Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010, May the Lord Change You for HIS Glory!

A new year, how exciting! Really, it is a chance to choose to make a fresh start. It is a choice. You can also choose to sit in your own muck and mire and keep your life the way it is. This year, I have made a resolution to change. It isn't a major change, or maybe it might end up being, who knows. I've never made a new year's resolution before, just like I've never given anything up for lent, maybe I'll ponder that this year as well. But, last year, in January, I had the privilege of spending some time with my dear friend and mentor, Johnnie Seago. Her oldest son was getting married in Georgia and we were the only family friend that got to attend. We worked our tails off together for this wonderful couple and got to celebrate in a beautiful ceremony a God ordained joining of man and wife.....who by the way is now expecting their first baby, so stinkin excited about that, anyway, where was I.... so while I was working along side Johnnie, we talked about their new year's traditions. Most of us have holiday traditions of sorts, but I don't konw alot of people that include new years in those traditions. But the Seago family does. They sit down and talk about the year to come and their plans for it. They make goals for lots of areas in their lives and resolutions for change. So I asked her, "But no one keeps resolutions, why even bother?" And her answer is still with me. She's pretty cool that way.

She said, because even if you don't keep them all year and fall off from them in three months, you are three months better than you were before. Pause. Hmmmm, no one ever mentioned that to me before.

SO, this year, I resolve to change. I have tons of things in my life that I need and should work on, but I'm starting off with just one this year. It could be a biggie that could change my whole outlook on life, really, however, it is simple. I resolve this year not to go to bed with dirty dishes in my sink.

ok, now that you are done laughing, I'm serious. Never in my life have I done or seen this done. But, every morning, I get up and come downstairs and immediately feel defeated because I can't even start on the things for my life today because I still have yesterday hanging over me in my sink.....and yes, sometimes multiple yesterdays are piled up there, and yes, sometimes they stink....kind of like other things in my life that have been piled up over time, like laundry and emotional baggage, but I'm starting with the dishes, ok!

So, there it is for all the world to see. I'm doing my dishes! Two days down, 363 to go! So far so good. God help me if I get pregnant!


Vicki said...

Cracking up, you're the only person I know who'd take her dishes home at the end of the semester.

Millicent said...

Hey, I'm proud of you. You should go to the and she'll show you how to shine your sink. If you clean it like she says, you will not want to leave dirty dishes in it. I did mine today, and it looks so pretty. I know it will spur me on to keep things neater in the kitchen. Good luck!

Christi L. said...

Vicki- Some things are ok to stay in the past. lol!

Millicent- The flylady scares me!

Donna said...

Christi..that is the best place to start! Millicent is right--FlyLady would be so proud of you!! I post a lot of hints from FlyLady's website because she's the one who got me going on the road to a more orderly home..especially good habits. If you do that one thing, it will make you smile every morning! (That's what FlyLady says and I agree!) Check out her wonderful book, "Sink Reflections". I'm sure you could relate to it..I know I did!