Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Too many blog posts running thru my head, so I'm giving ya bullets instead.

- First, B is doing better. He had 5 stints put in, in two separate operations. All went well and he flew home as planned two days after the second procedure....not against a few suggestions from the doctor and family members. He has a follow up with his cardiologist in Houston this Thursday, so we'll have a better report then. He is feeling well though. He'd be feeling better if LSU was winning. His heart monitor was going crazy during the LSU game, lol!

-Nanny flew home today after 5 crazily busy weeks here with us. It was a nice visit although we didn't get to have near as much fun as we wanted. I would say we will next time, but since we will be moving again next year, and I will be begging her to come help again then...well..who knows. She did get to see the leaves start to change and we ooh'd and aah'd about that together. It really is a sight to see. It was nice having her around. The kids LOVED having Nanny always ready to read a book or color a picture. And I didn't mind the help with the laundry either. ;-)

-It is fall here and that means a million different festivals and such. We love doing stuff like that together as a family. Last weekend we hit the local little Rennaisance Faire. It was fun and had more stuff than last year when we took Sarah V. But, this weekend I think we are going to hide and rest. We've been going at Mach 1 without a break since mid August when we decided to move. We've also had company that entire time, and so I think Saturday will be a pajama family day here. We are tired.

- Robert has joined an over 30 soccer league. He's THRILLED to be playing soccer again. He's played his entire life until the last 10 years. His first game was good but COLD for us on the sideline. I'm new to this soccer Mom status, so I am learning the ropes. The second week, I remembered the jogging stroller and water for us all. But didn't dress us near warm enough or bring blankets. I'd say this week that I'd be ready, but.... last week, Robert got taken out by the other team and has a badly badly sprained ankle. I'm really pushing the oils and remedies thru and it is healing remarkably but it will be a game day call on whether he'll play or not. Since they are forecasting 40 for a high with rain...I'm guessing not. ;-)

-We are starting school this week. Although, I was reviewing our curriculums intro lesson which is 10 days long and realized that it is SOOOO below Joshua. So he'll listen along and then go onto his higher level phonics and math work and I'll teach Leah kindergarten. Might as well get her started if I'm doing the work already. Today we worked on composers and classical pieces.

-I'm doing good. I need to finish getting this house into shape so I can find my happy place.....impossible for me to do in unorganised clutter. I need to start exercising again since winter is quickly coming, but we'll see when I get that into the routine. My headaches are still around, sadly. But there is a doctor in Columbus I might try to start seeing in the spring, when the snow melts and I have a car to drive again.

- FINALLY! PRAISE GOD, our house in Texas closes on THIS FRIDAY!!!! I thought it would be bittersweet, but honestly it is just a relief. It will be one month shy of 7 years since we bought it. It was a great house for us to get started in, but man am I ready to have another house of our own.

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Large Order of Fryes said...

dont worry about the bully in awanas, our experience is that those kids last about a month and then quit coming!