Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things are going really great here. It is nice to have a calm season that is clicking along. I seriously haven't felt this good in 5 years. We aren't moving right now, no new babies in the works, no babies waking up all night, we aren't surviving on nasty food...life is good. I'm feeling good and full of energy. I've been able to stay on top of our house work, cooking, homeschooling and baby nurturing as well. It is nice to have a break like this. Hannah will probably wean in the next few months and if I'm not pregnant, I'll actually get to kick healthy living into high gear and do some cleansing. My liver and gall bladder are in poor poor shape and have been for 5 years now, but I've never been able to treat them with more than external oils, which rock and totally get rid of most of the pain, but don't totally fix the problem. So soon, I might just get to do that. Most people with my issues just have their gall bladder removed, but we tend to feel that God put all of our parts in for a reason and so we would like to keep them where he put them. After all, it is my fault they are torn up. It is all diet related.

The weather is a pleasant surprise so far this winter as well. We are having to learn still to live on the calendar seasons, since that really is how things work up here. Winter began in late December. Unlike last year, we got no snow at all in Nov and Dec, but Jan came along and God opened the spigot up there and it has snowed constantly since. The weathermen are worse up here than in Texas, and that is pretty bad. Last week, schools were shut down and all kinds of closings in anticipation of a major snow storm. We were supposed to get 4-6 inches over night then another 6 or so the next day. We got about an inch, maybe. Tomorrow they are forecasting 0% chance of snow, so I'm bracing for a foot of the white stuff. ;-) They are also saying we are supposed to get above freezing three days in the next 10. Now that is just craziness. I remember last year we didn't get above or even close to freezing from Nov thru mid April. It was crazy towards the end of that stretch! But this year is proving, thus far, to be quite the mild and pleasant winter. Nice, pretty snow but nothing where I have to shovel the drive twice before Robert gets home from work.

This house we are in now is the perfect location in our neighborhood. We live right across the street from a giant hole in the ground that is perfect for young children to sled on and way too short a run for teens. Perfect. I got to sled for the first time last weekend and it is seriously one of the funnest things EVER! I'm an addict. Our familiy sleds all the time now. Sooo much fun! We even have a baby sled for Hannah. I'll get pictures one day if it isn't snowing and I can take the camera out safely. It is a blast!

We will be hosting a small group for our church starting soon. We are going to be doing the John Piper, Don't Waste Your Life material. Robert wants to read it with the group, so he asked me to preread it, and whoa boy, it is gonna rock some worlds. I don't think you can seriously read it and walk away unchanged. I can't wait. We have the DVD study along with the books and study guides. Gonna be soooo good.

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