Monday, February 1, 2010

One World, One Heart

Have you guys heard about the blog event going on right now? It is called the One World, One Heart giveaway. It is fun. You visit these artsy Momma's blogs and reply to their contest post and then you are entered to win something from them. They have some really cool stuff going on all over the world. Three of my friends in Texas are participating, so check them out.
First, my friend Shona. She's this amazingly fun and sweet lady that also happens to be an amazingly talented artist. You have to check her out, her work is beautiful and so full of life. She also happens to have a book coming out next month and she posted an introduction to it today on her blog!
Next is my friend Trudy who is an amazing seamstress. Her blog keeps moving me closer and closer to sewing again. She does some really cool looks!
Finally is my friend Donna. Donna and I have served side by side thru some really fun times, pulling weeds and cleaning friends homes and serving meals together. She has so much wisdom to offer us younger mothers and she is doing just that at her new site. She's a pretty impressive artist herself as well.


Karen Deborah said...

sounds interesting.

Donna said...

Hi Christi! I just got home from the Texas Nat. Tournament and am going straight to bed! But I thought I'd stop first and say thanks for mentioning my giveaway! Also, I'm about to put your blog on my side bar as a featured follower....just need a good pix of you guys. :o) It's need to read all of your news!