Monday, September 15, 2008

Hit Twice by Ike...wheee

Well, I wonder how many people can say they were hit twice by Ike....other than us? Yesterday we had winds gusting to almost 80 mph and I would guess sustained winds of 40-50 mph. It was pretty crazy. We lost power for about 9 hours, it came back on about 3 am this morning. There are still over 300,000 people in the Cleveland area without power. Pretty crazy stuff.

Today is our 7th anniversary. Won't be the hippest, hottest celebration we've ever had, lol! I think we are going to 'try' and go to dinner with Hannah. Not sure where yet. Also not sure if I'm even up to getting dressed to go out, we had a really really bad sleep night last night....oh yeah, and I don't have any clothes to wear, since I'm in the live in sweats phase of this whole process. We'll see what we feel up to when Robert gets home from work. No matter what, I am exponentially blessed in a beautiful marriage that God has graciously given us. Seriously, we know that God ordained our marriage and He has been faithful to grow and protect it. We seriously have never had a "bad" time in our marriage. Not to say that we never will, but 7 years of bliss is what we've had thus far. Thank you Jesus.

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