Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nap Wars

Hannah has learned how to pull up to standing. It's so cute. She's so proud of herself. BUT, it has put a kink in our perfect nap plan. She nurses and falls happily asleep. I get up and lay her down, like we've done for months and months. As soon as she hits the bed, she's rolling over and trying to pull up. I just walk out, like I"ve always done. She pulls up and then screams and screams. I come in, lay her down, walk out. She gets up and pulls up to standing then screams and screams. Isn't this fun??? I always forget these fun little episodes from child to child. Now I just need to remember how we get past this.

She also has learned to clap and cheer. She does it all the time, and she expects everyone around her to do it with her....constantly. It is a all out party around here lately, lol!

Oh, and this is day 21 of our chicken pox exposure, so I guess we didn't get it. Bummer. Now sure would be a great time for chicken pox here.

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Trudy Callan said...

Matthew, 1 1/2, just started doing the same thing, clap and cheer; and wanting us to join in. So we have been having one party after another as well. It's really cute. You can see a picture of him with Marty on my blog. He's reaching for the string on the ceiling fan to turn the lights on and off. The picture is near the end of my post on bathing suit coverups and pool bags.