Thursday, August 13, 2009

We went and looked at a house last night. It is the same rent we are paying here but MUCH newer and alot nicer. Better floorplan too. Robert has some reservations about it. So, we are hoping to look some more quickly and if it is still available, offering a lower rent. Funny thing is, this family is moving to Texas. The husband is already there and she is still here with the 6, 4 and 4 month old. Pray for her, Corinne.

I have another appointment in Toledo tomorrow. I'm nervous. Last time I detoxed soooo hard that I was sick for a week and still don't feel completely right, although some of that is probably from stress. My friend, Erin, and I drive together. Tomorrow will be our most peaceful trip. We will only be taking Hannah with us. JOshua and Leah will be with the Tomek's and then the Lohnes's. And Erin's 6 children will be at home with Daddy.

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