Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Kid Update

Anyone else think I'm talking about goats here? Really, I should call them children and not kids, but that is so formal....and really, I have a pretty close relationship with these guys. So for now, kids it is. :-)

Joshua- Is really growing up. While we were in Texas, he came up with his own nickname for Leah. Arfer Goochie Lachney! Is that not hysterical???? I have NO IDEA why he chose that or where it came from, but it cracks me up. And it makes me realize he really is becoming is own little person.

Leah- Well, she's Leah. No huge milestones here right now. Oh, she has decided to reveal more of her "I am my Mommies daughter" side. You see, I"m a TINY little bit hard headed. Now don't laugh, I konw that surprises most of you, especially those of you that knew me growing up, but I really can be at times. Leah has decided to see if she can meet me head on. Ha! SOOO not gonna work. You see, I can't let her win EVER. Sadly, she lost this battle from the beginning. She is me, and so I know that if she ever wins, at all, even one tiny little victory then we are all in for a rough rough road. So, this week she has chosen not to eat much. We have a rule in our house that we are grateful for the food the Lord has provided. There are times when none of us are real fond of what the Lord provides for certain meals, but we eat it with a cheerful heart. If we don't, then we get 45 minutes to eat and then we get up and go on with our day. And we get the opportunity to finish that plate at the next meal, when we can eat with a cheerful heart. Well, Leah is hard headed. And we'll just say that Leah is hungry now. She chose to do this with two different meals this week and I'm hoping that she is done now, but sadly, she is her Mother's daughter and she will choose to test that boundary again and again.

Hannah- Here is milestone girl herself right now. She's got 4 chompers in but is still not interested in food. My other two didn't eat much until a year either. BUT, this morning, I walked in her room and she was standing up in her crib. Then later, she pulled up to standing at the play table with her siblings. We are almost thru the really hard part of babyhood for me. Although, she has been the easiest baby ever! And she's so cute, so I think we'll keep her. ;-)

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