Sunday, July 26, 2009

We've had a wonderful weekend! Friday we got to go play with some new friends. They have a six and a four year old son and then another that is 7 months. It was fun. Joshua and the boys were having fun but then the beets from our dinner Thursday night kicked in for Leah and ummm, it wasn't pretty. So we took Leah, pantsless, home early. It worked out ok because I got the kids down for naps and got my bible reading done and the house somewhat picked up and dinner going for our guests that night. Speaking of my bible reading, I'm on day 55 of my 90 day read thru the bible. I'm really really enjoying it. It is a different perspective from reading short little sections here and there. Or just a chapter at a time like Robert and I do together at night. Anyway, we had a family from our church over for dinner Friday night, so Robert could help them with some financial stuff. yea Dave Ramsey!!

Saturday we all slept in. It is nice on the rare occasions when our kids sleep in and we can get rest too. Hannah got her morning nap while we got some chores done and then at 12:30, we hit the Strongsville Homecoming Carnival!! It was awesome. We all got ride bands and just hopped on as many as we could. I think I rode the Carousel 5 times. Joshua and Leah had a BLAST. They rode the Dragon Wagon, a little kiddie rollercoaster, at least 10 times. Leah was scared and timid at first, until the first half lap around and then she was allll about riding that rollercoaster. We got some free ice cream and shared a funnel cake, watched some dance performances, ran under cover for some quick showers. It was nice. There weren't alot of crowds because of the rain, so we never got pushed or bumped or really had to wait in line at all. Robert even got to ride the crazy Screamer ride that turns you upside down over and over. Of course, I think those of us on the ground got the real entertainment from his girly screams to tease the little girls on the ride. We took a break from the noise about three and ran and grabbed some Whopper Jr's for everyone for a snack. Then back to the action. We stayed until almost 6:30. It was sooo fun. We are alraedy planning out our day for next year. We were some stinky, dirty tired and very happy campers last night!

Hannah was so happy that she decided to go ahead and party all night too. So this morning, Robert and the big kids headed to church and hannah and I stayed home and slept. We just finished a yummy veggie fritata dinner and now are approaching bed time routine. It's a good life!

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