Sunday, September 14, 2008

We are all here and doing good. Our house came thru Ike ok. Robert's parents evacuated there. We have large sections of our roof gone and parts of our fence down and apparently something happened to our back door because rain blew in threw it the whole storm, so it will need to be replaced, but all and all, not too bad. Thankfully we have lots of friends we can trust to help us get it all fixed correctly without us being there supervising. Still waiting on news for Robert's parents house. We think it didn't flood based on what we've found on the internet, but there are lots of trees down and such in their neighborhood. They can't go back until Tues at least.

In other news, yesterday our baby turned 4 years old. Can ya'll believe that? Joshua woke up and told me he wasn't 4 because he wasn't big and grown up, and we'd been telling him he'd be a big boy when he turned 4. So literal, lol! He is a big boy though. He's grown up so much. We all got up and went to Dunkin Donuts and he had his first donut ever. He couldn't finish it, too sweet....ha ha ha, my evil plan to sabotage his bad eating habits is working, ba ha ha ha ha.... After breakfast we went to Target to get his birthday present. First, we let him pick out his helmet and then his first big boy bicycle!!! He loves it and has ridden it all through the house. It rained for three days straight here, so he hasn't got to ride it for real outside yet, but hopefully he will today. Last night, the Tomec's came over and had birthday dessert with us. It was a great 4 year old birthday! I can't believe it has been and only has been 4 years. Seems like he's always been a part of us and other times, like he just got here yesterday. He's still our sweet boy and definitly takes after his Daddy in the overly sentimental side of things. He'll be a great Daddy someday, he's got a good example to watch. He loves his little sisters and is a happy boy.

I'll post pics later of our birthday bicycle boy and our sweet little Hannah, I'm sure Leah will sneak in there as well.

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