Thursday, August 27, 2009

I really should be doing something other than being on the computer for the next few weeks.....I pray that I have the discipline to do that. Next Friday, Hannah turns 1 and thus begins the marathon. Then, we have a quiet long weekend. My Mom flies in for a 5 week visit on the 8th. I have another frequency treatment in Toledo on the 10th. Joshua turns 5 on the 13th. We celebrate 8 years of marriage on the 15th and begin moving. I have everything but the furniture moved by Saturday the 19th, then the furniture gets moved in. Then, I have two weeks to get unpacked settled, and take Mom around this here part of the country before the Lachney clan gets here. They are here for 5 fun filled days. Oct 5th, all of the kids have their annual hello to our awesome pediatrician. Mom flies home on the 13th. I go to bed and sleep and lay around and read books..... BA HA HA...just kidding. I get school started and make sure we have our snow shovels and clothing ready. Maybe I'll have a new pair of Uggs.

Ready, set, be continued

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