Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Now we are home and getting settled back in. I need to do some quick kiddo updating.
Hannah cut one tooth in Texas and another since we have returned bringing her grand total to 4 now. She still has no interest in solid food, although she did chew on a cucumber for Daddy the other day, she spit it all out but she liked playing with it, that is a start. She is pulling up to her knees but hasn't figured out standing yet. Still army crawling, gotta work on real crawling. I don't think she'll be thinking about walking any time soon. She is talking though. She learned to say dog in Texas. She has also said cat a few times. She says, hi, ni ni and still says all of our names but Leah's.

Joshua and Leah plugging along. Leah turned three last week. I need to get around to some birthday pics for that girl, maybe next week. This week we are busy. Tonight is the parade here which to me marks our one year anniv. It was our first family outing in Strongsville last year, so we are looking forward to it and the carnival on Saturday. On Friday, we are going to play with some friends we met at the homeschool conference and then having a family from church over for dinner that night! All of that to mean, I really need to be busy cleaning my house!!


Anonymous said...

We're looking forward to seeing you on Friday! Let me know if you need help with directions. :)


Christi L. said...

Thanks Kacie. Actually, my husband got me a GPS for my birthday/Mother's Day this year, so it should get us there just fine. Can't wait!