Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things are on the up and up here already. A relief for sure. I'm not a big believer in all of the crazy media hype that stirs our country/world into hysteria every year or so over some new virus that is going to kill the entire world. But, having little ones and knowing that small children in our area have died from swine flu, does make me pause. We still handled this the way we always do any "sick" episode....meaning,we don't wait until we are sick to care for ourselves.

I always try to keep us in healthy habits to give our bodies strength for life, including virus's and bacteria. So, we just got everyone really going on the Ningxia Red, diffuser going full time, lots of oils on our bodies, homeopathic remedies and we got chiropractic adjustments. Everyone woke up fever free and well today. I think we are all a little tired but otherwise we are fine. I'm grateful to God for bringing us on a path of natural healing. I think it is sad that americans, christian and not, put more trust in doctors than our God who loves us and CREATED us. He designed our bodies with systems to fight, but sadly most people just want to run and take a pill to stop those annoying symptoms. He also gave us many things in His creation to help our bodies when they are taxed and stressed. He is a mighty God!


Karen Deborah said...

that is wonderful, so explain please more precisely about the remedies you used.

Christi L. said...

Well in this case, the only homeopathics we did was the OSC...oh and I gave Joshua some Aconite as soon as I saw the fever come up so fast. I considered giving him Belladonna again ebcause of the way the fever came on but decided against it since we were going to bed and belladonna is more prone to aggravation...I'm sleep deprived enough. ;-)
Oh and I think you know but just in case, I am talking about homeopathy not just general home remedies, some people assume that is what you mean when you say homeopathics.

I've been thinking alot lately about blogging about our healthy living journey so far. Just need to find the time to do it.

Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

Hey, girl! Hope your babies continue to feel better. I very much appreciate your help in getting oils for my Bitty. Praise God, she is doing very well. The fever returns (spikes!) in the evenings, apparently, but her spirits are great. Thanks for caring and helping us out, my friend!