Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friday Kid Update

I won't have time to do my update tomorrow because I'm watching a friends children all day. So here you go...

Joshua- Still has a bit of his cough holding on. He's come up with another creative expression that I have NO IDEA where it came from or what it means. When we are driving, if we pass someone, he says... "We are Carmine, Mommy" Nope, no idea, but he and Leah crack up. He's reading well. I need to get our school organised. I think we'll start in a few weeks...unless we get chicken pox. No spots yet.

Leah- Is settling into being three. She likes to snuggle with Mommy and Daddy. She still isn't real into hannah, most of the time...but every once in a while, she's bestows her sweetest attentions on Hannah. She will cook for her, or cover her in toys or try to dress her in dress up clothes (not her princess ones, of course)..until Hannah sqeals then Leah's done. Leah does like for Hannah to give her a ride on the back of her walker though, lol!

Hannah- Has the big kids cough now. It is so sad. She just wants to snuggle with Mommy. She is eating much better. She likes to snack on a cucumber or peach in between bites of carrot, squash or sweet potatoes. She's slept thru the night for the last two nights, but I"m suspicious that it was just because she doesn't feel well. She's pulling up to standing everywhere now, can push from her tummy to sitting. She says, light and points at the light, Dada, Bubba, bye, hi and loves to wave at everyone we pass and clap and cheer. She's growing so fast now. We think she MIGHT keep her blue eyes and blond hair....Daddy is wringing his hands and signing up for gun classes!

Finally, one of my favorite laughs is a conversation that Joshua and Leah have alot. It goes like this.
Joshua- Leah, I'm Hannah, ask me a question.
Leah- Hannah, what color are your eyes? Hannah, in a hi squeaky voice- Milkies
Leah- Hannah, what do you like to crawl on?
Joshua- Milkies
Leah- Where is Texas?
Joshua- Milkie milks.
Leah- Is everything about the milkies?
Joshua- Milkie milkie milk milk milks!!!! MILKIES!!!

Then they bust out giggling to no end. My kids crack me up.

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Trudy Callan said...

Your kids sound so funny and cute! We are so blessed to be able to stay home with our children so we don't miss all of these precious moments. Hope everyone gets well soon. God bless. Miss you guys.