Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm bored. I should get up and do something productive but instead I'm just sitting here being bored. Normally, I'd read but I'm not in the mood....think that is the first time I've ever said that in my life.
Robert was sick all week. Like in bed and not even fighting my home remedies sick. He's finally doing better today. Hope I don't get it. I'm the only one in the house that hasn't so far.
Hannah is so big. She's saying Dada and Bubba. No Mama or Lele yet. She's sitting up on her own and starting to learn to wave. She's a cutie and a happy baby, especially if Mommy is holding her, which was constant this week. She's also started doing scrunchy face, which I know Mark and Cole remember from a few years back. I have pics to post.
Joshua is growin up so much. He was running around naked tonight waiting to take a shower with Robert and I was just shocked how big and gangily he is now a days. His body is definitly ahead of his brain right now. He randomly falls for no reason whatsoever and I think he has to have a permanent dent in this head from all of the walls he's constantly running into. Goofy boy. He's reading really well. Too well. He sat down and started reading some of my email today. Not ready for that. We can't even spell anything over their heads anymore to adult communicate because he figures out what we are spelling. I guess Robert and I are going to have to learn to text each other or something.
Leah is getting really big too. Her hair is so long and as she will quickly tell you, pretty! She loves all things pretty. Her potty training is pretty much done. She is still in a pull up at night and naps but usually wakes up dry even then. She does have the normal issue every now and then about just deciding to keep playing until the last minute and not quite making it on the potty in time. She's smart too. She's picking up alot just from me teaching Joshua and she gets annoyed when I don't let her do the exact some school work as him.

I'll be glad when the Nascar race is over so we can go to bed. Church tomorrow and lots of cooking. I'm taking freezer meals over to my friend Bonnie that lost her husband a few weeks ago, so I'm trying to get a good selection cooked up for her.

Oh and I need book suggestions. I'm out of reading material. I don't read much fiction. Won't read romance, even "Christian romance". Don't like scary books either.

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