Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I was chatting with my little sister this morning about a surprise I am trying to plan for my husband's 40th birthday next month. While we were chatting, it is a long process....we have alot to say, you see we've only had 31 years to chat together so far.... my Dad pulled up in her driveway. My sister is blessed to live really close to my Mom and Dad. Daddy doesn't even have to get off of the dirt roads to make it to her house. So, about once a week, he shows up, always with something in his shirt pocket for my nephew, Corbin. He learned not to bring round objects, like apples or oranges because,  you see, Corbin is a BOY and all round objects are balls. So, he usually has raisins. Actually, all of our kids under the age of 10, my older brother has 6 children over the age of 10, know that Grandpa has a really cool farm to play at and buys boxes of raisins in BULK!

Anyway, Daddy shows up and Amie tells him that she is on the phone with me. He is then very quick to point out that he will soon have to cancel his internet access. You never can tell why something like this would need to happen at the farm. It could be because of the latest lightening strike on the house, or because the wind blew out the lines or someone dug up some lines somewhere miles down the road. It could be because so much dust built up in the computer that it needs to be disassembled and blown out with a shop vac. It could be a million reasons on a farm. BUT, none of those was the reason, no four legged animals to blame in any way, shape or form. He said he was going to cancel because I never post on my blog and so he doesn't have anything to look at! LOL!

Really, my Dad learned from some of the best on how to play his cards to get what he wants. Don't you think?

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