Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a truly blessed woman I am! I have had the most awesome weekend with the most amazing husband and children.
Friday, Robert came home from work and asked what I wanted to do for dinner because it was the beginning of my weekend. So, we headed out for Applebees but then decided on Red Lobster instead. It was Robert and I's first time there and we were pretty impressed. It was pricey so we won't eat there much but it was all good stuff. I even had a daiquiri. We were cracking up because I hadn't had a drink in a long long long time and after about 4 sips, I was already going "whoo". It was fun.

Saturday, Robert and the kids got up got their stuff together and came up and surprised me in bed wiht my birthday card (musical of course, my kids love those cards) and gift. We headed out to Amish country with my new GPS. We made it to the farm to pick up milk about 11. It was fun because all the kids were outside working. Joshua and Leah played in their sandbox with their younger children and we got to visit with Arlie and Ada for awhile. I would love to get to be friends with them and learn more from them. Maybe over time we will. The kids had a blast. We left there and headed to Mrs Yoder's Kitchen. I love that place. I was in real trouble this time because they had my broasted chicken on the buffet. We all STUFFED ourselves. I think Joshua had 5 pieces of chicken, lol!!! I won't mention how many I had. From there, we head to Ashery's. It is a little grocery shop. I needed to stock up on more Amish jellies and they just happen to have ice cream too. So we all got some and sat outside and enjoyed it. I love how peaceful things are there. Time just moves slower in Amish country. We took back roads all the way back to Medina, a luxury we haven't had before without the GPS. We'd love to live out there but it is just too far from Robert's plant. So, we just enjoy the time we do get to spend there.
We made it home and got a little down time before heading out to dinner at Houlihan's. We had eaten there a few weeks ago and my salad was not good, so I wrote them and told them and got a gift card from them. Also, if you sign up for their club then you get a free entree on your birthday! SOOO, I of course ordered their $23 steak and shrimp entree....for free which made it super yummy. lol! We all had big yummy meals including home made ice cream and a free birthday dessert for me all for $14, ROFL!!!! Now that is a birthday treat! The kids were all tired and fussy and unsettled from the ice cream that afternoon, so Robert and I just had half our meals and headed home, stuffed and happy. We got the kids to bed and Robert and I snuggled up and watched Once, may current favorite movie. It is the first soundtrack that I've ever wanted to own.
This morning, Robert and the kids "surprised" me again in bed with my Mother's Day card. Then we all jumped into action to make it to church in time. Robert hurried us all along fast enough so that he could get me a treat of Starbuck's on the way to church. After church, we came home and ate our leftover's from last night. Then the big kids and I got some quick naps and then we all did some yard work together. After that we headed out once again guessed it, eat (lol). Robert was taking us to Longhorn Steak House, one of my faves.....why yes, I am a steak and potatoes girl. We drove up and the line was CRAZY. I already felt like a stuffed hog, so I suggested we just run over to a burger joint in the mall, in the same parking lot. Well......that was the best decision! We tried a place called Five Guys and it was one of the best burger's I've had in years. Hand made patties, nice and juice and greasy...yummy and homemade fries! It was awesome. Robert and I were sooo happy. We had a place in Magnolia we used to go to for a good greasy burger but it closed a few years ago and we havne't had a great one since....until tonight!! We all stuffed ourselves and were so happy. Then, because we just hadn't eaten to the point of total rediculous grossness this weekend yet, we headed to a local ice cream shoppe. Man, that was a GREAT decision too. Seriously, sooooo sooooo sooooo good! We are so happy to have found both of these little places.

And I am one miserably stuffed and grossly full, happy happy happy Momma!

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Millicent said...

Hey, girl, happy belated birthday! We have 5 Guys here now too. They originated in VA, but there's one on 105 near April Sound. Paul and I ate there recently (David had told us they were great) and loved it. We also have a new one called Bucks, which is very similar. It's by Kohl's, etc. Maybe we can do a burger tour while you're here this summer and determine whose burger is best!