Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Joshua finished his first ever homeschool book yesterday. Phonics, step one....check! So, to celebrate, my sanity thru it and his accomplishment, we let him choose anywhere he wanted to eat dinner. We were expecting Olive Garden or Bob Evans or maybe Longhorn for his sister that seems to be exactly like her mother in everyway. But, he chose.....McDonald's. Seriously, I almost passed out until my stomach tied into a million knots from the fear of it and revived me. He had two very logical reasons, since he is exactly like his father, first, they have a playground and second he had gift certificates that have been burning a hole in his hand for weeks. So, off to McD's we went. Thankfully it is in our neighborhood since it was snowing heavily. And thanks to the snow, we were one of two families there. We all ate, YUCK and played for a while and then.....my sweet baby boy proudly took his three dollar gift certificates and went and bought a Sundae for himself, his sister and his mother. That made the indigestion and late night bathroom trips all worth it. He's such a sweet boy!

Public Service Announcement:
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SarahV said...

Awww!!! That's so sweet! And I love that his reasons didn't have to do with the food!! Thats hilarious! Miss ya'll!!