, Christian woman whose light shines brighter on the inside than the out. She has given birth to 10 amazing children that are also beautiful inside and out. She is one of the healthiest people that I know, AND one of the most balanced and non legalistic as well. Oh, and she is married to a great dentist.

So, I am super excited to go on the journey with her this month. Want to come too? Check out her blog and sign up for daily emails of encouragement. You'll be glad you did!


Karen Deborah said...

Where is her link?

Christi Lachney said...

It is the red text at the top of my post that says why bother.

Terri said...

Christ, you are SO FUNNYi! Good manners? Great teeth??? LOL...You have made my day!! Thank you friend! You have good manners and GREAT TEETH, too!!

Katie Moore said...

40 htsdple

I just had a quick question in regards to your website. If you could email me at your convenience that would be great!