Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Kid Update

I need to be more diligent in kiddos updates, so I will try to do this every Friday.

Joshua- He's so articulate and cracks us up. He has never met a stranger. His most recent "thing" is to go up and say hi to someone new, almost always an adult. Conversation goes something like this.
J- Hi, what's your name?
Stranger- Name, what's your name?
J- My name is Joshua and that's Leah and Hannah. And her name is Christi, but we call her Mommy. And his name is Robert but we call him Daddy, actually.

It is the same conversation every time. It makes me laugh, every time!!! The actually is what really makes it funny.

Leah- Is a big girl. She is potty trained now. Hardly even wakes in the morning wet any more. She keeps up with Joshua, no problem. She LOVES hats, purple, pink and dirt. Girl would live outside in the dirt, if we'd let her!

Hannah- Has her two bottom teeth in. Is rolling around every where. Not crawling or scooting at all but rolls or spins to what she needs. She is sitting up great and can't wait to meet Texas. ;-)

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