Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello Blog,
Just you and me around these parts lately. Sorry if you've felt a little neglected. I really do love you and I realize you do have a purpose other than just my pleasure to get to sit down and write periodically. I realize that if I never post here, my children will wonder how we passed the years of their childhoods. I do know that it would probably be more practical to just bite the bullet and do the traditional scrapbooking things, but really, I just don't have it in me. Now don't be rediculous, haven't you noticed that I haven't even uploaded our pictures from our trip to Texas in NOVEMBER yet? Really. You honestly think I would ever get around to picking, editing, printing and scrapping pictures. And we both know how lacking I am in the artistic no no, you and they will have to settle for my endless, random and sporatic writing escapades here. Now don't get pouty! I'm warning you!! Ok, fine....then I am not rambling today, I am ignoring you completely and going back to my reading. You know, you aren't the only outlet of my free time on the block honey. In fact, I've already read 15+ books this year. SO THERE! Now you know. I've been cheating on you........with the printed word.

I'm going to wipe a poopy bottom now, when I come back, I expect a cheerful heart.
Your Author

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Karen Deborah said...

this post is cute. You'll find time as you can.