Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wish me luck. After quitting all exercise because of my headaches for about three months now, I think...I"ll have to go back and check my blog to make sure...anyway, today I get back on the wagon. I've got Richard Simmon's 80's Blast Off coming in the mail thanks to good ole Netflix. I should lose pounds just from laughing if nothing else. I'll of course come back and rate the workout. I really hope I don't get a headache!

In other news, Robert finally scheduled our cable to be turned off! I was ready in November, but he's been working 2 full time jobs and just hasn't had the extra 5 minutes. Anyway, the guy came on Tues and took the box. He said he didn't have the trap he needed to block the video feed so he'd be back to do that. He hasn't come back. We still have cable, except I think it is free now. Not sure how I feel about this. I did tell Joshua that cable is gone and he even helped me disconnect the box, so I don't have to answer the "can we watch some kid tv" question a bazillion times a day any more. That's nice! This could be the best of all worlds, lol.

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