Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm having a doozy of a time getting on here to update. Things are going really really well here, but I spend most of my time sitting nursing a baby. Very little time for the computer. Robert brings his laptop home for me in the evenings, which would be great, but Hannah cluster nurses all evening and then fusses for her "witching" hours before bedtime.

We did end up going out to dinner on our anniversary. We just went to Longhorn Steak House, since it is close we could escape home quickly if we needed to. Hannah was perfect adn slept the entire meal, and we had some surprisingly great food. A man came up and was oogling over Hannah and went to pull out his wallet, we were expecting to see pics of his grandkids, but instead he pulled out an origami elephant made from a dollar bill. He said that elephants bring good luck and gave it to us...isn't that sweet. It is a cool little guy. We had a great time!

I would say that I am about 95% recovered from this birth....and she isn't even three weeks old yet! WHOOP! I can't believe this. Now I know why all of you lovely GCC ladies don't seem to have quite as hard a time birthing babies every two years as I did before. This is awesome! I'd still be ok if we have a little larger break before the next one arrives, but if I don't have it, I won't go into a major depression this time. I feel so good! Exhausted, new baby and all, but really good. Of course, having Sarah here makes a HUGE difference as well. I have gotten tons more sleep than with Joshua and Leah combined. Hannah is a super star sleeper so far. She even sleeps for 4-6 hour stretches at night....it is awesome! Now we just have to get Robert some sleep and we'll all be doing great.

Robert, Hannah and I went to an Indians game on Sunday. Sifco had a luxury suite and so we decided to chance Hannah and I going. It was awesome! Good food, nice couches to nurse on and a private bathroom! I told Robert that it was the only way to watch a major league game.....he thanked the GM for ruining me, lol! I told him the only thing that would have made it better was if we were there with all GCC fams. Ted and David Young would have LOVED it! Awesome seats and no stairs to climb. Oh, and I'll just make a little mention of the PERFECT weather! I think we even won the game, I'm not positive because I sat inside and nursed and watched the Ryder cup for most of it. It was a great day, and Hannah was perfect again.

I'm lining out our October calendar. We are hoping to hit alot of the Amish harvest festivals and such. Should be fun! Of course, as I keep having to remind Sarah, all things a tentative with a new baby....you just never know how the nights will go or days for that matter.

I'm working on some more picture slide shows to get up, but first I have to go check on a sleeping baby.

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Ma Torg said...

Congrats on the baby! Did you get your VBAC?