Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Leah came in this morning and told me that to day is Scar Moot. Guess that means that it is Friendsday.

What you don't speak Leah ease??? Today is Wednesday and tonight is small group. She actually can say both of those just fine but she and Joshua talk about it so much that they've made up silly names. I think Joshua is calling it small suit this week. LOL! They crack me up.

Hannah might have teeth by my birthday and I bet she is crawling in the next few weeks. She is pushing up on her arms alot. Doesn't look like she'll be an army crawler, so no swiffer pj's here this time.

Robert had a promising phone interview with a guy yesterday. Man, I hope he is the one and Robert can be back to just one full time job soon!

We drive to Amish country for milk this week. That means yummy Mrs Yoder's Kitchen for lunch!!! Be still my clogged arteries!


Ruth Velarde said...

OH!! I want to go to Mrs. Yoders! She should franchise. Boy the country sure was beautiful out there. What a drive.

Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

I must say, Christi, that Amish Country sounds like the best thing about Ohio. ;)