Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not Crushed Any More

Ok, I'm better now. It was just some memories written down. Oh well. I've lost more in a fire before. I guess God has just meant for me to pay attention to today and not worry about yesterday. And so I do. I mean, after all, I have an extremely blessed today. My husband is awesome! Really, spoils me like crazy, even though I'm a big ole brat. My kids love me even though I'm not the greatest Mommy of all time, I know because they tell me that they love me every day. My baby is just about the easiest baby on the planet, I know this too because our church friends tell me all the time, lol. I have a comfortable house to live in, lost of healthy food to eat, oils to keep me healthy and in 4 weeks I get to go home to Texas!!! My life is really stinkin good! Thank you to all of you that contacted me about losing my journal, just another reminder how good my life is, I have lots of people that love me enough to read my silly ramblings on the computer.

Yes, in 4 weeks, I will once again set foot on the wonderful soil that is Texas. Awww. I can't wait. The kids and I will be in W Texas for a couple of days and then grab Robert from the airport in Austin and head off to Houston. We will fry ourselves in the sun by the lake and pool and enjoy some yummy Mexican food! AND another awesome Seago wedding. It'll be a blast. Of course, Leah is quite sure we are going there to see fireworks for her birthday! lol!

We had a great weekend. Saturday we did some shopping and actually bought Mommy some clothes that fit. (Did I mention that I'm spoiled?) And ate some super yummy 5 Guys burgers and fries. Sunday was pretty low key. Church and then hanging out around the house, got some grocery shopping done. Yesterday we got some chores done around here and then went to the Memorial Day party at our pastor's house. It was fun. Robert even got to play some ball and he was so excited to get some exercise in. He really misses playing full court basketball every day and just hasn't found an exercise outlet here yet.

Ok, off to decide if it is too early to start packing for our trip, lol!

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SarahV said...

4 weeks!?!? An eternity!!! Can't wait to see you guys!!