Thursday, July 16, 2009

So we all poured into Granny's house a plopped ourselves down. Amie and Corbin and Mom and Shana and Gigi were all there to meet us. It was so good to see everyone. They cooked us dinner and then I put three very tired kids to bed. Mom and Shana and Gigi and I got to stay up and chat. It was really really nice.
Tuesday we just hung around locally. Had breakfast at the coffee shop with Daddy and everyone. Everyone says I need to come back more often because they three inches of rain that day, first time in a long long long time. That afternoon Amie put on her Stylin Queen hat and set to work. First Joshua and Leah got their hairs cut, then it was my turn. Amie and I had been cooking up a new do for me for a couple of months and now it was time to move. I was nervous, but it turned out really good. It is fun and easy! Actually, it turned out so cute that Shana decided to do hers too! I'm such a trend setter, lol!

Wednesday, the kids and I went and had breakfast with my friend Brian and Vicki. It was so much fun. I can't wait to get all of our kids together again. I love those guys! Then, we headed back to Grannys and squeezed all of us, Shana, Mom, Amie and Corbin into Amie's suburban. Can you say sardines? We headed to Abilene for some real Mexican food!!! YUM! Then back for naps for all of the kids and Blizzards for the grown ups. Uncle John, Aunt Frankie, Lucy, Michael, Crystal and Hope all came to visit that night. And Dadddy brought over some popsicles and watermelons...really good watermelons from the guy on the side of the road!
Thursday, we went and visited Granny. She looked great and was in a great mood. She wasn't even using her oxygen. She got to meet Hannah Cole, her namesake. They loved each other. They sat and just laughed back and forth at each other for about 15 minutes. It was awesome! Made the whole trip worth it. I was glad to see her too, even if she didn't remember us or how to read our names in her book. I didn't feel too bad. She didn't remember her boyfriends name either and it is Billy, just like hers, lol! After Granny's visit, we headed to Pizza Hut and then the fire station. Uncle John showed Joshua and Leah around and let them blow the sirens on the trucks. Then we headed to Grandpa's farm, and Joshua fell in love. I think he'd move to Grandpa's tomorrow is we offered it as an option. We just stayed at the farm for a little while because we were way past nap time and it was showin on the girls. So all the girls headed back to the house for naps and Joshua went with Grandpa and fed the goats, and he got to ride in Grandpa's truck, in the front seat like a big boy. I reckon Daddy didn't mind much either because he didn't come back and tell me that his ears hurt from Joshua talking too much. I think you could have seen Joshua's smile from a mile away when he was riding in the truck with Grandpa. All Daddy had to do was slightly mention goin somewhere and JOshua was in the truck, buckled up and hollering for Daddy to close his door so they could go.
That evening, we headed out to Home Creek and saw lots more animals. Buffalo, roosters, a baby fawn on a leash, wild pigs and sheep. It was so fun, the kids didn't know what to think. I think they'd really be blown away to know that I grew up around that stuff all the time. Someday I hope to help them more understand real life, away from the city. We headed back and packed up. We had to get up early to start our travels for leg two of our trip.

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Anonymous said...

We are definately going to have to do more get togethers. Zach thought Joshua was great. He talked all day about how happy he was that I introduced him to such a great friend like Joshua.