Sunday, September 28, 2008

We were going to go to church today but (ready, Mom of the year moment here)....Hannah has a cold! Yup, my three week old. Apparently I wasn't quite strict enough on the hand washing rule when returning home from the world. So, we are keeping her upright when she sleeps, trying to help her breathe....which means no sleep for Mommy and Daddy. Good times. She is so cute though. She's chubbing up in her face and thighs....I'm hoping that means my face and thighs will hurry up and slim down. I'm ready to be done with the baby pudge for a while. I weighed a week after delivery and had lost 17 of the 22 pounds I put on with Hannah, so I really don't have alot to complain about. In other news, Hannahs belly button stump FINALLY fell off on Friday. Three weeks and one day, a record for my kiddos. I thought that thing would never come off. She's also starting to smile, so cute. It isn't often or predictable enough to catch in a pic yet, but hopefully soon.j

We went to an Apple Cider Festival in Horton OH yesterday. I was hoping for more, but it ended up just being a small town street fair. It was nice to get out of the house though. I wore Hannah in my Maya Sling the whole time and we got all kinds of attention. I forget that slings aren't really mainstream. Why, I don't know? They are the handiest things! We did buy some apple cider from the Lions club and some homemade ice cream from a big John Deere wagon sized ice cream maker. The drive there was GORGEOUS!!!! The leaves are just starting to turn colors here. I'll stop and take pics on our outing next weekend. It is so pretty. We drove thru an area we will consider buying in next year. Pretty pretty pretty. It is closer to Akron than Cleveland, which cracks me up.

Baby crying!

OH YEAH! Our highs don't get out of 60's next week.....lows in the 40's. It is getting chilly here. We all wore long sleeves comfortably yesterday.


Angela F. said...

Hannah's not sick from those germs - she is sick because she is a TX gal at heart and its just too cold where you moved to - best bet would just be to move back here : )

Kelly said...

I'm so sorry that sweet Hannah is sick. Seems like those siblings seem to do everything faster including catching colds. Poor doll. But, of course, nursing is her best defense so she has that going for her. I hope she feels better REALLY soon.

How's your Bitty adapting to being a big sister? I don't have to really ask about how Joshua is doing because he has been an amazing big brother for years now. :D

((HUGS)) Stay warm up there, girl. I bet you'll see snow within a couple of months.